NYCC 2016
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NYCC 2011 Tenacious Toys / Toy2R Booth Signing Schedule

Tenacious Toys will be splitting a booth at the 2011 New York Comic Con with veteran vinyl toy manufacturer Toy2R! Expect dozens of artists to be hanging around, meet the President of Toy2RUSA, see beautiful Toy2R customs! Buy toys, chop it up with Benny, Steph and Kevin Winnik, meet all the artists you've been following all year long! It's gonna be a lot of fun. We're excited to see all of you again!

This year we are privileged to host the following artists in signings at our booth:

Friday, October 14th:
• 1PM: Rsin & Matt Anderson
• 3PM: Mr. Munk
• 4PM: Nasty Neil & David Foox

Saturday, October 15th: 
• 11AM: JCRivera
• Noon: Jon-Paul Kaiser
• 2PM: Jason Freeny
• 3PM: OsirisOrion, Mike "NEMO" Mendez & Plaseebo's Bob Conge

SURPRISE SIGNINGS! Sunday, October 16th:
• 12:30PM: Spanky Stokes
• 1:30PM: Kris Dulfer / Kid Ink Industries
• 2:30PM: Nathan Hamill

What follows is an informal list of the custom resins, vinyls and associated products by the artists we will be selling at Booth 876:

• Rsin: (2) 16"  custom Qees
• Rsin & Matt Anderson: collaborative Qee custom(s)
• Matt Anderson: 16" custom Qee: Chocolate Qeester Bunny
• Matt Anderson: 16" custom Qee: The Reaver
• Matt Anderson: Anar-Qee Onikuma custom Mini Qee
• Matt Anderson: Anar-Qee Face Off custom Mini Qee
• Matt Anderson: Anar-Qee The Flasher custom Mini Qee
• Matt Anderson: Anar-Qee Time of Death custom Mini Qee
• JC Rivera: KitCat Mr Sadness Death
• JC Rivera: Bunee Mr Coolness Death
• JCRivera: Toyer Mr. Mad Death
• JC Rivera: resin figure(s)
• Foox: Organ Donors Blind Box, $10 (buy 4 get one free)
• Foox: Organ Donors Lionheart chase, $150 (only one left)
• Foox: Organ Donors Purpleheart chase, $75 (only 3 left)
• Foox: Organ Donors keychains, $10
• Foox: Organ Donors Meet the Jawas art print 1, $66
• Foox: Organ Donors Meet the Jawas art print 2, $66
• Foox: FOLLOW Rabbit Gold Glass Bar, $350
• Foox: FOLLOW Rabbit Tees, $35
• Foox: Stickers & Cards are all free!
• Nasty Neil: custom 16" Qee "Kid Smoove"
• Nasty Neil: Marijuana Medallions
• Nasty Neil: t-shirts x 100
• NEMO: custom tiki Mini Qee Toyer from our postcard
• NEMO: Tikistein wood carving
• NEMO: Pilot of Prometheus custom Mini Qee
• Plaseebo x Bad Applez Inc: Bob Conge custom Space Junk Destroyers x 5
• OsirisOrion: 8" Qee custom
• OsirisOrion: 16" Qee custom
• Bob Conge: NYCC Tenacious Excl Molezilla x 5
• Bob Conge: Night Gamer Tron Series x 5
• Mr Munk: "a whole gang of custom toys" + a special suprise
• Jon Malmstedt: assorted Qee customs from our stash
• JPK customs TBA!
• Jon-Paul Kaiser: debut of production Nathaniel Vigo, Scribe & The Forgotten Mini Qees, + Captain Sturnbrau Pieces of Eight edition by Toy2R
• Jason Freeny: customs and prints
• Nathan Hamill: debut of Bellicose Bunny
• Nathan Hamill: Bellicose Bunny shirts
• Nathan Hamill: Art Hustle AP cards
• Nathan Hamill: Boris figures
• Jon Malmstedt/ Rampage Toys: Ugly Unicorn clear unpainted x 1
• Jon Malmstedt/ Rampage Toys: Ugly Unicorn customs
• Jon Malmstedt/ Rampage Toys: Ugly Unicorn Tenacious Toys Exclusive (10 pcs)
• Kris Dulfer/ Kid Ink: Hiya Bunny keychains
• Kris Dulfer/ Kid Ink: Mecha Tanks 2.5"/5" Qee customs (11)
• Kris Dulfer/ Kid Ink: JPK PumpkieQ custom
• Kris Dulfer/ Kid Ink: Resin Skull keychains
• AW177: Power of the Tiger Mini Qee custom
• AW177: Rise of the Dragon Mini Qee custom
• AW177: Dragon vs Tiger 16" custom qee
• AW177: shirts (20)
• Dust: Teddy 1 & 2 resin figures
• Dust: Alter Ego resin figures
• Dust: RAS (regular, Grey, Green & Golden Guard) resin figures
• Ian Ziobrowski: Cook-Ed the Cop 16" custom Qee
• Zam: "MIA" 8" Cat Qee custom
• Nerviswr3k: (8) 5" Mini Qees
• Matt Walker / Monster Kolor: custom Mini Qees
• Monster Kolor: assorted paint kits and spray cans for sale
• Pocket Wookie: 5" Carrot Mini Qee custom
• MeSmithy: 8" Kat Qee + 5" Mini Qee Bear
• CCC Carson Catlin: (1-3) 8" and 7" Custom Qees (threaded)
• Frank Mysterio: 8" Hellboy Qee custom
• Voltaire - 5" Deady Bunee Mini Qee
• Jay222
• ViseOne: 5" Hellboy Mini Qee Bear
• Motorbot: (20) 2" resin figures
• Evilos: 8" Qee Bear: Evil Bear
• Evilos: 8" Qee Toyer: Silver 2011 NYCC Exclusive
• Evilos: 5" Qee Black/White TRON Mini Qee
• Evilos: 9" Vinylmation Ezra with Candles: Not For Sale. Display Only.
• Valerie G: (2) custom pumpkie Qees: Muertos
• Billy Roids: Mini Qee custom: Qee Jung Ill
• Spanky Stokes: Borracho de los Muertos resins (exclusive NYCC colorway) 
• NREAZON: 5" Yummy Suit Mini Qee