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March 29, 2017

NY Times Tackles Our Age-Old Question: Is It Art, or Is It a Toy?
Whoa. The NY Times just published an article that compares and contrasts Funko and Kidrobot, and tackles the question a lot of us have been discussing lately: are we creating/selling art, or toys, or both? Check out the article here. Now how do I get Tenacious Toys mentioned in the NYT? Hmm...

Exclu Collective Covers the Funko Specialty Cosmo Dorbz Figure

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Hey everyone, Gavriel Discordia here,

Last April my online toy store Discordia Culture Shop set up the Win a Love Bomb Contest. And as of today, March 28th 2017, all 223 Chances were sold and the winner was selected via which hosts the True Random Number Generator. The Chances were recorded in order and the prize number came up as 217. Video of the selection was posted on social media.

The winner is Alexis Rivera the Artist Known as Playful Gorilla!

The Grand Prize and all $5 Chance Bundle Sticker packs will be shipping out this week, so if you took part keep an eye out for your prizes. Thanks to everyone who took part!

Our Contest Operating Experience

This contest was a learning experience for us in several ways so we wanted to go over how this one went down and what we gained from the process.

1. It went on for way too long! This contest took a whole year to run. Most online contests merely involve Social Media Shares and a small prize is awarded randomly. The pay off for those contests is typically exposure, hype, and Followers. So in this case there was little follow through on social media and hence the long run time.

2. We started out with $1 chances thinking, yeah sure who doesn't want a Love Bomb for $1. This did not work well at all. To our surprise very few people bothered to join in at all. We would have been running this contest for several years at that rate. So we created Chance Bundles in $5 increments. This worked much better as people were glad to get any kind of consolation prize. Still took a year to finish out though, so next time around we will offer more tiers and more consolation prizes.

3. You can not stop your friends and fellows in the toy scene from taking part in your contests and making you look like a jerk who hooks up your peeps with free stuff. This is all unavoidable and you just have to deal with it.
4. If you wait to send out the consolation prizes until the contest is wrapped you will get a few unscrupulous souls who don't bother to read the details of your contest. Like the part where it says all prizes will be awarded at the conclusion. And they will come back and give you bad feedback or reviews when they don't get their prize the next day.

Conclusion. Take these factors into consideration and be careful with contests of your own.

Stay tuned to Tenacious Ninja for the next one coming soon!

Posted by: Your Ninja Blogger Gavriel Discordia