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March 16, 2017

PUNNY BUNS Kickstarter - Last 4 Days

Kimchi Kawaii is looking to build the Punny Buns family – a group of bunny characters themed on bread puns. To do so, they have launched their sixth Kickstarter.

In 2015, Kimchi Kawaii launched the first Punny Buns Kickstarter. Over 200 backers helped send the Honey Bun, Hamburger Bun and Steamed Bun into full production. These characters have been very popular at anime conventions around the country and internationally through the online shop.

Since then, more characters have been created. “Customers tell me that the characters bring a smile to their faces and I love that. I want to continue bringing that joy with the new characters,” said Holly Guenther, owner and artist of Kimchi Kawaii.

Kimchi Kawaii was started in 2008 by Guenther as a creative outlet celebrating her Korean heritage, love of puns and the Japanese style of cute art known as ‘kawaii’. Her ‘punny’ designs cover a wide range of subjects. She has six Kickstarters under her belt with five of them funding over their initial goals.

Interested backers can visit the already successfully funded Kickstarter campaign and get some of this cuteness at: LINK

Posted By: Your Ninja Blogger Gavriel Discordia