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March 7, 2017

Let's Print a Book (and support a great cause) - Titch the Snog!

Titch the Snog, who appears to be an adorable cross between a snail and dog, is the brainchild of Elletra Parnell.  The Snog began as a senior project for her animation degree.

A Little Snog is a 29 page rhyming book, perfect for parents to read with their little ones as well as children learning to read on their own. The words are short and printed in a large format, save for a few fun "grown-up" words peppered through the story, because let's be frank, when you were six years old and learned that one, special, big grown-up word, you wanted to use it all the time, right?

The book itself is dedicated to Parnell's nephew Weston, who was on the autism spectrum.  A portion of the Kickstarter funds will be donated to the Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation to fund research and a cure.

Backer tiers start at just a dollar and for a little more you can get stickers, watercolor paintings, a copy of the book itself and even a resin Snog figure!  Click over to the Kickstarter page to become a backer now.

Plaseebo Think Tank Custom for Hidden Fortress Show March 11 at Clutter Gallery in Beacon NY

Plaseebo is pleased to have been invited to be included in the Hidden Fortress Show opening this Saturday at Clutter Gallery.

The “Think Tank” is one of the pieces they will have in the show.