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February 9, 2017

Jermaine Rogers Veil Specimen 72 "I Think I Am Losing My Mind" 10-inch vinyl figure

Super stoked to announce the next available Jermaine Rogers vinyl figure: Veil Specimen 72 (aka "I Think I Am Losing My Mind"). $60 each, limited to 500 in this color, preorder yours here. Should be shipping to us soon.

February TEASERS from The Artpin Collection

The Artpin Collection is preparing for some cool releases this month and teased a bunch of designs for limited edition hard enamel pins by top of the line artists.  This month's releases will feature designs by Nathan Jurevicius, Martin Ontiveros, and Kozyndan, a great selection for all you avid art and pin collectors:
Nathan Jurevicius's Arianrhod will be released in two majestic colorways (edition of 75 only each).

Vampyramid by Martin Ontiveros is a winged demonic blood-sucking pyramid, and it's so metal.

Bunny Blossom will feature the iconic Ukiyo-e inspired design by Kozyndan, with the Sakura festivals just around the corner. Check out this cool video teaser (watch with the sound on)

All the designs will go for $12 a pop, with the release dates yet to be confirmed. Look out for these, as well as for earlier designs release by The Artpin Collection, at Rotofugi !