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January 3, 2017

Introducing Toy Geeks: Behind the Counter Weekly Show

Join Ben, George and Jack for a NEW weekly toy-centric video blog show thingy that they are calling Toy Geeks: Behind the Counter. They have a website and a Youtube channel (I'm the first subscriber - FIRST!!!!) and all the other digital junk below:

Follow @ToyGeeksBTC on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. #ToyGeeksBTC

Watch the trailer:

Junko Mizuno's TRIAD Pop Up Book Video Trending on YouTube

Yes, that's right, people are LOVING this new pop-up book by Junko Mizuno and Poposition Press! Well worth the buzz, this is a super cool, intricate piece of interactive art. Check the video below or watch on YouTube here.

Another Trip Around the Sun with The Forces of Dorkness

Well folks, it's that time of the year where everything is new and fresh.  Where we look optimistically towards the future and the possibilities the new year will bring...F&%K all that bulls&%t. 

As The Forces of Dorkness celebrates another trip around that burning orb we call a sun (a.k.a. his birthday) he decided to dig in to the archives and fill up the store with some pieces from the past.  Maybe you didn't get a chance to grab that special item because you weren't at (insert event here like D*con, or NYCC, or any of the group shows he's been apart of) well now's your chance. There's resin, screen prints, paintings, and other assorted goodies like "Buddha Fett", "Our Lady of Immaculate Rebellion", "Mr Snuffleupadon" and "Chronic Master Vader".   They are all there and some are the last ones left, some are APs that have just been in a drawer, some I forgot I even had.

2017 for is already starting off to be a busy year, and now's your chance and possibility the last one to grab some of these classics before I start dropping the new hotness in the months to come.

Head on over to the Forces of Dorkness store ( ) and grab something special at a special price and for a very limited time.

Instagram @forceodorkness

Tony Gil Reveals Diamond Free Runner Mickey with Full Fabrication Video

Our buddy Tony Gil, the man behind our blog's Tenacious Ninja mascot, is at it again, this time with a Mickey version of his classic Free Runner character. Tony pulls back the curtain with this run of customs by recording the entire process from start to finish! Check the "making of" video below:

Watch the video on YouTube here, and while you're at it, follow Tony on YouTube as well.

To pick up one of these super limited Diamond Free Runner Mickey customs, head over to Tony's shop here.