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March 30, 2017

Huck Gee x Clutter x CUBO SKLFKR 20-Inch Mecha Skully Robot Figure

Clutter and The Designer Toy Awards are excited to announce a brand-new project with Toy of the Year 2015, and Artist of the Year 2015 DTA winner, Huck Gee! Introducing – SKLFKR!! 20 inches of mecha, skull-laden, robotic awesomeness!

As part of winning those prestigious DTA awards, Huck was provided a sponsorship to work with 3D printing technology to bring to life a brand new creation. Huck wasted no time and went to work. What came back blew us away! 
"The mission of the DTA's is to celebrate and honor the art of designer toy creators all over the world.  When we helped arrange this sponsorship for the winner of Artist of the Year we didn’t know what would be created - Huck Gee jumped on this opportunity and brought it to a new level! Seeing the SKLFKR come to life over the last year has been an amazing journey." - Miranda O'Brien (Clutter & the DTA's)
To make this dream a reality we partnered with 3D sculpting and printing masters, CUBO  – the only team we knew could pull this off. Helping us bring this massive project to reality, Cubo 3D sculpted, rendered and printed this mighty beast.  Not only that, they engineered and constructed a series of 3D printed gaskets in order to joint the SKLFKR and give it 7 points of articulation!!
"Take us to your leader...WE DO NOT COME IN PEACE!"  - Victor D.L.A (Cubo).
Literally standing at 20" tall, this piece will be cast in resin and hand assembled here in NYC by Clutter Studios. More release information will be announced soon.
Over a year in the making and it's a Giant! 
"Because mechs and laser beams. Because skulls, spikes and giant axes. Because destroy. Because crushing it. Because SKLFKR." - Huck Gee


As part of its release into the world,  Five Points Festival is giving away the very special first pull of this monumental release! To enter the competition visit the Facebook Page here. Good Luck!!

March 29, 2017

NY Times Tackles Our Age-Old Question: Is It Art, or Is It a Toy?
Whoa. The NY Times just published an article that compares and contrasts Funko and Kidrobot, and tackles the question a lot of us have been discussing lately: are we creating/selling art, or toys, or both? Check out the article here. Now how do I get Tenacious Toys mentioned in the NYT? Hmm...

Exclu Collective Covers the Funko Specialty Cosmo Dorbz Figure

Click through to Exclu Collective to see the full photographic coverage of the Specialty Cosmo Dorbz figure. To grab one for yourself, click here. To see all of our available Dorbz, click here.

To snap up one of our regular 4-inch POPs at $5 each, click here.


Hey everyone, Gavriel Discordia here,

Last April my online toy store Discordia Culture Shop set up the Win a Love Bomb Contest. And as of today, March 28th 2017, all 223 Chances were sold and the winner was selected via which hosts the True Random Number Generator. The Chances were recorded in order and the prize number came up as 217. Video of the selection was posted on social media.

The winner is Alexis Rivera the Artist Known as Playful Gorilla!

The Grand Prize and all $5 Chance Bundle Sticker packs will be shipping out this week, so if you took part keep an eye out for your prizes. Thanks to everyone who took part!

Our Contest Operating Experience

This contest was a learning experience for us in several ways so we wanted to go over how this one went down and what we gained from the process.

1. It went on for way too long! This contest took a whole year to run. Most online contests merely involve Social Media Shares and a small prize is awarded randomly. The pay off for those contests is typically exposure, hype, and Followers. So in this case there was little follow through on social media and hence the long run time.

2. We started out with $1 chances thinking, yeah sure who doesn't want a Love Bomb for $1. This did not work well at all. To our surprise very few people bothered to join in at all. We would have been running this contest for several years at that rate. So we created Chance Bundles in $5 increments. This worked much better as people were glad to get any kind of consolation prize. Still took a year to finish out though, so next time around we will offer more tiers and more consolation prizes.

3. You can not stop your friends and fellows in the toy scene from taking part in your contests and making you look like a jerk who hooks up your peeps with free stuff. This is all unavoidable and you just have to deal with it.
4. If you wait to send out the consolation prizes until the contest is wrapped you will get a few unscrupulous souls who don't bother to read the details of your contest. Like the part where it says all prizes will be awarded at the conclusion. And they will come back and give you bad feedback or reviews when they don't get their prize the next day.

Conclusion. Take these factors into consideration and be careful with contests of your own.

Stay tuned to Tenacious Ninja for the next one coming soon!

Posted by: Your Ninja Blogger Gavriel Discordia

March 28, 2017

Tenacious Toys Targeted Emails: New, 3A, Funko, Kidrobot, Sofubi, Coarse Toys & Sale Lists
In order to deliver more useful content to our customers, we have established several segments for our email newsletters. That means you only sign up for the updates you want to receive, and that's all ya get!!

Our emails that go out Tuesday through Sunday are automated, which means they will always have the same subject line as the week before, but each will contain any new relevant items in the email.

If there's no new products to share with you that week, no email is sent. Pretty nifty!

Of course, our "General List" is still the best way to get an overview of what's new in our shop.

For you deal seekers, we've just set up a new Sale list which will email to you any items we've reduced in price over the past week.

The Coarse Toys list is not automated, since we get new Coarse items so infrequently. Benny just creates the email when there's something new from Coarse to sell.


Below are our email list segments and their schedules:

Mondays - Benny's choice. General List gets a custom-made email about any new items Benny wants to highlight.

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Fridays - New Items day. Weekly email goes to General List subscribers only, and only if we have have new items in our shop that week.

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If you are already on our General email list, you can still sign yourself up for the other lists by clicking here and checking the ones you are interested in.

Available for sale now from Furry Feline Creatives, the Poops Marshmallow Plushies

Furry Feline Creatives have just anounced their new plushies, the Poops, the soft marshmallow crap candies.  Measuring 5' tall and 4' wide and handmade with soft fleece and polyfil, the Poops Marshmallow Plushies come in 4 different colors: Yellow Fellow, Hot Pink, Baby Blue and Poopoo Purple.

These will make their debut at Furry Feline Creatives booth #1957 at Wondercon in Anaheim, CA and booth #A107 at Fan Expo Dallas in Dallas, TX on March 31-April 2, 2017.

The poops plushies are available now for advance purchase from the Furry Feline website for $12 a piece.

Caddyshack Doody Action Bar by Forces of Dorkness

"That thing in the pool from that golf movie released in 1980"

If you're a golfer, you've seen it.  If you like quality comedy, you've seen it.  If you are an actual human, you've seen it... if you haven't seen it, move along.

So there's this movie, and in this movie there is this scene when everyone gets a break and they spend a nice relaxing afternoon at the pool.  During this scene, teenagers being teenagers, one opens a candy bar, and another asks for a bite, and when the first says no, into the pool doth the second one toss said candy bar.  Well, this particular brand of candy bar has a strong resemblance to something we all create, and unfortunately some tend to leave in pools, creating the comedic chaos that leads to an emptying of the pool, and revelation that it is not a doody and actually a candy bar that has a name close to a famous baseball player.

This is a tribute to the classic movie "Caddyshack", one of those films that can be watched over and over, lines can be quoted, laughs can be had, and now you can own the "unofficial" star of the film.
2 versions of this release are available, one as the name of the candy bar, and one as "doody" so your choice is the before, or the after.  Each version is limited to 18 pieces (golf has 18 holes...get it?) for this release.

Each package come with an inedible resin cast of said candy bar and custom card art and packaging from The Forces of Dorkness.  

This is the perfect gift for that special someone who appreciates an amazing film.

Each package is 9" h x 5.25" wide x 1.5" deep and ships with a couple of stickers as well to show how much you love The Forces of Dorkness

Shipping in the US is $3.99 via USPS.

Note:  This is not a fucking toy.  It is also not edible, and more so it is only for ages 18 and up.

The figure is available in the FoD store: 

Follow Forces of Dorkness on instagram @forceodorkness 

March 27, 2017

Mike Slobot announces his new k-4SLO Security Droid for Sale

Truth be told, Mike has always wanted a protocol droid to help out in the Slobot factory, but has just never taken the plunge. A few weeks ago, one of these KX-Series Security Droids went Rogue and stumbled into the Slobot factory looking for repairs. Like K-2SO from Star Wars Rogue One, he is a re-programmed Imperial Droid. In need of repair and tired of looking like he still worked for the Empire, the newly rebranded K-4SLO got an upgraded processor pack, a fresh lime green paint job and some new wiring. Now the factory has the best parts of a protocol droid and a protector droid. No word yet on whether he speaks Bocce.

Standing about 20″ tall. with a glow in the dark eye, custom painted lime green and silver body, and glow in the dark wires the new k-4SLO Droid is available now for $250 from the Slobot factory.

More photos after the jump.

March 24, 2017

7th Annual Designer Toy Awards Finds a New Home at Five Points Festival

The Designer Toy Awards are super excited to announce a brand new home for the prestigious annual DTA ceremony – Five Points Festival! The antidote to the average con, Five Points brings tastemakers, misfits, and rebels together with the new, retro, and infamous, in a one-of-a-kind gathering. 
A collision of toys, comics, and counterculture curated by Clutter Magazine and presented by Midtown Comics, Five Points is two days and nights of comic artists and writers, vinyl and plastic toys, original art, resin, plush, blind boxes, graphic novels, indie comics, blanks, minis, kaiju, Japanese vinyl, posters, prints, apparel, food trucks, and craft breweries.
Taking place May 20th and 21st at Pier 36, in New York City's lower east side, the festival is kicked off by The Designer Toy Awards on Friday, May 19th!
Want to attend the Designer Toy Awards ceremony on Friday, May 19th, 2017?
Get your exclusive ticket, only available with the purchase of a Five Points Fest VIP Ticket, and rub shoulders with the Art Toy luminaries. Limited to 250, they are selling super fast, so make sure you secure yours now!

Nominations for this year's awards ceremony will be officially opened on Monday, March 27th, 2017! Submit your favorite toys and artists from 2016!!
Nominations will be considered for releases between January 1st, 2016 and December 31st, 2016!
There is no shame in self-nomination, nominations are private and confidential, so no one need even know! CLICK HERE

About the Designer Toy Awards:
The Designer Toy Awards (DTAs) are the leading awards honoring excellence and innovation in the Designer Toy art field. Established in 2011, the DTAs are presented by Clutter Magazine— a leading informational organization within Designer Toys, a community that after more than a decade has become a prominent and legitimate form of artistic and commercial expression as well as a leader in global trendsetting.
Reflecting the tremendous and ongoing growth of the Designer Toy community, the DTAs celebrate the best of the industry’s artists, designers, and brands, as well as honoring those involved in championing Designer Toys throughout the world. Members of the DTA Board select the majority of finalists and winners in each category from the nominees, however, you — the online community — determine finalists and, in some cases, winners by voting for nominated work, individual or brand that you believe to be the best in each category. Each year, the DTAs bring together the Designer Toy community all over the world.

Funko Shopkins Sale - Now $5 Each

Yes, you read that right! Our full selection of the 6 Funko Shopkins 4" vinyl figures are just $5 each (or $29.97 for the full set). In fact, most of our POPs are reduced in price to under $8. Check out our full POP selection here.

March 23, 2017

SNEAK PEEK: New Rampage Toys Exclusives Coming Soon - Have You Seen the UGLIER Unicorn?
Just got word from Jon of Rampage Toys that he's prepping these wonderful golden colorways of his Shaggy Little Unicorn and Uglier Unicorn sofubi figures for us. These will be available in our shop in the Rampage Toys section next week as preorders. Both very limited. More info in future posts and emails...

March 22, 2017

Nugglife 420 Drop: Mini Grow Boxes & Northern Lights Mini Nugs

Miniature Grow Boxes - above is a little WIP of the grow boxes dropping 4/20.  Each one stands about 2.75 inches tall, and has an LED that till turns on and off from the top.  More info on pricing will come in a couple weeks. Will be available on  
 "Northern Lights" Mini Nugs and Joggers dropping 4/20

Finally the time has come for the Nugglife custom joggers and if you know Ian, space pants have been a thing of his for a few years.  These custom cut n sew space pants feature the northern lights theme all around.  Made with a premium blend, each are super soft and perfect for a morning wake and bake. More info will be coming soon.  These will be a limited run of 100 in varied sizes.  

Along with the sweet joggers, Nugglife will be dropping the "Northern Lights" Mini Nugs series. Limited to 5 pieces, each of the Nothern Lights Mini Nugs are about 2.75-3 inches tall and are handmade. $25 each, these will be available on

Funko POP Specialty Series Heroic Batgirl Covered with Beautiful Photography by Exclu Collective
Exclu Collective kicks off a week of coverage of some of our products with this article about the Heroic Batgirl Specialty POP by Funko. Still available in our shop here (although very few left at the time of this post). Read the article and see many more beautiful pictures of this Specialty POP (and her absolutely minty fresh box) here.

March 21, 2017

TTC announces CUSTOMANIA Show for ToyConUK

TTC have just announced their main event for ToyConUK next month – CUSTOMANIA! A heavyweight custom toy show bringing a whole host of awesome artists together. CUSTOMANIA takes on a wrestling theme, with artists looking to create a good guy (babyface in wrestling terms) and/or a bad guy (heel).

Artists involved:

Forces of Dorkness, ibreaktoys, Rudy Ramirez, Czee Toys, Tasha Zimich, Uncle Studio, Eyehart Toys, Jeremy Dale, Angry Hedgehog, Inprimewetrust, The Bots, RYCA, Infected Resin Toy, Jaykblu, JFury, Playful Gorilla, Taylored Curiosities, Cult Mini Figures, Gino Cruz, Blue Frog World, Molly Bolder, Ian Hancox, David Stevenson, Uncle Absinthe, Redd Prime, Wetworks, Geistwulf, Sergio Mancini, Zard Apuya, Chaingun, RXSE7EN, Josh Mayhem, Watch Parts Motorcycle, Naptime Noah, Zipper Rabbit, Darren Clegg, Tomodachi Island, Graphix Chick, Flat Bonnie, Run DMB, Fantastisch, Mr Mars Studios, Emilio Subira, Fluke Graf, Robotic Industries, Mjolnir Studio, Kerry Dyer, Cat Atomic & Bad Leprechaun

2 New Releases x The Forces of Dorkness

Forces of Dorkness has two new releases, well two new old release with new packaging.

First off is Buddha Fett, the classic makes another return.  This time around it's high gloss sparkle UV reactant colors and GID Jades.  13 pieces in total bagged (zipper on the bottom) with brand new header art.  Each Buddha Fett comes with a very special sticker (one of 2 possible) that is made up of posts from a bootlegger that decided to throw some weak shade years ago when the original release of mine came out.  Each one is $25 dollar and shipping is $3.95 in the US

Secondly is Bart2-D2, everyone's favorite robot boy from Springfield, Tatooine.  This round is a direct result of a leak at the Power Plant.  Just like Buddha Fett, Bart2-D2 comes in Sparkle UV or GID Jades.  Originally released at NYCC bagged with a Header Card, this time he comes in a Clamshell with brand new art.  Limited to 10 pieces. $19.95 each and shipping is $3.95 in the US.

Both releases will also ship with one the new Forces of Dorkness stickers and come from deep in the heart of Texas.  Available in Forces of Dorkness' store.

March 20, 2017

PEEL Magazines - Deluxe Edition Issues

PEEL Magazines - Deluxe Edition Issues

Issues come Bagged with Headers and contain copious amounts of rare stickers from a decade ago.

PEEL Magazine was the premier sticker, stencil, and street art magazine from 2003 – 2008.
Over the course of eight issues PEEL featured the work of emerging and prominent street artists and street art projects such as:

20mg: Visual Narcotics - Abe Lincoln Jr. - ABOVE - Billi Kid - BOMIT - Buff Monster - Chris of Robots Will Kill - DAVe Warnke - Dolla - Evoker - Free Tibet Project - Implied Regurgitation - Klutch - MCA / Evil Design - me love - olive47 - Seen - Shepard Fairey / OBEY - Shye - Waleska - You Are Beautiful - ZEEL - Zoltron


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Nerviswrek Announces His $25 Pilldrones Sale

As a thank you all for the supporters that allow him to do what he loves, Nerviswr3k is offering his Pilldrones figure for $25.00

That's not all: any purchase automatically enters you to a raffle for a care package of 2 mystery original sculpts. That's like a 200 dollar giveaway! First 10 purchases get double entries, meaning you buy 2 pilldrones, you get 4 raffle entries:)

To purchase, email

Lego Movie Double Decker Couch 70818

(Lower Inset) The version I wish had also been included, but then it probably would have retailed at three times the price.

This set is from the oh so pop culturally dominating Lego movie, which quickly expanded into a franchise of two spin-off films, The Lego Batman Movie and The Lego Ninjago Movie, both with 2017 release dates, a direct sequel and a third spin-off, The Billion Brick Race, scheduled for release in 2019.

Prepare to see Lego climb to heights of insane levels. Though to be truthful, where else can it go?

While we ponder that, perhaps we take a seat. On this oh so nifty and imaginative DOUBLE DECKER COUCH!

I loved this set, it wasn't super difficult even at 197 pieces, but did have some interesting aspects to it's build. It is a bit fragile, so not one for the super young end of the age recommendation. Emmit's car that comes with it is solid though. The best part is all of the minifigures you get in this set.

Price wise, I was glad I picked it up on clearance, as I get it, it is a bit of a larger medium scale set, and it is cool, but for that price I would have loved it if they had also included the bricks to make the version that Emmit had originally imagined all made out of clear blue bricks. But I've gotten a bit better at finding these at my local TRUS when clearances are hitting.

Of course if you're wanting a set to get caught up on the minifigures from the Lego movie, this is a good one to get, and they all have different expressions from the Minifig blind bag releases.

Stats Rating/Information
Items Lego Movie Double Decker Couch Set70818
Made by Lego
Rarity Common.
Classification Retired product.
Condition New
Procured Toys R Us
Worth $25 to $35
Investment $15 (on clearance)
Build Time 22 minutes.
Trivia & Fun Facts The Ghost version of Vitruvius is exclusive to this set and includes new faces for all of the characters except for Ghost Vitruvius, which for the minifig collectors is a huge reason to pick up this set.

Mario, the Artisan Rogue

March 19, 2017

New US Exclusive MOOs - by KKAMoxo

Exclusive MOO(s) by KKAMoxo

DTS Yellow and Black (LtdEd or 3) & US Exclusive Purple w/ Red baby Moo (LtdEd of 5). Babies feature new jeweled eyes! Comes bagged with Headers. and includes Postcard, Business card, and rare Stickers.


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Designer Toy Summit - Post Event Roundup

Designer Toy Summit - Memphis Edition. Bridges were built, BBQ was eaten, everyone present signed a Stormtrooper helmet. And no you cant have the super sized OMEN, no one can.

We are already thinking about where to put on the next one. Have a location? Know how to promote an event in your area? Kansas City? Austin? Atlanta? Philly? Get in touch with us ASAP and bring DTS to your spot.

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Matt Obscure Perez Announces Unity Through Art Show

Matt "Obscure" Perez has curated a show for The Alley Gallery in Pomona, CA and has brought a very diverse list of artists together for it.  The show is titled "Unity Through Art".  The show will consist of all collaborative works.  The artist list includes: Obscure x Juan Muniz, Amber "Spiderface" Tilden x Dorys Dee, J*Ryu x Luke Chueh, Jeremy Cross x DW Frydendall, Big C x angelina nwin, and more. There was no specific theme for the art pieces, but the idea is to show unity within the art community through collaboration.  The show will open on April 20th, 2017 and will feature music, vendors, and a live art jam for all of the featured artists to take the theme of collaboration and unity further.

March 18, 2017

All of the Reasons Your Opinion Matters by Forces of Dorkness

Available exclusively at for $9.95 ($3.95 for US shipping) this bootleg of the Extratruckestrial x RenOne epic collab "The Nothing" figure helps you tell those who like to speak their mind, over and over and over... just how important their opinion is to you.  
The internet gives us all a place to make our voices heard, and it's the perfect place to let those people who think they are your friend tell you what they think about things.  Opinions they are like...well you know...we all have one, except this figure doesn't stink like dookie.

"The Reasons Your Opinion Matters - The Action Figure" is the latest release from The Forces of Dorkness.  Each figure has unlimited points of articulation, an infinite number of accessories, and comes in any color you can think of.  This lighty modified bootleg is the perfect addition to any collection, and comes in a resealable clamshell package with custom card art and a couple of the new Forces of Dorkness Stickers.

Clucked Out Custom Show at Designer Toy Summit

Just a round of some of the Clucked Out Clarence custom toys from the Clucked Out! Custom Toy Show presented by Mothership Gallery and taking place during Designer Toy Summit in Memphis TODAY! Show runs from 10am-7pm.

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