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February 28, 2017

Paleonaut - Sneek Peek

"Aeons before La Mer swallowed the great empires of Atlantis and Lemuria, and the Magii of Shamballa fended off the Darkness, during the reign of the Lizard Kings, an arcane underworld existed through astral realms.  A city where majik and science were one and the same, a single way station belonging to an imperium of races connected through time and space by powers of divine cosmic origin, wherein there existed physical and ethereal beings intermingled as one harnessing the residual energies of forgone species to power their esoteric technologies.  A single lost artifact remains on this plane of existence, an OOPART, a magical device, a statue of divination; it is only know by humans as THE PALEONAUT."

To debut at Designer Toy Summit in Memphis March 18th 2017

Kjelshus Collins |

Howaitogoburin Toy and Print Co.

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February 27, 2017

Kozyndan Hard Enamel Pin by The Artpin Collection

Tomorrow, Tuesday 2.28 at 10am (central), The Artpin Collection will release Kozyndan's first ever hard enamel pin - Bunny Blossom, based on art from the iconic "Seasons of the Bunny" series of Ukiyo-e (Japanese woodblock prints) style works. The 1.5'' tall pin, with antique copper plating and two clasps on card, are of a limited edition of 150, and will go for $12 a pop from Rotofugi.  Just in time for the Cherry Blossom season!

Lego (not so) Super Secret Police Enforcer

Oh so sleek a build. Ohhhh yeah. Bow Bow... chicka chicka.
The Lego Movie had an immense amount of sets and an entire minifig series devoted to it when it was released. I got a few sets from the movie here and there, but since storage space is quickly becoming a premium in my studio space, I had opted to pick up harder to find and smaller polybag builds. Don't worry, I've got larger sets in wait, some of them a few years now out of production, and some cool video reviews for those as well in the coming months.

This polybag set, the "Super Secret Police Enforcer", had 10 more pieces available in it, and that made a world of difference in the final build and overall aesthetic for this build. I know that the thing about Lego is multiple usage of common brick elements to create new and unique models, and that is very much the beauty of the simplicity of the LEGO system. That said, I am not a fan of minimalist brick count, just to barely get an idea across in model form. It's probably one of the reasons I so love the larger sets and a lot of the LEGO Ideas concepts.

It was a fun little build, and for those of you wanting to complete your Lego Movie series/sets, this one is a bit harder to find now, but fits in very well with the rest of the sets. The minifig is actually pretty well detailed and comes with a pretty kick ass futuristic pistol.

Stats Rating/Information
Items Lego Movie Super Secret Police Enforcer Polybag Set 30282
Made by Lego
Rarity Uncommon.
Classification Out of production.
Condition New
Procured Toys R Us
Worth $10 to $13
Investment $5
Build Time 10 minutes.
Trivia & Fun Facts As far as I have been able to find out, this was a vehicle design inspired by  the larger police vehicles in the movie, and was never shown in any of the actual scenes.

Mario, the Artisan Rogue

February 25, 2017

Kiss My Ass - Shadow and Cyber Night Editions

Kiss My Ass - by David Flores

Shadow Edition features a Black Design on Glow in the Dark Sofubi Vinyl.
Cyber Night Edition features a Black and Silver design on Glow in the Dark Sofubi Vinyl.
We, BlackBook Toy, are proud to announce this collaboration vinyl toy with artist David Flores. Based on David Flores art work, we produced this "Kiss My Ass" sofubi(Soft Vinyl) toy in "MADE IN JAPAN" Undeniable quality!! Notorious Deathshead is posing you "Kiss My Ass". Tough posing like this, he's standing 9" and 9.5" wide. Massive volume!! Sculpted by T9G. His iconic BK bold lines are now in GID, which glows really well in the dark. We are so sure many of you like this. You can easily see how hard we've been working on this full painted one. You can also enjoy coloring postcard front.


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Underground Blend - A Designer Sticker Pack - Vol10

Underground Blend Presents the 10th Volume of curated vinyl stickers from the global Street Sticker Scene. This Volume featuring: Psychological Industries, emDUB, Ban Comic Sans, Sladge LE, Join the Underground, and Rx Skulls X Andreas Musta.

Join Volume 011 by contacting


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February 23, 2017

playsometoys and Philip Lee Release Macinbot Classic 10cm ABS Figure

Introducing Macinbot Classic, a little collectible figure for anyone with a passion for classic computer designs

playsometoys is a new small Hong Kong company founded by designer Philip Lee. His company motto is “to create something we want to collect ourselves!”  Since he has a soft spot for product designs from the 80’s and the 90’s, it is natural for playsometoys very first product to be the Macinbot Classic, a collectible figures inspired by the classic Mac computer design.

Macinbot Classic will be produced by precise injection molding with ABS plastic. It is beautifully detailed. One unique feature is detachable legs and arms. The arms are held on by magnets – the perfect way to turn Macinbot Classic into his pure computer form.

Each Macinbot is about 10cm tall. He carries a “font suitcase” in his hand and is accompanied by his friendly MouseBot. The first prototype was on display at Toysoul 2016 Hong Kong. For international consumers pre-order is available online now at It costs $25 plus shipping. Estimated shipping time will be in June. Macinbot Classic is not a limited model, the number produced will depend on the demand of it.

Buzzards Guts C3-PO Marvel Mashup Figures


Just writing to inform you of the latest bootleg fan art resin toy from buzzard guts and DAMarx toys! It is a Star Wars/Marvel mash-up that uses Kenners 1977 protocol droids as a base for popular Marvel characters. 3.75" resin figures hand cast and hand painted by DAM and mounted on a sturdy 6"x9" cardback with beautiful illustrations by Ryan Winn, one of the creators of Valiant comics. Each card features a homage to classic Marvel comic covers by Jack Kirby, Bob Layton and Todd McFarlane. 

There are 4 figures in the set. The Cybot Avengers features C3-PO as Iron Man and the Captain, while RA-7(death star droid) mutates into Hulk and Spidey. (Star Wars fans might reference Cybot Galactica, the company responsible for manufacturing these protocol droid models.) 

This 1st edition series is limited to 20 figures being 5 of each or 5 sets. Dropping exclusively at Friday February 24th at 7pm eastern standard. 
They are $40 each or $150 for the set. Save $10 when you buy the set."

A little bit about buzzard guts. We produce resin action figures in small run editions. Appropriating factory made production toy parts and assimilating various pop culture icons to create a fan homage or a strange multi-dimensional version of an alternate reality. Sometimes referred to as "bootlegs", these art toys are conceived, hand made and painted by DAM featuring collaborative illustrations by various artist including Neil Devlin of Last Boss Comics, who illustrated packaging art for the Riot Scum series which features various gender bender Star Wars characters in a punk band. The series had exclusive releases through Dke toys at DesignerCon, New York Comic Con and most recently at the Clutter Gallery Inaction Figure 5 exhibition. 

Other past Buzzard Guts collaborators include Moctoys, Randy Walker, Klon Waldrip, Michael Shantz, Scott Stripling, and Reis O'Brien.

Thanks for your time!

Buzzard guts

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February 22, 2017

Niall Anderson and Rich Page Form Submission Toy to Produce Keshi and Sofubi

Niall writes of his new venture with fellow UK artist Rich Page of UME Toys:
We've formed Submission Toy to collaborate on a number of sofubi and keshi-related projects (starting with the Smogball, which debuted at DCon back in November), including our own original works as well as painted runs and customs in collaboration with other artists in the scene. 
Huge kick-off sale in-store right here, with a new run of Smogballs, Oozeballs and more available from 11pm London time on Friday, February 24th.

  • “GID” Smogball- Submission Toy’s debut sofubi in a glow vinyl. Limited to 10 priced at $65 each
  • “Hubba Bubba Oooze Bubble” Oozeball- The Oozeball returns in an unpainted strawberry gum colored sofubi, this time coming packed with Hubba Bubba sticks plus a foil-backed deluxe header card. Limited to 10 priced at $55 each
  • “Black and Blue” SofuBall set- A super-limited recast of the black Oozeball is joined by the Smogball in a deep royal blue. Limited to just 2 sets at a reduced sum of $110 each
  • “Skinned Alive” PigPigMan- Tru:Tek teams up with Kaiju TAN for the first of 2 PigPigMan releases. Limited to 5, each coming with layers of acrylic brushwork, VColor sprays and bloody detailing for $320 each
  • “Twin Destroyer” Ettin- Tru:Tek once again joins forces with Planet X, this time for a run of their latest 2-headed beast. Cast in a green soft vinyl and treated to layers of life-like sprays and hand painted detailing. Limited to 4, each coming packed with both axe and anchor accessories for $240 each
  • “Young Grasshopper” Molochowl- Submission Toy take on Solo Is Toy‘s Molochowl for their first joint paint run. Cast in a flesh soft vinyl and treated to layers of acrylic dry brushing, detailing and shading courtesy of Rich Page and Tru:Tek. Limited to 6, each complete with aged cloth wrist, leg and head bands for $250 each
  • Bukimi Ball one-offs- Bukimi Blasters‘ Bukimi Balls get the Tru:Tek treatment for this mini release. Features 3 one-off customs – Zonbi, Garamoan and Stink Eye – each coming with layers of sprays and brushed detailing for $110 a piece
  • Submission Toy one-offs- The pair have been busy on a number of one-offs, including a Skinner “Ogos”, Violence Toy “Mutant Cop”, PLT Blood Maijin and Ultra Bastard, plus a Red Hot Style “Kilin” amongst others
  • “Haunted Mansion” Argomedus and the Whisper- Submission Toy take on Scott Tolleson‘s sofubi duo, this time treating them to an acrylic paint app inspired by Disney’s Haunted Mansion. Limited to 3 sets priced at just $70 each
  • Warui Zonbi one-offs- Submission Toy’s Rich Page has got to work on 2 Warui Zonbi sets, aptly titled “Stone” and “Bone”. Limited to just 1 of each, these will be available for just $40 each

Jermaine Rogers "I Think I Am Losing My Mind" In Stock and Shipping Now

IN STOCK NOW: Veil Specimen 72 ("I Think I Am Losing My Mind") by Jermaine Rogers, in stock now. All preorders shipping immediately. Grab yours now! $60 each plus shipping.

February 21, 2017

Go Figure News Video Review of GUUMON Dragonfire Bangagon

TJ from Go Figure News reviews our exclusive Dragonfire Bangagon figure by GUUMON. Great review video, really gives you some background into the figure and what one actually looks like  - videos do a much better job of this than our static images. We even gave GOFN an exclusive discount code, so make sure to check out the full blog post here on GOFN, and watch the video review below:

Getting Up: Steff Bomb's New Licensed Plush Line for Project Raygun

Getting up is pretty easily defined for a writer or graff artist: get your artwork up there on the train, or on the wall, or wherever, for everyone to see. That's the definition of success.

When you're a plush artist like Steff Bomb, how do you "get up"? What's that even mean for someone whose medium is plush?

Well, here's one answer: Steff Bomb was tapped by USAopoly's Project Raygun to develop a fully licensed line of her plushes (Steff's style, USAopoly's licenses) to be sold under the Project Raygun banner. That must be what "getting up" means for a plush artist. Cool video below:

Most of you have probably figured out by now that I (Benny) really don't make much money selling art toys and collectibles. But what keeps me going and fuels my fire is seeing indy artists like Steff Bomb get up and get recognized for their talent and vision. When an indy artist I've been working with for years finally gets a big break, a big deal that actually means some steady money coming in, THAT is what makes it all worthwhile for me. That's why I promote indy artists, sell their pieces in my shop, blog endlessly about all their work, represent artists at shows, brainstorm with and advise artists whenever they ask me to, and yes, that is why I place indy plush, resin and handmade collectibles next to the Funko POPs in my shop. Every time a new person discovers an indy artist, we celebrate a small victory.

When a hundred small victories turn into a major win, like this one Steff is experiencing now, we all win. Proof that with hard work, and dedication, and sacrifice, indy artists can establish themselves and find ways to pay the bills with their art.

Big ups to Steff Bomb, and big ups to all of you indy artists struggling and hoping and working all the time. Keep it up, stay positive, make friends, be approachable, don't cop an attitude, be open to making those connections. You never know who you might meet, and who THEY may know, and which big companies might be taking notice.

Press Release:

USAopoly, Inc. is excited to announce a collaboration between the company’s Project Raygun division and Steff Bomb, an artisan plush crafter based in Los Angeles.

This new partnership will take Steff’s creations out of art galleries and television series— like TLC’s Craft Wars— and put high end, soft prop plush collectibles into the hands of collectors, cosplayers, craft enthusiasts, and pop culture fans alike.

Check out the full Project Raygun / Steff Bomb press release here.

- Benny Kline

The Pencil from John Wick Chapter 2 - A new creation from The Forces of Dorkness

"That fucking nobody is John Wick." said Viggo Tarasov as he told the story about John killing 3 men in a bar with a pencil in John Wick and *spoiler alert* John Wick Chapter 2  you get to see him kill some bad guys with one. (Bad Guy is subjective in this case, who really is the bad guy you may ask yourself, me...I consider anyone trying to kill me the bad guy, and I bet John does too).

This is a tribute to an amazing action-movie franchise. It's a real pencil, coated is resin for durability, and custom painted to look like it has entered someone's skull and then been retracted. Each one is hand made so there is some variation between each so no two are alike.  Call it a toy, call it a collector's item, call it a weapon, just don't call John and expect him to say anything on the phone or to use more that 3 words as a response in a conversation.

Each one is a standard sized No. 2 pencil in a custom bloodied bag (note:  It's paint and not actual blood becuase that would be gross and probably smell after a while) with a custom designed header card by The Forces of Dorkness.

$16.95 gets you one and being the nice guy he is Scott is also including shipping in the US.  The release is limited to 20 pieces, and to make one part of your collection all you have to do is go to their online store.

February 18, 2017

Mickey Skull Enamel Pin x Cat Atomic

Pre-orders are open now for Cat Atomic's new Mickey Skull enamel pin. This is a 2-inch die struck enamel pin with a black fill and laser engraving on the back for $10. Get in on this now at their online shop

Please note: Pre-orders are estimated to ship around early to mid-March and are non-refundable.

February 17, 2017

USAopoly Launches Project Raygun at 2017 New York Toy Fair

Just got back from Toy Fair setup day and got to the sneak peek of a really cool new project / label / subdivision of USAopoly: Project Raygun! And while I am literally frothing at the mouth trying to hold in who they've tapped to design one of their lines, I tell you this: she's an artist we've been fans of for 6 years now, super cool, and we couldn't be happier for her. And her line is just part of the Project Raygun offerings. Ugh... can't tell any of you more right now but you'll all find out probably by end of this weekend. I'll post pics when I am allowed to.

Clutter Announces Glork the Evolved Boglin 6.5-inch Tall Figures

From the mysterious bog that time forgot, a new Boglin has emerged! 

Clutter Magazine is proud to announce the debut of the Evolved Boglin!

Bogologists around the world are clamoring to get their hands on this newly discovered creature!

At 6.5" tall and 10" long, The Evolved Boglin is the first full sized figure in the relaunch of the Boglins line, officially licensed by Seven Towns.

GLORK has been sculpted with love by Tim Clarke and Maureen Trotto, the originators of the Boglin, and produced by Clutter in the USA! 

Limited to 100 pieces and priced at $100 a piece, these Clutter Exclusive Boglins will be available for preorder at 12pm (Noon EST) on February 17th, 2017 at
Preorders ship March 17

February 15, 2017

Bucky Ball - Soccer Ball - by McGinnuss

Bucky Ball - by Ryan McGinnus - Developed By: CEREALART

Soccer Ball specs:
Manufactured with Molten USA
-Multilayered Superior quality polyurethane cover.
-Foam backed for comfort and control.
-FIFA Approved materials and construction.
-Premium latex bladder for superb bounce characteristics and maximum air retention.
-Hand Stitched.
-FIFA regulation Size 5.
-8.25 in. diameter (21 cm).

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February 14, 2017

Check Out with Amazon Pay at Tenacious Toys

Pay With Amazon is changing their name to Amazon Pay, so I thought it might be a good opportunity to remind our customers that Amazon Pay is one of the 3 ways you can check out and pay at!

If you shop on Amazon a lot (like us!) you are already set up to pay via the Amazon system. You may be signed into the Amazon system right now! Checkout with Amazon Pay (or Paypal, or Credit Card) is super easy in our cart: just look at the bottom right corner and click the payment method you prefer.

The "Check Out" button gets you to the credit card payment screen.
Why not going shopping now at We have such sights to show you!

Our site is even fully secured (you'll see https and the green lock icon in your browser bar) so you can be sure that when you open the box, no Pinheads will get your personal info!

PEEL Magazine - Last On Earth Issues

 As fate would have it the final remaining stock of PEEL Magazines on Earth, has made its way onto

PEEL Magazine, which ran from 2003-2008, was, and still remains, the only proper Street Sticker Culture Magazine. Notably by Issue 08, the final issue, the cover contains a Designer Toy every other page within does as well. Many graff and sticker artists crossed over into the world of designer toys as they caught on during the 00s. Very early ads for Rotofugi, Dreamland Toyworks, and Munky King make an appearance.

Issues 02, 04, 05, 06, & 08 are available immediately ONLINE HERE: LINK 
[Tragically most of the remaining Issue 06 were lost in transit making them even more rare.]

The final remaining Deluxe Limited Editions w/Sticker Assortments are also in our hands and will be showcased at Designer Toy Summit as part of the Underground Blend Sticker Art Show. Memphis, March 18th 2017.
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February 13, 2017

DHP February Releases

Love is in the air! Valentine's Day is coming and so are a pair of new DHP releases. Keep your eyes on the webshop this Ferbruary 14th and be quick with that keyboard. Releases will go LIVE before I leave for work in the morning.

Cast in electric pink vinyl this unpainted version of Apalala is the first official webshop drop. Show that special someone some love by giving the gift of monsterous affection or do some self love and grab one for yourself. Made in Japan. Not intended for children under 14 years old. $130 each.

A great companion piece for the previously released unpainted pink Alavaka Bodhisattva and the previously mentioned unpainted pink Apalala. Do you have a partner with a sarcastic sense of humor? This is the perfect Vday gift if so. Cast in electric pink vinyl. Made in Japan. Not intended for children under 14 years old. $30 each.