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January 31, 2017

Labbit Band Camp Blind Box Mini Series Now Available at

 It's not often that we post up about items that we are NOT selling, but when we get the opportunity, we do like to share with you the super cool items available at other shops. These Band Camp Labbits are crazy cool and worth a mention:

Music to your ears! Labbits are headed to band camp in this all-new 2.5” blind box series. From Jazz to metal, this series has something for every music lover. Collect them all to add a touch of music to any collection!
Collect them all:
  • Alien Prone Forp - 1/36
  • Alien Standing Shnorp - 2/18
  • Alien Sitting Badorp - 1/18
  • Rock Prone Gamma Stripez - 1/18
  • Rock Standing Rikky Panther - 1/18
  • Rock Sitting Skid Chill - 2/18
  • Jazz Prone Stumpy Lawler - 1/18
  • Jazz Standing Snaps Coleman - 2/18
  • Jazz Sitting Pails Parker - 1/18
  • Marching Prone Cheeks - 1/18
  • Marching Standing Major Trouble - 1/18
  • Marching Sitting Joe Thumps - 1/18
  • Classical Prone Ingrid Bassoon - 1/36
  • Classical Standing Crash Parker - 1/18
  • Classical Sitting Johnny Beethoven - 2/18

Bricktober Toys R Us mini build set 40144

(Top) Completed build. (Bottom Left) Two of the other sets in the series. (Bottom Right) Box contents include: instructions, 2 loose plates, sticker sheet, and three polybags.
I finally am getting around to some of these Bricktober mini sets that LEGO has been releasing over the years. It's not procrastination, it's finally being able to pull the vast majority of my sets out of storage and built for review on here to enlighten and entertain the masses!

My local Toys R Us is just a five minute drive for me, and that means I spend far too much time when I can, wandering the aisles like an attention deficient 5 year old mesmerized by selections. It's where I can go to get my LEGO fix. (When I worked at Hallmark, I literally was upstairs from the LegoLand store... it's like I was born to review these things or something...).

These builds are great in that, they can be gotten free during the promotional time, (free meaning you drop cash on some other larger sets to get these), or if you are lucky, your local store will have them out for retail purchase for around $10 each. I got mine that way.

I had gotten some feedback on my reviews, and one of the requests I got was to possibly include box scans of the packaging. So when possible, I'll include a flat scan of the entire box. As someone who did design for a long time, it's odd that I often overlook the package design for the most part, past the initial marketing point of getting a consumer's attention. Like one thing I noticed was on the left side, it denotes what set number this particular minibuild was for that year. Actually didn't see that until I flattened the box.
It shows this was the 4th release for the 2015 Bricktober series.
Below, you'll find a time lapse of the 23 minute build time I took to put this together. For younger fans, it would be a challenge, as it's got a lot of small parts (and a lot of spare ones for the inevitable ones you will lose). For older collectors, these sets make for cool desk and home display because you can get them all connected together and make a mini town street view.

Stats Rating/Information
Items Bricktober Toys R Us mini build set 40144
Made by Lego
Rarity Only available at Toys R Us locations for a limited sale time from Oct to Nov.
Classification Out of Production
Condition New
Procured Toys R Us
Worth $10 - $30
Investment $8
Build Time 20 minutes.
Trivia & Fun Facts A self promotional set that was part of the ongoing series of Bricktober builds that showcase a series of fantastic miniature scale buildings ranging from a city hall, to a pizzeria, to a hotel.

Mario, the Artisan Rogue

January 30, 2017

John Grayson and Cat Atomic Collab Show News

Join Rob and ChrisRWK as they have John Grayson and Felix (Cat Atomic) Martinez on the first of 2 shows this week. Listen as these 2 give all the details on their upcoming collaborative show this weekend in Philly!! So sit back and enjoy as we bring you yet another ForTheMassesMonday!!!

Available on iTunes under The Blind Box Network or

Thanks as always for your support!!!

Ebay Finds - Gorillaz Signed Set

From the Listing Info:

Purchased at the 2005 Demon Days release party event at Criminal Records in Atlanta
Signed by Jamie Hewlett, Damon Albarn, and Danger Mouse.

This Black edition was the first in the collaboration between the Gorillaz and Kid Robot.
A rare find for a complete set, even more rare as a signed set from one of the signing events.

Looks Legit,


Posted by: Your Ninja Blogger Gavriel Discordia

In Stock Now: Cyclobot - Rusted Robot 4-inch Vinyl Figure by Super7 x Secret Base

Cyclobot - Rusted Robot 4-inch Vinyl Figure by Super7 x Secret Base are here!  Get yours today!

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This has been quite a successful Clearance; thanks to everyone who used our codes and for the rest of you, thanks for putting up with our incessant emailing and posts on social.

On February 1, all prices will return to normal.... but do expect various discount codes to pop up here and there, especially if you are on this email list or have made a recent purchase! We reward followers and repeat customers!

In Stock Now: Mean Green Ghostfighter Secret Base x Super7 5.5-inch Vinyl Figure

Mean Green Ghostfighter Secret Base x Super7 5.5-inch Vinyl Figure are here!  Get yours today!

In Stock Now:NekoFukurou Night Painted Edition 5.5-inch Vinyl Figure by Jeff Soto and Blackbook Toy

NekoFukurou Night Painted Edition 5.5-inch Vinyl Figure by Jeff Soto and Blackbook Toy are here!  Get yours today!

In Stock Now: David Flores Deathshead Smurk Stay Gold 3 Piece Set of 7-inch Vinyl Figures

David Flores Deathshead Smurk Stay Gold 3 Piece Set of 7-inch Vinyl Figures are here!  Grab yours today!

January 29, 2017

In Stock Now! Frank Kozik 16-inch Mecha Banana GID Glow Edition Vinyl Sculpture

Frank Kozik 16-inch Mecha Banana GID Glow Edition Vinyl Sculpture are here!  Get yours today!

In Stock Now! Kitty Sutra 3.5-inch Vinyl Figure by Kevin Luong and Munky King

Kitty Sutra 3.5-inch Vinyl Figure by Kevin Luong and Munky King are here!  Get yours today!

In Stock Now! I'm Scared Stair Monsta: Midnight Edition 10-inch vinyl figure by Greg Craola Simkins

I'm Scared Stair Monsta: Midnight Edition 10-inch vinyl figure by Greg Craola Simkins are here!  Get yours today!

In Stock Now! Funko Dorbz Specialty Marvel Cosmo Vinyl Figure #204

Funko Dorbz Specialty Marvel Cosmo Vinyl Figure #204 are here!  Get yours today!

January 27, 2017

Peter Kato Bedtime Bunnies Release at PIQ Grand Central on Feb 1

15 exclusive color Bedtime Bunnie release and designer signing at PIQ Grand Central Terminal Wed Feb 1, 7:00-8:30 PM

Cult toy designer Peter Kato will release fifteen exclusive color variations of his Bedtime Bunnie figures created exclusively for PIQ. These custom versions of his signature sleep walkers hold contrast colored hearts in their hands. Only available at PIQ Grand Central Terminal and Read the interview with Peter at

Come meet Peter on Feb 1 from 7:00-8:30 PM at PIQ and find out why the Bunnies are so sleepy. 

For me, my goals were kept simple: make the toy your art.” Peter Kato

About Peter Kato
Peter Kato’s art toys are collected and obsessed over worldwide. Starting as an illustrator and comic book artist, he learned sculpting through his work with Cortes Studios in Brooklyn. Through traditional molding and digital design, Peter creates strong silhouettes and simple shapes that somehow speak to all of us. 

About PIQ

PIQ (pronounced “pick”) gift stores reflect the city that inspires them. Like New York, PIQ is unexpected, international, and a ready for a good time. With playful designs, witty books, irreverent novelties, collectable toys, and global treasures, everyone will find the gifts to make someone smile. PIQ is a division of the Sarut Group, with retail locations at Grand Central Terminal and Rockefeller Center in New York

January 26, 2017

New Release "ST-60" by Patrick Wong fuses the Stormtrooper and the Sampler

Patrick Wong announces his latest art figure preorder for "ST-60", a visual mashup of the Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet and the Akai MPC60 sampler. The new release should appeal to fans of Star Wars and music producers who worked with MPCs during lives.

The "ST-60" is the followup version to his own piece "ST-1200" completed back in December of 2015. Due to the popularity of that artwork, Wong decided to produce a small limited edition run of figures in a similar strategy but this time fusing the Stormtrooper with the popular MPC60 12-bit sampling drum machine first released in 1988.

Available for a short time until Feb. 4th, 2017. The limited edition figure is priced at $145, each piece is individually numbered, and includes an accessory "floppy disk". Ordered pieces are expected to ship in the beginning of March. Visit his webshop for details:

Patrick Wong is a professional illustrator and artist based in Vancouver, Canada. He has been recognized by Applied Arts Magazine, American Illustration, Society of Illustrators Los Angeles, and Creative Quarterly the Journal of Visual Arts and Design for his work and has exhibited in galleries throughout the United States. His illustrations have been published by the Washington Post and the Sunday Times, and is the designer of Fonzo & Friends series 1 vinyl minifigures. For more information, please visit

Instagram: @patrickwongart
Twitter: @patrickwongart

January 25, 2017

Tenacious Toys Celebrates 13 Years on eBay
Over 6000 positive feedbacks - 100% positive feedback

As we come up on our 13th year of selling on eBay, we are celebrating the platform that launched our business.

Yes, it's true: in 2004 we didn't know the first damn thing about creating a website, and ecommerce was in its infancy in terms of technical sophistication, so we launched Tenacious Toys on the one platform that made sense to us: eBay.

Since then, of course, we figured out how to sell on our own independent ecommerce site, and later we also established accounts on all the different Amazon marketplaces. We even launched our own iOS app! But eBay holds a special place in our hearts. Back in 2004 on eBay we sold Little Apple Dolls, a few "urban vinyl" figures, and small selection of random toys we picked up from smaller vendors and indy producers like SKET ONE.

I remember spending a few hours on our Little Apple Dolls eBay listing because I had no idea what to say or how to present the product. Now I have apps and listing tools that can list hundreds of items at the same time, in seconds.

It hasn't been all peaches and cream. We've been blasted repeatedly on the Kidrobot forums for selling our products on eBay. We've also been called idiots for making our username on eBay "tenacioustoys" as the boardies think it's better to be deceptive and cheat customers (maybe because so many of them are flippers?). There are a few boardies who still hate us. ROFL! And Kidrobot, for a few years, prohibited us from selling their items on eBay. Thankfully that was overturned.

Fortunately, these days it seems that most customers and vendors understand that each retailer has a whole ecosystem of shops on various marketplaces, and we have to try to make sales wherever we can to stay in business. eBay is STILL an integral part of our ecommerce strategy, and while our monthly eBay sales numbers are lower than those of our regular website, eBay does add significantly to our gross sales. I will never apologize for using the eBay platform to make sales.

In a day and age where our beloved art toy retail shops are going under left and right, I have to say, I am thankful for eBay and for all of our customers who have stuck with us for over a decade. Here's to another decade of awesome toys!

January 24, 2017

INCOMING: 3A Action Portable Wave 2, Arriving Soon

Big thanks to all customers who preordered the 3A Action Portable Wave 2 figures!

Those items are in transit on the way to our warehouse right now via EMS, should be arriving within a week. Preorders will be shipped immediately upon arrival and tracking will be emailed automatically.

We do have some figures still available, but quantities are limited. Click here to snag one of the last remaining figures:
  • Ghost Horse
  • Ka-Mumb
  • Shadow Merde
  • TK Cornelius
  • UK TK Search & Destroy version

RST2 - Rusty Blue - by DMS

RST2 - Rusty Blue

The second colour way of the super cute Robotic Space Traveler by DMS. Measuring at 3 3/4" of polyurethane resin. Textured in a distressed style, with a weathered, rust effect paint job and cute gloss black eyes, with magnetic articulation between the head and body.

Limited to only 15 pieces of this rusty blue colourway. Materials: polyurethane resin, acrylic and spray paint. Each is a one of a kind unique piece.
Posted by: Your Ninja Blogger Gavriel Discordia

Jason Freeny Gives Birth to Multiples - Brick Baby Preorders Have Shipped
All Brick Babies preorders have now been shipped! Thanks to all of our customers who preordered and waited patiently for the delivery date! If you missed out, add yourself to our email list so you don't miss the next hot item. People on our email list get special info before anyone else.

January 20, 2017

tokidoki Unicorno Valentine's Day 2-Pack Shipping Soon

INCOMING: 3A Action Portable Wave 2 Figures - Preorder Today
Just got word from 3A that they are fixing to ship the Action Portable Wave 2 figures to us via EMS. Expecting them to arrive at our warehouse late January and will be delivered to customers in February. A couple figures in this wave are sold out but we do have preorder slots still available for the 6 figures pictured in this post.

January 19, 2017

Shopkins x Funko 4-inch Vinyl Figures Coming Soon

Funko and Moose Toys, two of the biggest names in collectibles, have come together for the first time to create Shopkins vinyl figures!
In collaboration with Moose Toys, Funko is bringing the beloved Shopkins characters to Funko collectors while also introducing Funko’s style to Shopkins fans.
These high quality sculpted vinyl figures stand between 3-4" tall and are packaged in a window display box to showcase the adorable details of each character. Collectors will be able to add Apple Blossom, Poppy Corn, Strawberry Kiss, D’lish Donut, Kooky Cookie and Cupcake Chic to their collections!
Collect them all!
NOTE: Apple Blossom, D’lish Donut, Kooky Cookie and Cupcake Chic figures each have a CHASE (rare variant colorway) which we will be randomly packing into orders. We have NO CONTROL over who gets a chase. If you receive an item that looks like one pictured, but it has different colors, you received a CHASE!

January 18, 2017

Memphis Pop Art Festival X Designer Toy Summit

Some of you may have already heard about Memphis Pop Art Festival. If you didn't, you have now. It is a new event series that will be hosting Designer Toy Summit as an Alley, within it. Same Location, Same Day, Same $10 entry for the public!

Memphis Pop Art Festival is also, right now, renting Vendor Spaces and Artist Tables to ANY AND ALL Vendors and Artists!

So for anyone out there who did not fit the more strict guidelines for sign up to Designer Toy Summit, you can now get into Memphis Pop Art Festival and bring anything you please! Records, Anime Goods, Vintage Toys, Capsule Clothing Labels, Golden Age Comics, Personal Collection Liquidations, ANYTHING!

However, if you do meet the criteria for Designer Toy Summit, you can still sign up! They have a very limited number of spaces still available.

As long as you have had a hand in Designer Toys in any way, shape, or form, you can bring anything you have as an Artist, or a Company, to Designer Toy Summit.

Posted by: Your Ninja Blogger Gavriel Discordia

Jeremy Tanavit Fan Reveals Prototype of New Pitohui 4-inch Figure

This is a prototype of Pitohui, it stands about 4" and has a width of 3". It also has a removable Cat skull mask. More details on production size and price will be release soon.

Background: Pitohui is JEM's companion. Although he may look tough and punk, pitohui is actually very sensitive and shy. Pitohui has dreams to be a crime fighter hence the CAT skull mask, but for now Pitohui enjoys the wonderful adventures with JEM.

Fun Fact:The hooded pitohui is a pitohui of New Guinea with black and orange plumage.  It is one of the few known poisonous birds. 

Hit the jump for more photos.

January 15, 2017

Nothing Says Evil Like Gold

Gavriel Discordia, your Ninja Blogger here,

Just a little enamel pin / star wars / spray art inspired addition to the cultural conversation designed by yours truly. Who doesn't think Vader is cool?

Drip Vader Standard Gold and Black - Limited Edition of 100
Also available in an all gold, Artist Proof - Limited Edition of 10 - [Includes Standard Edition Free]


The Magma Coolie Gnaw

The Magma Coolie Gnaw is a one of a kind custom mash-up of a Plaseebo Gnaw head on a PLT glow in the dark vinyl Coolie body and hand painted with Monster Kolor sprays by Conge. The figure is a lofty 10 inches tall with red glass eye inserts and a internal motion activated color-changing LED unit with replaceable batteries.

The Magma Coolie Gnaw will be available on Wednesday January 18th from the Plaseebo web-shop.

More photos after the jump.

January 12, 2017

Hieronymus Bosch Garden of Earthly Delights 5-inch Resin Figurines

 Dude. These are fucking bananas. Thanks to Go Hero's Steve Forde and the magical majick of Facebook, I stumbled across these pieces which were covered in this Dangerous Minds blog post. Apparently there are over a dozen of these insane characters from the famous Bosch painting which have been turned into resin collectibles. THESE are truly art collectibles in every sense of the word.

$45 each, and they seem to be available on Amazon. Way cool. Reminder that Garden of Earthly Delights was completed in the early 1500s, which means these awesome and twisted characters are over 500 years old. I see these characters as direct ancestors of the current monster / kaiju collectibles that are on the market today. We do love bizarre creatures, don't we? Yes we do. Always have.

January 11, 2017

Ebay Finds from McBess

I bet if you ask nice he will sign them too.


Posted by: Your Ninja Blogger Gavriel Discordia

All I Got Was This Stupid Figure

If you managed to even chip in $1 to the Suckadelic Patreon this year you would have received this. Other contributors got even better items sent to them. We were surprised with one of these Keshi style carded figures delivered to the Discordia Merchandising HQ this past week. All of these also come signed on the back by The Super Sucklord himself with personal messages.

Be sure to join in this year and get access to those monthly secret installments of the Suckhour and all the other perks involved in supporting this dynamo of the underground pop art scene.

Posted by: Your Ninja Blogger Gavriel Discordia

January 10, 2017

Howden Bootlegs Rock'em Sock'em Troopers

Rock'em Sock'em Troopers is a toy that was inspired by two toys that were released before Howden was born. Unfortunately he was born in the crappy 90s, so he missed out on all the great toys. This work was a homage to those toys (Rock'em Sock'em Robots and first generation Star Wars). Instead of just copying Rock'em Sock'em Robots, he thought it would be more interesting to give the figures a fun boxer pose.
He liked the idea that somewhere in the galaxy there is a fight club for mentally unstable stormtroopers that destroy each other in the ring.

Rock'em Sock'em Troopers are painted, solid resin figures standing at 3.75". They are $35 each and can be purchased on Howden Bootlegs Instagram or Facebook.