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December 8, 2016

Urban Vinyl Daily x The Bots Green Luna Enamel Pin Now Available

Urban Vinyl Daily and The Bots are excited to release the Green edition of their Luna 1.25" soft enamel pin! This edition is made to match the Kickstarter exclusive green colorway of the newly release Luna vinyl figure. You can currently grab one of these from their store HERE for $10 each.  If you backed this color on Kickstarter or just dig the colorway then don't pass this one up! 

Just to see if you're paying attention... FREE YUMMY WORLD BLIND BOX!
Boy I love Yummy World! They are super cute, aren't they? Look how happy Bacon and Pizza are together. The world is full of beauty, if only you can stop and take a moment to appreciate it...

To help you appreciate a Yummy World full of beauty, I am running a very simple giveaway:

The first 10 people to leave a comment on this blog post - you can write anything - will get a FREE Yummy World Blind Box figure shipped to them! Contest open to everyone worldwide. That means you need to visit and find this post and leave a comment under it. Comments on other social platforms don't count.

In order for me to send the items to you, your second step will be to email Benny (me) at - I need your full name and full mailing address in order to send the figure to you. Please tell me what you wrote in your comment, or your username, so I can match them up.

You can write anything in your comment, even "Benny sucks" or "Tenacious Toys is a rip off!" although I think my ego would be less bruised if you wrote "Thanks for the fun contest Benny!"

You can even include a LINK back to your own site in the comment! That's called a "backlink." If you run your own website, you may know that backlinks are valuable and help you boost up your SEO! If you didn't know that, you're welcome. Start leaving comments with links back to your own site on this blog or ANYWHERE ELSE that's relevant!

The more you knowwwww....