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November 12, 2016

VOTE FOR THE NEXT XXRAY - by Jason Freeny - from Mighty Jaxx



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Posted By: Your Ninja Blogger Gavriel Discordia

DCon Booth #818 - Juan Muniz

Juan Muniz brings a lot of new goodies to this year's DCon.  In the vinyl toy front, his new toy Smile, produced by 3DRetro, will debut in its OG colorway featuring the famous Felipe character, in a sitting posture (about 4'' tall) and holding a fake smile sign. This cute and heartbreaking little guy will be also sold in a very limited hand painted AP edition of 10 titled "Lil' Boy Blue", with a baby blue gradient paint work and a fancy glossy finish.  

A run of 20 custom 3'' Felipe Dunny figures was also teased on the artists Facebook page.

Finally, as this seems to be year-of-the-pin, Muniz designed a couple of awesome limited edition enamel pins, including a Felipe Switches pin and a Deadpool one. One of Muniz's pins will participate in the Pin Scavenger Hunt (collect six pins to get an exclusive DCon pin), so make sure to get one!

DCon Booth #1028 - Roman Cortez and HoniKoni

Designer Roman Cortez was hoping to have the awesome MC-D2 pieces available for Designer Con 2016, but issues have delayed the delivery and pushed back the timeline. Fear not, Roman will have pre-orders for MC-D2 open at Booth #1028 at Designer Con. Standing at 5" tall, MC-D2 is priced at $125 each. Roman is hoping to have these delivered to him by Thanksgiving weekend, so anyone who pre-orders one of these shiny little guys should have them in hand not too long after Designer Con. Designer Con attendees should stop by Booth #1028 and check out all the offerings Roman will have, as well as stuff from the colorful Honi Koni brand.

Instagram: @RomanCortez
- Mark-Anthony

DCon 2016 Booth #527 - Broke Piggy

It looks like the people over at Broke Piggy are going to try and make collectors go broke with all the customs they are teasing for Designer Con 2016. A special 8" Dunny Custom Exhibit, Toy Within a Toy, featuring works by The Bots, Scott Tolleson, Uamou and Jeremiah Ketner. If that wasn't enough, Broke Piggy also teamed up with artist MADL, for another custom exhibit, Bricked MADL. The Bricked MADL exhibit will feature Brick MADLs as a base and work by the following artists: MAD, Kano, Angry Woebots, Deph, Jesse Hernandez, Marka27, Scribe, and Sket One. If the exhibits weren't enough, Broke Piggy will have a limited amount of Pineapple Monsters by Black Seed Toys. Make sure to stop by the Broke Piggy Booth #527, as they hang out next to a booth featuring DrilOne, Leecifer and Scott Tolleson.
Instagram: @BrokePiggy
- Mark-Anthony

DCon 2016 Booth #128 - Colus

Artist Colus Havenga, or just Colus, has been hard at work finishing up his Jumper piece in time for Designer Con 2016. Situated at Booth #128, Colus will have six Jumper pieces available for purchase, which he's been teasing for weeks now. This piece started out as a digital sculpt, 3d printed, cleaned, cast and painted, all by Colus. It's definitely been a long 34 weeks or so, from Colus' initial digital sculpt tease posted on Instagram. It's a wonderful thing how digital sculpting and 3d printing can make thoughts into reality. No word on pricing yet as of yet, but maybe one of the toy manufacturers attending DCON will check it out and want to produce Jumper in a larger quantity than the handmade six. For those headed to Designer Con, be sure to stop by Colus' Booth #128 early, it's likely that all the Jumper pieces will hop away into waiting collections.
Jumper - Digital rendering(?) posted by Colus on Instagram, April 1, 2016
Instagram: @Colus
- Mark-Anthony

DCON 2016 Booth #812 - DKE Toys, Second Batch of stuff

Designer Con 2016 is approaching fast and DKE sent over this latest batch of stuff that will be available at there Booth #812. Here is what DKE has to say:
DKE Toys does about 4 conventions a year in which artists from all over the world create limited artist edition figures. Each piece is generally made out of hand poured resin and many are hand painted on custom printed (and sometimes hand drawn) card backs. Sometimes as many as 20 different artists participate in a given show. Many have commented that the DKE booth at these various shows look like a small art exhibition. While these figures are generally referred to as "bootlegs" they are far from pirated versions of mass marketed toys. Each of these artists use transformative properties in their work to communicate ideas that are often political, parody, or commentary about the pop culture world we live in. Also please do not be confused by the word "toy". These are works of art!!! Do not give to a child to play with. They will break, get ruined, and hurt your children physically and emotionally. DKE also acquires other limited edition figures from artists that are not exclusives so please stop by to see any unannounced specials. Should pieces be left over after the show please email any wants or desires to and we will do the best we can to accommodate requests.

Omniscient Machinist by Green Plastic Tunnels
Green Plastic Tunnels is back with another release especially for DCon. The Omniscient Machinist stands at 3.75" tall and is hand cast in a multi colored cascade of resin. Affordably priced at $30 tax incl. Hand cast. Edition of 20
Instagram: @greenplastictunnels
Bio: I am a 35 year old artist and elementary school art teacher based out of Baltimore MD. Inspirations for artwork range from arbitrary yet eye catching color palettes and forms found in commonplace structures and generic graphic design.
Brat Fink by by Manny X Romero - Iconoclast Toys
Manny X Romero has sold out every figure edition he has ever made. This one looks to be right on the mark as well. Brat Fink embodies our favorite 50s hot rod icon. $75 tax included. Hand cast and painted 3" carded Signed and numbered  edition of 40
Instagram: @artisdead
Illustration by @thrashbury
Poquito's Playhouse: Poquito y Pterrio by Janky Toys
In the grand Mexican bootleg tradition of Robert Cop and Spader-Man, Janky Toys is proud to announce his latest toy line, Poquito's Playhouse. Why, you may ask? Why the fuck not!!! What are you some sort of bigoted politician? $45 tax included. Hand cast and painted 3.75" carded figure. Signed and numbered edition of 20.
Instagram: @jankytoys
 Be sure to grab tickets for DCON 2016 ahead of time.
 - Mark-Anthony

Petit Lapin Pronunciation - by mrclement

What might be the 3rd or 4th final release from mrclement as he repeatedly attempts to leave the designer toy scene, we have the Petite Lapin Renunciation. With a glossy white vinyl paint job which totally looks like a porcelain figure, making this one classy looking piece of art. The skull paint is immaculate as well, really clean details. Hopefully we will see even more from mrclement during this long slow exodus.

– 3 jointed figure, arms and neck
– Unique limited edition number 1 to 60
– Certificate of Authenticity with Signature of Artist
– A placard printed with a unique syllable


Posted By: Your Ninja Blogger Gavriel Discordia