NYCC 2016
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November 11, 2016

DCon 2016 Booth #700 - Patrick Ballesteros

Patrick Ballesteros is going to be at Designer Con 2016, in Booth #700. It wouldn't be a convention if Patrick didn't bring an exclusive, which happens to be a print titled "Too Soon?". One of Patrick's latest prints in his 25 Cent Wonders series, "Too Soon?", features a character who was lost too soon in the show Stranger Things. Measuring in at 6"x8" with rounded edges, Patrick also has this print available as a canvas edition, limited to just 8 pieces, which can be pre-ordered now for pickup at Designer Con 2016. For those interested, email iwantyourart [at] Patrick will also have a plethora of other prints available for purchase, so stop on by and give him a chat.

- Mark-Anthony

DCon 2016 Booth #204 - We Are Not Toys with a bunch of artists

After a bit of a quiet period, the collective We Are Not Toys are making a splash at Designer Con 2016. With resin pieces coming from a bunch of different artists, here is just a few items that have been teased by TaskOne and We Are Not Toys. The latest full release is Big Paw by Mike Fudge x We Are Not Toys. Be sure to follow We Are Not Toys on social media to see the latest full reveals as Designer Con 2016 draws near.

Brent Nolasco x We Are Not Toys - Resin Figure

Mike Mendez x We Are Not Toys - Resin Figure

JC Rivera x We Are Not Toys - Resin Figure
Riser13 x We Are Not Toys - Snailveillance Resin Figure

Angel Once x We Are Not Toys - Angry Elephant
Angel Once x We Are Not Toys - Angry Elephant

Josh Mayhem x We Are Not Toys - Blown Away
84Pages x We Are Not Toys - Resin Figure
We Are Not Toys
Angel Once
Josh Mayhem
Mike Fudge

JC Rivera


Brent Nolasco
Mike "Nemo" Mendez
- Mark-Anthony

DCON 2016 Booth #435 - Munky King

Designer Con Booth #435 is going to be the home of Munky King and some goodies they will be bringing along. Luke Chueh's Headspace "Bears, Rabbits, Devils, Oh My!" Official Set #1 will make it's debut at DCon 2016. The set includes 3 different heads, with Luke Chueh on hand for some signings, to be announced at a later time. This is not an exclusive release and will also be available online for purchase. In addition to the latest Headspace set, Luke Chueh and the Munky King crew are hoping to have "The Prisoner(Vicodin)" available for purchase as well. "The Prisoner" is a wonderful piece, which touches on substance abuse, showing Luke's Bear in a huddled position and packaged in a pill case. The prototype was seen at SDCC 2016. In addition to Luke Chueh's pieces, Munky King will have the latest colorway for Kozyndan's Kuronamigami. Limited to just 50 pieces, initial sales will take place at DCon 2016. Prices for all these pieces are TBD. If you are in the area, be sure to pick up tickets to Designer Con 2016 now.

Website: Kozyndan
Website: Luke Chueh
Designer Con 2016 Floor Plan
- Mark-Anthony

Black Friday Sale from Camilla d'Errico

With everyone mainly focusing on promoting art and stuff for Designer Con 2016, happening in roughly a week, Camilla d'Errico is getting a head start on Black Friday. Every year, Camilla holds a Black Friday event which includes free shipping on everything from new items, original art, sale items and some special items as well. Definitely a wonderful time for anyone to pick up a gift for him/herself or possibly a holiday gift. Either way, be sure to check out Camilla d'Errico's store from November 25-28 and check out all the goodies and deals. Check out Camilla's blog for more info about the big Black Friday event. Also, Camilla will be at Booth #1609 at Designer Con 2016. So, be sure to stop by and say hello.

Designer Con Booth #1609
- Mark-Anthony

DCON 2016 Booth #908: Miss Monster Mel

Designer Con 2016 is definitely shaping up to be a wonderful event. With a ton of artists and companies on hand, showing off their latest wares, Miss Monster Mel is one of those talented artists. Miss Monster, Melita Curphy, makes wonderful masks, as well as other custom art. Everything from cast little creatures, to painted masks and 1/6 figures. Miss Monster's Booth #908 is definitely a booth that everyone should stop by and check out her work. Miss Monster's art tend to sell out when she puts them for sale online, so being able to check out the work in person is definitely a treat for anyone attending DCon 2016.

Instagram: @MissMonsterMel
Designer Con Floor Plan
- Mark-Anthony

DCON 2016 Booth #1007 - Neil Winn

Neil Winn creates wonderful creatures in both 2D and 3D forms. This year, Neil Will be at Booth #1007 at Designer Con 2016, down the aisle from October Toys' Booth #1000. Patrons can expect a good number of painted/unpainted monster magnets, Wugas, and anything else Neil Can carry with him to be available. Blank Monster Magnets typically priced at $12 a piece through Neil's online store, while painted versions start at $25 a piece. Be sure to stop by and check out all the monstrous goodies Neil will have available.

Online Store: Neil Winn's Art Store
Designer Con Floor Map

- Mark-Anthony

DCON 2016 Booth #301: Kasey "One-Eyed Girl" Tararuj

Designer Con 2016 is right around the corner and it's going to be "Yuge". Artist Kasey Tararuj, aka One-Eyed Girl, is bringing some custom goodies to DCON Booth #301, sharing a booth with Zard Apuya. One of the sets that Kasey will be bringing is the Circus Sidekicks Set, a custom set of Wandering Misfits figures. Priced at $65 a piece, these little clowns will have a bunch of company for DCon 2016, as Kasey will have a bunch of customs and original pieces for sale. Be sure to follow Kasey on social media to stay up to date with latest works and teasers.

Instagram - @kctararuj
- Mark-Anthony

DCON 2016: Adam Quesnell's Despair figure and Pins

 Adam Quesnell and Stand UP! Records are bringing a micro release of Despair mini figures to DCON 2016. With no actual booth for DCON, Adam will be selling these Purple and Green Despair figures backpack style. Each 3" figure is going to be bagged with a header card and is priced at $25 a piece. These marble beauties will be limited to just 5 pieces. To go along with the limited number of Despair figures, Adam will also have a tub full of Despair pins, priced at $7 a piece or $5 with a purchase of a Despair figure. For those attending DCon 2016, be on the lookout for this guy shown below, pick up a figure and/or pin and show some love. This release is going to be one of the final two rubber Despair releases, so don't miss out. Be sure to follow Adam on social media for updates on his location during DCON.
- Mark-Anthony

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Furry Feline Creatives Featured on Good Morning Texas TV Show

Our friend Alvin and Cheri and their entire lineup of Furry Feline Creatives plushes were featured recently on Good Morning Texas! Our beloved Bogie (their representation of our blue dog logo) got some screen time, alongside tons of other awesome plushies! Check the video here or watch below.
You can pick up one of the last remaining hand made Bogies here, and also the rest of the Furry Felines lineup of fun and colorful plushes here. They make great holiday gifts!