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October 18, 2016

Toma by NervisWrek - Available now

 Monsters and creatures love candy just as much as dressed up little kids. Toma, by NervisWrek, is a Halloween inspired piece which shows the hesitation of a dressed up child, offering candy to another creature.This whole piece was sculpted using Magisculpt, Super Sculpy, acrylic paint and a lot of patience by NervisWrek. There are a lot of little sculpted details in this piece which have to be seen, even if in pictures, to be appreciated. For anyone interested in this piece or maybe a commissioned piece, be sure to contact NervisWrek via email at NervisWrek [at] yahoo.

Say Chess! ToyArt Project concept art

This is the Toy Art project "Say Chess!" from Pala Palleiro, its a collection of cute characters that together form a complete chess game set.

They can be collected separately or together. The collection its not in production yet, but will be available to buy soon.

Zombie Tacos by TobyArt

Just in time for Halloween are the recently released Zombie Taco resin figures from TobyArt. Offered in two different versions, the Taco Supreme and Ghost Taco, each Zombie taco stands at a cute 1.5". Priced at only $15 a taco, each hand cast taco is also hand painted and ready to eat some brains. Here is the Zombie Taco product description:
Run for your lives!
This guy is nacho usual taco.
In queso you wondered, he wants brains.
Taco ‘bout a tasty terror. You’ve bean warned...

~1.5 inch resin toy.

Angry Artist 3-inch Scarecrow Dunny Figures Just in Time for Halloween

It's that time of the year again! Spookify your house with the newest creation out of the Anger Lair: the 3-inch Scarecrow Dunny figures by Angry Artist! $70 for the painted version (above) and $60 for the unpainted DIY (below). Both versions come with scarecrow accessory.  Click here to pick this limited edition piece up!