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October 3, 2016

Toy Scene Review - Israel S01E07 - Aviva

Toy Scene Reviews starting with a series penned by Yaniv Brick, and covering the Israel Designer Toy Scene. I hope this view into a specific region will help to enlighten and embolden Toy Artists to reach across international lines and further the global toy scene as a whole. This series will post every Monday till done.

And the invitation is open to developing more Toy Scene Review series posts, with various guest writers. So if you know your countries toy scene inside and out, drop a line at:

Thanks and enjoy.
Your Ninja Blogger Gavriel Discordia

From Israeli all-round artist and designer Ronen Lalena comes Aviva- TLV – the rotocast pink vinyl jellyfish from Tel Aviv. Inspired by city mascots and logos from around the world, Lalena designed Aviva with the vision of growing her into being, some day, a most recognizable, if not an official, mascot of the city of Tel Aviv. To Lalena, the city of Tel Aviv, an island of liberal values in the middle east, seems like a large-scale social experiment, reminding him of the (much smaller and self proclaimed autonomous) Freetown Christiania in Denmark. As Tel Aviv’s mascot, Aviva represents the city’s image as viewed by many of its residents: a city of pluralism, creativity, freedom, and acceptance of the different and the other; Despite her strange appearance and the natural fear of her sting, she is likeable and friendly.

With the idea of becoming a recognizable brand, as a character, Aviva is active in all major social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Israeli musician Uzi Ramirez composed a love song to Aviva, which will become the soundtrack to her online activities. Aviva’s creator puts an emphasis on forming artistic collaborations featuring her. The brand teamed-up with fashion brands and designers such as Frau Blau, lamp and lighting designer Amit Sturlesi, and Clipper lighters to produce limited edition Aviva themed designer products and collectibles, beyond the vinyl figure.

To Lalena, Aviva is like the daughter he never had. He has been taking care of her since her initial creation as a generic and faceless jellyfish sculpture until her personification and translation into a 2D image and 3D production figure. Being the focal point of international inspiration, including Japanese toys, bears and donkeys that serve as city mascots, and Danish autonomous towns, Lalena hopes to paint the world in pink with Aviva. We absolutely love this little jellyfish! Expect to see her soon at your favorite designer toy stores!

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Our Army Men stand strong and proud. They carry no guns and are a tribute to a community that has come from so little to create opportunities that have led to so much.

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Posted by: Your Ninja Blogger Gavriel Discordia