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October 1, 2016

Clutter Magazine NYCC 2016 Exclusive: 5" Infected Dunny by Scott Wilkowski

Scott Wilkowski's Infected pieces have always sold pretty well, especially to the group of flippers who ruin chances for collectors to grab a piece. Scott's latest release with Clutter Magazine is no different. With Kidrobot recently releasing a 5" dunny, Scott's latest Infected Dunny is a licensed(or at least approved) 5" Infected Dunny in 2 different colorways. With the limited NYCC 2016 Clutter Magazine online presale already complete and sold-out, collectors will have to wait for the online release of the remaining 50 pieces of each colorway to be announced. The two colorways are Lavender (purple with a green skeleton) and Sour Apple (green with a yellow skeleton), each limited to 100 pieces. Priced at $175 a piece, these 5" double cast resin Dunnys look massive when compared to it's 3" counterpart. Will we see a 20" super limited cast in the future? Who knows.

Clutter Magazine NYCC 2016 Exclusive: Rose C'est La View Bedtime Bunnie by Peter Kato

Clutter Magazine is going to have a lot of goodies for attendees to purchase at NYCC BOoth #603. Anyone not attending NYCC 2016 is going to have to hope that the item he/she wants won't sellout at NYCC, just so they have a chance to make a purchase online sometime after NYCC 2016 concludes. This latest info is about a Clutter Exclusive from Peter Kato, Rose C'est La Vie Bedtime Bunnie colorway. From Clutter Magazine:
Clutter and Peter Kato have once again teamed up to create this Clutter Exclusive Rose C'est La Vie Bedtime Bunnie colorway!
Standing 6-inches tall, these vinyl companions of insomnia have been pulled in a light pink color, with white face details, and white bunny slippers.
This edition of these adorable rabbits will keep you company at night, regardless of whether you are dreaming or staying up dreaming about tomorrow.
Limited to just 50 pieces and priced at just $40 a piece, these Clutter Exclusive Bedtime Bunnies will be available at Clutter Magazine's New York Comic Con Booth #603, October 6th-9th, 2016 at the Javits Center in NYC.
Peter Kato will be making a special signing appearance* at the booth, as well a providing a very special extra for anyone who purchases there.
Remaining pieces will be available after NYCC at

Clutter Magazine NYCC 2016 Exclusive: Restore Exclusives

Artist RESTORE is going to be releasing three exclusives simultaneously at Taipei Toy Festival and NYCC 2016 at Clutter Magazine's Booth #603. Here is the info from Clutter Magazine regarding the RESTORE Exclusives:
NEO JAPAN "GUREN" is hand-painted and filled with burning passion and an unquestioned conviction. Standing at approximately 7.5-inches tall, he is adorned in roaring flames and comes with a Hocho (Japanese knife) accessory, ready for action.
IRON MEAT BURNING SUN cyborg sofubi figure radiates the power of the sun. This hand-painted edition in blazing oranges and bold blues has detachable hands to reveal his machine insides and stands at 8.5-inches tall.
COLLECTLISTER ZAN(斬) stands at approximately 8-inches tall. Gorgeously hand-painted, this enemy of the Neo Japan series comes with a knife weapon accessory and goat deity chest insert. The cloth on it's face hides COLLECTLISTER's murderous intentions. 
Clutter Magazine will have 10 of each figure available to purchase for $120 apiece at New York Comic Con Booth #603, October 6th-9th, 2016 at the Javits Center in NYC.
Remaining pieces will be available after NYCC at

Clutter Magazine NYCC 2016 Exclusive: Magical Girl Donut Cat by Eimi Takano

Who doesn't love a good donut??? Eimi Takano is bringing a few 7" Magical Girl Donut Cats to the Clutter Magazine's Booth at NYCC 2016. Each Magical Girl Donut Cat is hand painted resin, equipped with their dazzling wands. The leader of the squad stands on a crystal resin base at 8.5" tall, ready to lead the Magical Girl Donut Cats to victory. With 3 standard Magical Girl Donut Cats priced at $90 a piece, the single Donut Cat on a Crystal Stand is priced at $99. These will be available to NYCC 2016, at Clutter Magazine's Booth, #603. Any remaining pieces, just like all of Clutter Magazine's releases, will be available after NYCC through

Clutter Magazine NYCC 2016 Exclusive: Venus Penetrator by Josh Kimberg

Clutter Magazine is releasing Josh Kimberg's latest sculpture, "Venus Penetrator", at NYCC 2016. Limited to just 15 pieces, the first 5 pieces will be available at Clutter Magazine's NYCC 2016 Booth, #603. Priced at $165 a piece, this resin piece is a sky blue pearlescent resin that glows in the dark once charged. Measuring in at 15.25" x 4.5" x 3.75", this is not a small piece, but is definitely a clean looking piece of resin. For those not attending NYCC 2016, all of Clutter Magazine's NYCC 2016 releases not sold out are going to be released online at

Clutter Magazine NYCC 2016 Exclusive: Black & Gold Dissected by Luke Chueh

With NYCC 2016 approaching fast, a lot of exclusives are being released and there are going to be a ton of great exclusives available. Here's one of them from Clutter Magazine, Booth #603.

Luke Chueh and Clutter have teamed up to bring to you this sleek new colorway of Luke Chueh's Dissected Bear Head!

Proving that Luke's iconic anthropomorphic bear character is more human than we thought, this vinyl sculpture measures 6" × 6" × 5½". With a semi-gloss black exterior, a matte black eye, and bones of gold, this NYCC exclusive edition be the new highlight of your collection. Not only that, it even comes with a signature, convention exclusive, red blood pool!
Limited to 50 pieces and priced at just $100 a piece, these Clutter Exclusive Black and Gold Dissected Bear Heads will be available at Clutter Magazine's New York Comic Con Booth #603, October 6th-9th, 2016 at the Javits Center in NYC.
As an extra bonus, Luke Chueh will be making a special signing appearance at the booth!

DTA Custom of the Year Finalist Gamorrean Guard by Forces of Dorkness for Sale at Tenacious Toys NYCC Booth

We are very pleased to announce that we will be selling a one of a kind custom Gamorrean Guard at our NYCC booth # 309. This piece was created by Scott Kinnebrew of Forces of Dorkness and is one of the finalists in the Designer Toy Awards in the Custom of the Year category!

This is your ONE chance to see this item in person. Don't miss this opportunity to purchase one of the most highly-regarded custom toys of the past year. Price is $400. This is the only one in existence, a piece which Scott says tapped into every single one of his artistic skills. Hand sculpting, resin casting, cutting and sewing, painting and fabrication.