NYCC 2016
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September 15, 2016

UVD Toys Kickstarter Exclusive - Sneak Peek

The Kickstarter Exclusive Green LUNA by The Bots, [advance factory sample] made an public appearance at the Discordia Culture Shop vendor booth during CincyComiCon this past weekend. We were impressed with the results. It is very well done. Kickstarter Supporters that snagged this will not be disappointed.

Posted By: Your Ninja Blogger Gavriel Discordia

UVD Weekly Wrap-Up 15 - Holy Batbear

In this Urban Vinyl Daily episode Travis & Ben talk about the Mirth, Kyle Kirwin at NYCC, Kidrobot x Bob's Burgers, Linda Panada's Kickstarter, Mike Fudge for Blink 182, Jc Rivera's new resins, The Odd Ones release party, Scribe's live painting and so much more! Episode Shirt Sponsor: Designer Toy Summit featuring art by Playful Gorilla

Posted By: Your Ninja Blogger Gavriel Discordia

Resin is King Series 3 Reveal: Jacob JAMS

With 3 weeks until our big release, we wanted to continue revealing the resin figures in Resin is King Series 3. This is one of the Jacob JAMS Baby Nurikabe figures. These will have multiple color variants and there will be 10 of them in the series of 100 pieces, so your chances of pulling one are 1/10. Find the blind boxed Resin is King Series 3 at the Tenacious Toys Booth 309 at NYCC on October 6-9. Each RIKS3 blind box will be $30.

More reveals soon!

Resin is King Series 3 Artist Roster: