NYCC 2016
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September 14, 2016

MAKE AMERICA SMART AGAIN with President Camacho and OBEY

OBEY says: President Camacho is back and in full force! Come relive his presidency at our upcoming #MakeAmericaSmartAgain screening of Idiocracy in Los Angeles on Sept. 24. Follow @GoVoteMasa for details and surprises. To get your tickets for the event head to

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New Discordia Culture Shop Exclusive - Sneak Peek

Discordia Culture Shop is launching yet another store exclusive toy this month. This time it is a Sofubi surprise. So stay tuned for the launch coming this Friday Sept 16th 2016 NOON EST.

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UVD Brief with Discordia Culture Shop talk Designer Toy Summit

In this video Travis of Urban Vinyl Daily travels to CincyComiCon '16 to talk with Starr Mignon of Discordia Culture Shop about Designer Toy Summit 2017! Instagram/Twitter: @UrbanVinylDaily

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Resin is King Series 3 Reveal: Magitarius

With 3 weeks until our big release, we wanted to begin revealing the resin figures in Resin is King Series 3. These are the Magitarius Garamel figures. They will have multiple color variants (all unique) and there will be 10 of them, so your chances of pulling one are 1/10. Find the blind boxed Resin is King Series 3 at the Tenacious Toys Booth 309 at NYCC on October 6-9. Each RIKS3 blind box will be $30.

More reveals soon!

Resin is King Series 3 Artist Roster:

Toy Scene Review - Israel S01E04 - Itay.G

Toy Scene Reviews starting with a series penned by Yaniv Brick, and covering the Israel Designer Toy Scene. I hope this view into a specific region will help to enlighten and embolden Toy Artists to reach across international lines and further the global toy scene as a whole. This series will post every Sunday/Monday till done.

And the invitation is open to developing more Toy Scene Review series posts, with various guest writers. So if you know your countries toy scene inside and out, drop a line at:

Thanks and enjoy.
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Relatively new to the toy industry is illustrator Itay Gdalyahu, also known as Itay.G. Working full time as an industrial designer, Itay began authoring and illustrating children’s books in his free time.

From his love for 2D cartoons emerged his passion for their 3D representation as toys. It was only three years ago that he came across art toys and immediately felt that he has found his calling, inspired to produce toys in his original designs. He began a creative journey  towards the production of his first resin figure, Crazy Shark– a shark leaning on his nose in a slick design and clean finish that are clearly the result of a thorough study of both aesthetics and mechanics. The design reflects Itay’s fascination with shape and abstraction: “It is only after I am whole with the basic shape ( ), feeling that it’s a piece of art on its own, that I can start giving the toy some character”, he says. Indeed, in a separate micro-run, the pure expressionless sharks wear cartoon-like facial expressions matching their color (Yellow–coward, pink–optimistic, blue–sad, red–furious). Itay’s methodic production process was also fully documented and shared via social media.

 So what is next after the sharks? The recently released micro-run “Shark N’ Bones” took the Crazy Shark design a bold step further, and if you liked those, stay on the watch and follow the final stages of production process for his next original design, “Silly Snake”. We can totally see the progress there and are looking forward to more from this guy!