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August 27, 2016

Underground Blend - Volume06 launches

Hey Tenacious Readers, Gavriel Discordia Here,

We just wrapped Volume 006 of Underground Blend with exclusive stickers by HANKSYMonster Little, Psychological Industries, Drchipohpoh, S.S.O.S.V.A., Designer and Your Ninja Blogger Benny Kline even slid us some Tenacious Ninja stickers designed by Playful Gorilla. Quite a list of talent right in one sticker pack.

You can pick up this pack, and all the other Volumes, from the following websites:

ALSO: We have been doing these packs for 2-3 years now and each pack was limited to 100 for these 6 Volumes. The project has been picking up momentum as we went on, but too slowly for us. And asking Artists for 100 of a single sticker was a strain for some artists to swing our way. We trade back a ton of stickers as well, so you can imagine how that adds up on our end as well.

Starting with Volume007 Underground Blend will be limited to 25 packs. Any artists or activists or agents who have stickers they wish to contribute or trade and get in to future packs can email