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August 11, 2016

Frankpool - a Collectible by Steven Cartoccio

Bulldog, animation and Deadpool. Independent animator Steven Cartoccio creates the animated series Concrete Jungle, "a comedy about humans and animals coexisting in New York City." Steven has been recently posting some digital renderings of an 8" figure in the works called Frankpool. Frank is the Bulldog character featured in Concrete Jungle, which happens to be voiced by John DiMaggio. If all goes well, Frankpool will stand at 8" tall and feature 3 swappable heads. The final model is still in the works and pricing has yet to be determined. Expected edition size for Frankpool is slated to be 50 pieces and hopefully will arrive sooner than later. Steven also posted some likely box art for Frankpool which shows a few more characters that could make the jump from digital to collectible. Stay tuned for more info as Steven gets the project closer to completion. Be sure to follow Steven on social media for the most up to date info.

ICYMI: Baby Zilla by Haus Of Boz

In case you missed it (and everyone but 1 person did), Loz from Haus of Boz put up Baby Zilla for sale. In the midst of wedding planning, Loz Boz is still creating some cute and colorful customs. Baby Zilla features the recognizable sculpted features that has become typical of a Loz Boz custom. Maybe sometime after all of the wedding planning madness has settled down, Loz will be able to create a larger run of presale pieces to provide more of a chance for collectors to pick up a piece. Until that time, make sure to follow Haus of Boz on social media and stay up to date with her latest and upcoming releases.

From Haus of Boz:
A tiny roar echoes out across the city!  Small dust clouds puff up into the sky, as Baby Zilla wakes up and DEMANDS a lollipop.

Believe me, you gotta give it up right away, you don't wanna be around for this tiny titan's terrible tantrum if she doesn't get her candy fix!

Lost Friends Custom 3" Dunnys by JFury

JFury recently created some Lost Friends, who are looking to be added to collections around the world. Available in 3 different colors (pink, green, blue), Lost Friends are custom 3" Dunnys which are available now for pre-order. With pre-orders closing on Friday August 12th, time is running out to pick up these Lost little guys, before they disappear into the ether. Priced at $60 a piece, or $165 for the set of all 3, time is definitely running out for people to pick one or all of these up. Head over to JFury's online store Furious Customs and check out these Lost Friends.

SoKo Cat Release - Custom 25" ThreeA WBR Remus - Bones

Space Station Helios's greatest soldier!  Bones has defended earth from destruction, invasion, and even a meteor or two.

Bones is the most popular of all WBRs, as he has been on nearly every mission since Helio's inception. His painted bones mark him as a robot to be reckoned with!  All who have faced him have perished.

Thank you for your service, Bones.  We would all be lost without you.

Our hero has been hand-painted using high quality acrylic paints and washes by SoKo Cat.  It comes signed and dated by SoKo Cat.

Not for the younglings!  Although a toy, this is a toy for youths ages 13 and up. Bones will be available for sale Friday, August 12th at 12:00 EST! at SoKo Cat's webstore.

New release from SomeStrangeThings

SomeStrangeThings just announced the release of their brand new sculptures Obskure and Obskure Limited Edition.

Both sculptures are based on the same platform: Obskure are casted resin toys, 1/10 170mm 6.7 inches high, painted with acrylics, tattooed with transfer techniques and various attached rivets (plastic / metal). Obskure

Limited Edition is a limited series of 25 toys with fully decorated jacket (with rivets, studs and spikes) and the serial number and the Obskure logo printed in her leather jacket.

Both sculptures are available from now on SomeStrangeThings Store and deliveries will begin from October 2016. Prices are 75€ for Obskure and 200€ for Obskure Limited edition.

About the platform, Obskure is the second (with ThreeTimesNever sculpture) of a toy collection based on alternative girls and the punk, rock and gothic culture. Obskure has the power of rock and the elegance of goth, as well as a bit of mystery and blues on her face. A strange balance of strength and weakness on her attitude will make you

TOY OF THE DAY: Jason Freeny Balloon Dog Metallic Funny Anatomy 8-inch Figure

in stock
8" ABS Art Collectible (Metallic version)
Some assembly required
Blister Packed in Printed Box
Manufactured by: 4D Master
3 Colours available
designed by Jason Freeny
"Funny anatomy plastic model, easy to assemble and highly detailed finishing!"

Manufactured by 4D Master and designed by Jason Freeny, the Balloon Dog anatomy feature 26 separate pieces including an easy-to-assemble skeletal system and detachable organs. No balloon dogs were harmed in the process.

Order Jason Freeny Balloon Dog Metallic Funny Anatomy 8-inch Figure today!

Hugh Rose "The Damned" 3-inch Dunny Customs In Stock Now

Supporting international artists in our US-based shop has always been very important to us, so when Hugh Rose offered to send over a limited supply of his beautiful, finely-crafted 3-inch Dunny customs, we jumped at the chance. In stock and available now are three custom Dunnys from Hugh's "The Damned" series: Frankenstein, Red Devil and Skellington. Each produced in limited quantities using Dunny parts as well as cast resin parts. Hugh's work is always extremely tight and professional, so these customs are well worth the $95 price. Best of all, they qualify for free shipping within the US since they are over $75. Grab these fine customs here.

DEFACED - Skelevex X Hoakser

'Defaced' is a collaborative Skelevex Die Orama custom series, featuring the Birmingham UK graffiti artist known as Hoakser.

Measuring at 3" long, handmade polyurethane resin cast Skelevex featuring the amazing hand painted graffiti style designs of Hoakser.

Materials: polyurethane resin, acrylic and spray paint.

The first five, each a one of a kind, pieces will be on sale on Saturday 13th  August at 6pm BST from

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