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August 1, 2016

OMFG The Blind Box Podcast Is Now Selling Blind Box Crates With Cool Ass Shit!

Well, it is here, Blind Box Blind Boxes - Sponsored by @tenacioustoys!! 

Join us as we celebrate the growth of both The Blind Box and The Blind Box Network!! These very special, custom boxes will be available August 1st ONLY @!!! No two boxes are the same!! 

You have two options: Small box ($25 plus s&h) or Large box ($50 + s&h)!! Included in these boxes are one of a kind art and retail items. This first lineup is KILLER! 

GM writes: If you know me, you know @mcaevildesign has been one of my favorite artists since I got into the art/toy scene, same with @chrisrwk & @zeroproductivity , @frankmontano & @inprimewetrust and I'm honored to have them all on board to bring something special to the people!! 

This is your chance to pick up something from each of these great artists AND more!!! Tell a friend to tell a friend, on August 1st is where you want to be, keep an eye on the Blind Box IG (@blindboxpodcast) and Twitter and good luck!

(These are NOT the only artists included, these boxes have been a long time in the making and you will NOT be disappointed. Thank you to everyone who's been riding with The Blind Box from day one, now lets celebrate!)

Boobotcher & Grizlli Atom Present Black Drove Show Aug 27 in Brooklyn

Presented by Bo Braden and Grizlli Atom, Black Drove is a first-of-its-kind vinyl and resin toy show that will take you on a compelling journey in Brooklyn, where a haunting dreamscape of art will await you!

Exhibiting works from over 40 vinyl and resin toy makers, Black Drove will open at 6PM EST on August 27th. Featured works will be available by raffle or upon request. Black Drove goodie bags also available to the first 10 guests to register for the raffle. All purchases will be done via Paypal ONLY!
  • Hell yeah: Complimentary food and live music!
  • Location: The Rosemont
  • Address: 63 Montrose Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11206
  • Date: Saturday August 27th, 2016 
  • Time: 6-9PM EST
Follow @blackdrove @grizlli_atom @boobotcher on Instagram for more info and surprises!!!

Please RSVP at the link below:

Patient No.6 "FUNNY MOUSE"

Patient No. 6 is back with a new limited edition resin piece titled "Funny Mouse". This is a limited edition of 20 pieces, each standing 6.5 inches tall, hand sculpted, produced and painted. 

The figures are available now for $56 + free worldwide shipping at Patient 6's website.

Also available is "Three Funny Friends", consisting of the Funny Doctor, Funny Pastor and Funny Mouse for $100 + free worldwide shipping.

The science of LEGO

The hell with the "Big Bang Theory" set! This is the real deal here! Especially with my favorite, Margaret Hamilton! (The black and white photo and greyscaled LEGO minifig set.)
Science and LEGO are very much a natural compliment to one another. Not a surprise considering the science involved in making the masterful model menagerie making aspects of the LEGO brick.

But one lady, Maia Weinstock, is proposing the creation of a female LEGO minifigure set through the Ideas site that LEGO utilizes to help launch fan concepts.The women included in this set are all movers and shakers that were at NASA.

As toy collectors, we know that often there is a dearth of great role models of women in toy format. It's getting better, but it's awesome to see ideas like this laid out and thought up.

If you are interested in finding out about the project and supporting it with your vote, please head over to the LEGO Ideas site and do so.
Mario, the Artisan Rogue