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July 1, 2016


Jakuan of 360 Toy Group sits down to recount the early days of the "Designer Toy Movement," describing how he came to open the First "Urban Vinyl" store in All of North America, and how it all got shitty later. Tony Arcabascio returns for some color commentary. Check it out at @jakuan360 @tonyarcabascio

Posted By: Your Ninja Blogger Gavriel Discordia

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SDCC Firmly in the Toilet with Zombie Poop Plush by Furry Feline

This is the Zombie Poop, a real life horror crawling out of the toilet. Die-arrhea Outbreak has started and yes this is our "Number #2" exclusive. Handmade by Cheri Ong.  Available for preorder online and at SDCC booth 5149.

Link for preorder:

Limited Edition Blown Away "Save America" Custom Dunny Series by Josh Mayhem

Kidrobot & Josh Mayhem present the remaining Blown Away "Save America" Custom Dunny series.  Just in time for Independence Day, the Blown Away "Save America" Custom Dunny series features 3-inch, 8-inch and 20-inch blink boxed resin and acrylic painted vinyl Dunnys with a handful of special variants.  This is the fifth Blown Away series and is exclusive to  Each piece is signed and numbered.
Based in Los Angeles, Josh Mayhem's lifelong habit of collecting children's playthings fueled his passion to transform said toys into objects d'art. Embracing both order and chaos as separate inspiration points, Mayhem's mixed media 'art toys' tend to be created in two contrasting styles, from his intricate and detailed assemblages, using parts from the likes of Japanese model kits, to his more free flowing and expressionist sculptures. Mayhem's works have been commissioned by private collectors and have been exhibited in a variety of contemporary art galleries as well as pop culture events.
Patriot Variant:
  • 20" - 1/3
  • 8" - 3/6
  • 3" - 47/60
Inverted Patriot Variant:
  • 20" - 1/3
  • 8" - 1/6
  • 3" - 5/60
Army Camo Variant:
  • 20" - 1/3
  • 8" - 1/6
  • 3" - 5/60
Sparkler Variant:
  • 8" - 1/6
  • 3" - 2/60
Bernie's Blowin Up Variant:
  • 3" - 1/60

The Miner figure by Jon-Paul Kaiser

Continuing with his Workers Project series, Jon-Paul Kaiser has released the next figure: The Miner. Following the previously released Woodsman and Blacksmith figure, The Miner is a 4" resin figure hand painted and originally created by Jon-Paul, while castings are being done by Evan Morgan. The Miner figure will only be available during the 24 hour pre-order, which is open as of this posting. Running until 12pm BST(GMT+1) Saturday, July 2nd, interested collectors should head on over to Jon-Paul's store and make a purchase. Priced at £150 each, Jon-Paul has also made it a little easier on the wallet by spacing out the total payment with a deposit option of £50, with the remaining due when the figures are ready to ship. Price also includes worldwide shipping. Head on over to Jon-Paul's store and pick up a Miner before it's too late.

UVD Weekly Wrap-Up Ep 7: Bored To Death - Scribe, SDCC, Kidrobot, Josh Mayhem, Mondo & more

In this episode Ben returns to talk about 7Sketchs Tshirts, Scribe releases at SDCC, Kidrobot and Josh Mayhem Dunnys, Mondo's new figure, 'Purple Rain' Iron Monsters, JFury creates some Sushi, a Mr. EwokOne #TBT Toy discussion, Rotofugi's July shows and so much more!

If you want to keep up with their latest videos make sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel HERE.

Go Figure News Gets a Facelift

Our friends at GOFN (Go Figure News) have given their site a facelift! Go check it out! We love their video reviews of our products... just sent them a couple Horrible Adorables to review.

Gotta give props to our fellow bloggers, these types of sites are pretty much the "daily newspapers" for us toy nerds, so they're really important to support. I especially like that all of us cover different toys and topics so for the most part, surfing to all the different blogs in one day will offer you a full spectrum coverage of the current toy/collectible offerings!