NYCC 2016
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June 7, 2016

MARSHAM TOY HOUR - Ep 13 - Jon-Paul Kaiser

This week, Gary and Tyler travel via Skype to the glorious UK, to talk with one of the pioneers of the UK custom scene Jon Paul Kaiser. More a conversation than interview, the guys talk toys, leaks and sneak peaks, how JPK got his start, and a brief lesson on the history of whaling art! Plus, we announce our winner from our Horrible Adorables contest.


Posted by Gavriel Discordia

UPDATE/DISCLAIMER: Gavriel here, this is the only episode of Marsham Toy Hour that will be posted here on Tenacious Ninja, simply to point out that Discordia Culture Shop and Designer Toy Summit are both mentioned in this podcast and my wife Starr Mignon and I are the minds behind both.

I will also take the time to respond to something mentioned in this episode that we are glad they brought up: Designer Toy Summit has a restriction on mass-produced corporate toys. We had to exclude certain items in order to keep everyday convention toy vendors out of this event. Otherwise it would cease to be a Designer Toy convention. That is the only reason for this rule.

EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE ARE: Customs based on mass-produced toys, items an artist had their hand in such as anything by Kozik, and items licensed and made in limited editions of less that 1000 such as Super7 Star Wars items. We feel these criteria will please the toy artist community greatly and are  pleased to provide them with a properly biased-in-their-favor environment to sell their wonderful creations.

Morning Hustle x Ian Z

These are the latest commissioned pieces from Ian Z of Nugglife. Based on 3" Kidrobot Dunnys, Shake, Nuggs, Zig n Zag each have their own business to handle. Whether it's growing, hustling, or rolling, don't mind these busy fellows... It's just another day in the Nugglife. He is currently accepting commissions.

Ron English POPaganda Pop-Up Shop Opens June 11 in NYC

Starting June 11th Ron English will have a super awesome POPaganda POP-Up shop in New York City! Located at 72 Gansevoort St (2 blocks west from the old Yoymart location), this POP-Up shop will feature extremely rare items from deep within the POPaganda vault! The POPaganda POP-Up will also facilitate Ron English signings and events!

POPaganda Pop Up Shop
72 Gansevoort Street
New York, NY 10014

June 11th from 11AM to 6PM. Click here for more info on the POPaganda site!

We are all probably lucky that Hogs and Heifers (which was 2 block north) has closed, or else this event would get ugly fast...