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May 5, 2016

New Plush, Prints and Plastic from Scribe and 40Threads

New goods were recently added to the online store of Scribe and Alisa 40 Threads Ross. Everything from Scribe designed greeting cards, to the latest production Rumpus figures. Alisa has been hard at work sewing a bunch of cute plush wall mounts, Octopus and pillows. There are also some Party Owl prints in various colors, as well as a Meadowlark AP print up for grabs. Prices for everything that is currently available is sub $60 plus shipping. For more info, be sure to head on over to the Scribeswalk + 40threads online store and check out all of the goods, both sold out and available.

Blue Sky Rumpus Limited Figure
Snow Octopus w/Blue and Pink suckers

Ronin Skullhead Blank by Jon-Paul Kaiser

Finding it's way to it's rightful owner recently is one of Jon-Paul Kaiser's latest commissioned pieces, this time using a Huck Gee Blank figure. Ronin Blank is a handpainted custom blank showing a steadfast samurai adhering to his life as a loyal servant. Complete with a steal Katana, Jon-Paul utilized his minimalistic color approach to bring life to this lonely Ronin. Wonderful photos were captured by photographer Justin Allfree. With this private commission delivered, it's only a matter of time until Jon-Paul's next creation makes an appearance. It will be interesting to see if JPK gets a crack at the Clear version of the Blank Skullhead. Be sure to follow Jon-Paul on social media sites to stay up to date with all of JPK's latest creations.

The Astronaut 10-inch Figure by Alex Pardee and ToyQube

Quite a rare occasion that we have an Alex Pardee piece in our shop... this is The Astronaut, a 10-inch mixed media sculpture produced by our friends at ToyQube. Up for preorder now, arriving at end of month:

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