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May 3, 2016

Rebel Troopers by Wild Westside

Back in 2014, Arik Ehle of Wild Westside, participated in "Project Legion", a group art show put on by Disney and Lucas Films. Featuring customized 6" Storm Trooper helmets, Arik's creation ended up being posted recently by the official Star Wars Instagram page and received a lot of great feedback. With all of the great responses, Arik decided to create a super limited run of Rebel Troopers, using almost Full Size Stormtrooper helmets and New Era Hats. Releasing on May 4th, each Rebel Trooper sculpture is priced at $225 plus shipping, with only four of the five pieces being made available. The fifth piece, the Silver and Black variant is going to be a  part of a Sol Republic Headphones giveaway, thus featuring some Sol Republic Headphones. No word on a time for release, but follow Arik on social media as Arik will be sure to have a release announcement.

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Stroll Custom Vinyl by Wild Westside

What happens when a Sofubi Stroll meets a Faux Taxidermist? An awesome custom by Arik Ehle, Wild Westside. Created using a variety of materials, the Spanky Stokes Sofubi Stroll transformed into a realistic looking creature at the hands of Arik. Available now through Wild Westside, this custom Stroll is priced at $250 plus shipping. Be sure to follow Arik and Wild Westside through social media to keep up with all of his latest creations as we all move further into 2016.

Erock and Heavy Metal Wookie from I Break Toys

May 4th has been dubbed Star Wars day by the world, for sounding similar to the famous words "May the Force..". Now, on May 4th, Star Wars themed toys, clothing and collectibles flood the internet in celebration. Artist Lisa Rae Hansen, I Break Toys, recently created some Heavy Metal inspired resin figures called Erock and the Heavy Metal Wookie. Initially released at TOYCON UK, the remaining batch of figures are going to be made available for preorder on May 4th, 6PM BST. Each figure is based on an original Kenner toy, cast in resin and hand painted by Lisa. Packaged in a non-sealed blister pack, each figure is signed and numbered. Erock has removable drumsticks, while the "Wookie" has articulated arms(thanks to magnets) and a removable guitar. Available through the I Break Toys online store, Erocks are priced at £30 and the Wookies are £40 each. With the edition of each figure being limited to just 10 pieces, this May 4th preorder will have only 5 of each figure available, since the first half was sold during TOYCON UK. Be sure to follow Lisa on social media and keep up with all Lisa's custom creations through I Break Toys.

King POKKA & the PAKKA's - Wood Toy Series x Pepe Hiller

"The tribe of the PAKKA's is a mysterious one, there are rumors that already a small group of them can hunt down a huge buffalo by themselves. They usually live in small caves in the mountainous wilderness and hunt in the plains. Their King POKKA needs to lead them heavy-handed while learning them how to behave and to camouflage in these lands. This seems especially important as otherwise they would not stop to brawl and scuffle all day long. Well and as we all know, it’s almost impossible to hunt buffalos while making too much noise!”

The 6 inch PAKKA's are crafted out of finest smoked oak wood. For hunting each one holds a beech spear with a shiny brass spearhead fixed with a natural leather ribbon. The arms are articulated and each PAKKA has a small brass tooth. The eyes are made out of galvanized steel.

The huge King POKKA is 12 inch tall & weighs a hefty 5 pounds!! He features two additional rows of maple teeth, one massive brass eyetooth and his horns are decorated by multiple solid brass jewelry. These figures have a natural semi gloss bees wax finish. Each piece is signed and numbered by the artist (iron branded/embossed).

This will be on sale soon at the Pepe Hiller online store.

TOY OF THE DAY: Funko Game of Thrones - Unsullied

From Game of Thrones, Unsullied, as a stylized POP vinyl from Funko! Figure stands 3 3/4 inches and comes in a window display box. Check out the other Game of Thrones figures from Funko! Collect them all!

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