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April 22, 2016

Win a Love Bomb by Mighty Jaxx

Hey Fellow Toy Ninjas!

Gavriel Discordia here, Owner of Discordia Culture Shop
We are dropping one of our Love Bomb Green store Exclusives in this Special Contest.

Winner will be selected out of 223 Entries, by Random Number Generator.
Enter for a Chance to Win for only $1!

Free Shipping. Offer only good for Continental U.S. Residents.


Funko POP Movies Flash Gordon Figures Coming in July

Flash Gordon Funko POP figures coming in July
4 new Funko POP figures coming in July - characters from the Flash Gordon movie from 1980!!! Flash Gordon, Matthew Siegelbaum ... I mean Ming the Merciless, General Klytus and Prince Vultan.

Join our email list to get the updates on this arrival! These will go on our website and into our Amazon shop.

When Flash Gordon finds himself taken prisoner by Emperor Ming the Merciless, he does not give up!
Prince Vultan of the Hawkmen and General Klytus won't go down without a fight!
Collect all four this spring!

Random Skull Productions My Pet Ghost Preorders Open Today

The My Pet Ghost figures by Random Skull Productions are available as preorder today (4/22) and until the end of the month. Orders will be made and filled after the pre order closes.

Random Ghost and all his friends have been captured from the spirit realm and are ready to haunt your house. Each Random Ghost comes in its own containment jar, just make sure you keep it sealed! These ghosts are hard to catch!!

3 different jar styles to choose from: round, square or Mason jar.

Random Ghost is made out of resin and is suspended in a glass jar. Each one will be $15 plus shipping here in the Random Skull shop.

Random Ghost is an original piece, sculpted by Alex Hallman aka Random Skull.