NYCC 2016
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April 4, 2016

VOTE 10-DOH! by Squid Kids ink

This year is election year in the United States, where a bunch of old people people will determine who will be the next figure head for the "free" country. Squid Kids Ink decided to create a Mini 10-DOH! that's sort of relevant, titled "VOTE 10-DOH!". Priced at $20 plus shipping, this limited edition figure comes complete with an appropriate sign. Available for purchase until November 8th, election day, each purchased figure will be made to order, so edition size will really depend on how many of these get purchased in the next few months. Head on over to Squid Kids Ink's online store and pick up one of these figures, a perfect place to stick the "I Voted" sticker received in November. While browsing the store, check out the awesome (albeit sad because it's "fake") 10-DOH! Entertainment system. Posted on April Fools day, the 10-Doh Entertainment system made a lot of people upset when they realized that the product was, in fact, not being released(yet?). Who knows, this figure may get produced if enough people convince Nate that it should be made, but as with lots of art, money helps things get made not words.

Crazy Sharks - Red by Itay G.

Available now, is the latest Crazy Shark from Artist Itay G, Crazy Sharks - Red. This is the fourth version of Crazy Sharks released by Itay G. Itay previously released Yellow, Pink and Light Blue versions of Crazy Shark, each with it's own features, giving them unique personalities. Priced at $55 shipped, each Crazy Shark stands at around 4" and is limited to only 10 pieces. Pick one up through Itay's online store.

1/6 Scale Mouser 2 Pack by Mondo

Mondo has continued to create an awesome line of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Collectibles, with the latest addition to the line being Mouser. Mousers were originally introduced in the TNMT comics as an invention by the character Baxter Stockman. Mousers were created to combat the rat problem in New York city, however, Stockman plans to use them to eat away at the building foundations in NY. April O'Neal, Stockman's assistant, discovered his plan and was hunted by a horde of Mousers. Lucky for April, the famous four swooped in to save her, thus starting what would become a long relationship. Back to the Mousers, Mondo has created 1/6 scale Mousers that sit 4" high and have 20 points of articulation. Available now, Mousers can be pre-ordered in 2 different versions, a regular and Mondo exclusive. Both versions contain a 2 pack of Mousers, while the the Mondo Exclusive will come with 3 rats for the Mousers to munch on. The Mondo Exclusive version is only going to be available for pre-order until Wednesday April 6th, while the regular version currently has no limit. Each Mouser 2 pack is priced at only $50 plus shipping, while the limited Mondo Exclusive version is priced at $55 plus shipping. Head on over to Mondo's online store for more info and pictures and pick up some Mousers to go with the already released TMNT colletible figures.

The Droid Foundry at ToyConUK 2016

Brand new to the roster, we have The Droid Foundry. Carrying on our underlying theme of
robots, we will have 3 releases to present to you at ToyConUK this year.


Hoverdroids have anti-grav engines which enable them to hover and move over any
terrain, their rear pulse engine on the central rotating section allow them to gain forward
motion and change direction. Their AI units have been both programmed for autonomous
and interactive work. They can work independently on tasks and where necessary, within
groups, to complete bigger projects.

Because of how they are built to survive all weathers and inhospitable environments, many
of these droids have survived in areas of the world where humans have moved away from
as a result of climate change.

When left to there own devices these droids can link their AI and start to function and work
within colonies, not unlike the modus operandi in ant/bee/termite colonies. Their basic
survival programming seems to become more advanced and in many cases droids work
together to build large shelter structures.

Hoverdroids will be priced at £25, and we will have 5 or 6 on the stand, each one unique.


Designed and manufactured to work in a number of roles from scouts to engineering,
sentry to survey etc. Simple in exterior design they have proved to be both resilient and
very adaptable, their roller tracks allowing them to work in many different environment
types and enabling them to move very quickly should they need to.

Their AI units are hardwired programmed for the specific role they have been intended for.
Software programming can be used to modify tasking as appropriate to provide
adaptability to new situations. Rollerdroids can be biometrically imprinted which allows
them to both recognise the human they are ensigned to work with and follow instructions

Rollerdroids will be priced at £25, and we will have 5 or 6 on the stand, each one unique.


Thought of as vintage now, Droiddogs were a product of the renaissance of robotics all
those years ago. Droids, although always thought of as robots, were not limited to human
form and Droiddogs were the personal droid to be seen with.

Of various designs and complexity many were just kept as robotic pets but many more
were assigned to search and rescue, survey, military, guarding roles.

Droiddogs will be priced between £28 and £40 dependent on size, and we will have a
handful available on the stand.