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March 30, 2016

Limited Blown Away Dunny Commission Spots by Josh Mayhem

Following the amazing success of Josh Mayhem's Blown Away Dunnys which Sold Out through, Josh has decided to open up some commission spots for these amazing pieces. For those who missed the initial release through Kidrobot, Josh has opened up a very limited number of spots for collectors to purchase. Pricing for these commissioned pieces remain the same as those sold through Kidrobot, with the 3" piece selling for $100 and the 8" piece selling for $500 each. With only 20 spots available for the 3" Dunnys and 6 spots for the 8", this is a great opportunity to snag one of these amazing pieces. With these pieces being sold as a commission, expected delivery is August 2016. This may very well be the last chance to own one of these Blown Away Dunnys at a reasonable price, who knows what will happen in the future. Snag a spot today through Josh Mayhem's online store.
3 inch Blown Away Dunny by Josh Mayhem

8 inch Blown Away Dunny by Josh Mayhem

24 Hour Toy Break on April 1st

After a bit of a hiatus and some time away from the couch, the Toy Break crew came back to the tube on March 23rd with Episode 381. In addition to starting back up reviewing toys and such, with guests on the couch, it was also announced that 24 hour Toy Break will be airing on April 1st through April 2nd. Starting at 5PM PST on April 1st, the Toy Break crew will start the 24 hour marathon to raise funds and asks everyone to join in on the fun, for any amount of time that allows. Of course, there will be some who are going to stick it out for the entire 24 hours, but most should at least check in throughout the 24 hour marathon. One of the great things about 24 hour Toy Break are the auctions that happen, real time, during the event. Everything from production vinyl, to hand made plush, and even some on the spot doodles and sketches have been seen in the past. All of which are typically auctioned off in the UStream Comments section. Featuring guests, reviews, antics and more, there is no telling what is going to happen as the clock ticks down starting at 5pm. In the meantime, check out Episode 381.

Available now: A variety of DrilOne custom pieces

DrilOne has quite a few number of custom pieces available. Everything from a custom Ugly Doll blindbox series, to customized Boundless Brooklyn Water Towers. Each Ugly Doll blindbox is priced at $75 plus shipping. Be sure to check out all of the other goodies in DrilOne's store.

ICYMI: Pennywise Dunny by Nugglife

One of Nugglife's latest commissioned pieces is a custom clown Dunny, Pennywise. Complete with creepy facial features and bright red nose, Pennywise is a cult classic character. This piece is sure to make the new owner quite pleased. Those interested in getting a commission from Nugglife should get in contact with him asap, Con season is coming and time becomes very limited for everyone.

Available Now: Blank Kaiju Rhaal by Gorgoloid

Gorgoloid's latest release are blank versions of the Kaiju Rhaal 5" figure. After settling into a new location and studio, Gorgoloid created a limited number of these 5" Kaiju Rhaal fgures, in a rainbow of different colors. Priced at $70 plus shipping, there are a good number of different colors to choose from. Available now from Gorgoloid's online store, the Slime Green colorway is already sold out. Each figure is solid resin, using Monster Kolor dye to create each color. Pick up one of these nice figures and get painting.

Latest release from Super7 by Leecifer and KaToPe

Super7 is going to be releasing a couple of new figures on March 31st. First up is the latest Honoo figure by Leecifer, the protector of children both young and old. The latest Honoo is Clear vinyl, with nice blue and black accents.
Also releasing on Thursday, March 31st is Drunk Seijin by KaToPe. Dark Seijin comes from a planet of fantastic and is ready to lead the way into Spring. Drunk Seijin and the Clear Honoo will be available both online and In Store at noon PST on March 31st.