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March 29, 2016

Muju Star Traveller Kickstarter - LAST 13 hours

There are 10 billion galaxies in the observable universe.
Each time we look up into the stars the same question arises...
Are there other beings out there?

The possibilities of intergalactic travel and the concept of multidimensional reality inspire our creative vision.  It is this fascination that led us on the journey to create the Star Traveller

It began life as a drawing in a sketchbook, and from there we developed the concept and sculpted it into it's final 3D form. We then created a mould and cast the sculpture in bio-resin in our studio. The prototype sculptures were then handpainted and varnished.

With your support we hope to release the Muju Star Traveller to a worldwide audience.

We have been making and exhibiting sculptures, paintings & prints for over 10 years.  You can see more of our work on our website here :

Stretch Goals have been reached and project if fully funded, but that is no reason to stay out of this one, there are still some available for pre-order on this kickstarter now.

Please support this project and show MujuWorld some love, they really do make some of the most unique and beautiful items in the Designer Toy world. - Gavriel Discordia, Ninja Blogger.


Custom Camouflage Cheshire Warui Neko x Plaseebo

Plaseebo is back with a one of a kind custom vinyl mash-up of the Kaiju Coup Warui Niko head on a Cheshire Cat body. Swirled yellow glass inset eyes and hand cast resin human teeth.

The figure is wrapped in a camouflage floral fabric with matching Monster Kolor sprays and illuminated from within by a switched color-changing LED unit mounted in the base of the figure with replaceable batteries. The figure is 9 inches long by 7 1/2 inches high, signed and dated.

The Camouflage Cheshire Warui Neko will be be available Thursday March 31st from the Plaseebo Web-shop.