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March 25, 2016

48-Hour Ordering Window Now Open for Jon-Paul Kaiser's Blacksmith

You'd have to be absolutely MENTAL not to order one of these original Blackmith resin figures from JPK. The 48 hour pre-order window for The Blacksmith is now open!

Available with real leather (or faux leather if preferred) apron and an individually made hammer, this resin figure stands 4 inches (11cm) tall and each is hand-painted and signed. Cast by @evanmorgan93

Blown Away Dunny Series by Josh Mayhem Available 3/25 @ 8am PST on

 Josh Mayhem's latest Blown Away Dunny Series will be available exclusively on! This limited edition series features both 3-inch and 8-inch versions of the popular Blown Away style Dunny. The Blown Away Dunny has been modified with resin drips and acrylic paints to create a wind swept appearance. Kidrobot and Josh Mayhem have previously partnered together to release a special DesignerCon Edition Blown Away Dunny Series. Josh Mayhem's Blown Away Dunny Series is the inaugural custom series to be sold on!
This Blown Away Dunny Series includes several one of a kind special chase piece variants unique to this collection.

Variant names and ratios:
3" Dunny:
  • Blowin Up - 1/99
  • Blown Back - 1/99
  • Blown Askew - 1/99
  • Junglist - 1/99
  • Blue Steel - 1/99
  • Red White & Black 1/99
  • Molton - 1/99
  • Jolly Rancher - 6/99

8" Dunny:
  • Rainbow Glitter Jam - 1/12
  • OG Glitter Jam - 1/12

About Kidrobot:
Founded in 2002, Kidrobot is acknowledged worldwide as the premier creator and dealer of limited edition art toy, signature apparel and lifestyle accessories. An innovative cross between sculpture and conceptual art, Kidrobot offers not only a powerful medium for today’s international fashion designers, illustrators and graffiti artists, but also the creative canvas for emerging street trends and pop art. Kidrobot toys retail anywhere from $5 to $25,000, and many appreciate in value over time. Kidrobot showcases and sells it unique take on contemporary culture at Kidrobot stores in San Francisco and Las Vegas. Our products can be found online at and in select retailers worldwide.

About Josh Mayhem:
Based in Los Angeles, Josh Mayhem's lifelong habit of collecting children's playthings fueled his passion to transform said toys into objects d'art. Embracing both order and chaos as separate inspiration points, Mayhem's mixed media 'art toys' tend to be created in two contrasting styles, from his intricate and detailed assemblages, using parts from the likes of Japanese model kits, to his more free flowing and expressionist sculptures. Mayhem's works have been commissioned by private collectors and have been exhibited in a variety of contemporary art galleries as well as pop culture events.