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March 7, 2016

Funko x GPK Donaldy Dumpty and Billary Hillary Figures

 Whether you want to Make Donald Drumpf Again, or you Feel the Bern, or you are just really amused that Hillary is running her machine so expertly (what's her slogan again?), you're gonna love these GPK-style insane figures by Funko. We're not gonna take sides here, they're both hella funny figures. I wish they had a Ben Carson figure floating away from Earth, and a Marco Rubio / Zack Morris / AC Slater mashup figure, but hey, these will do for now.

Politics are so insanely fucked up in 2016 that we might as well laugh at them. Coming in June, join our email list for a reminder.

Funko POP! the Vote Figures: Hillary, Bernie and the Donald Make America Burn Again!

 HOLY CRAP THESE ARE AWESOME! Funko is releasing a new POP! the Vote series and we're picking up all 3 of these hilarious POPs: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Cuz there's nothing more American than making a buck off of politicians! No preorders yet, order from us when we get em in June. These will be available either on or in our Amazon shop.

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TOY OF THE DAY: PREORDER tokidoki Kittypatra vinyl figure

PREORDER - arriving late February
approx 10" tall (really big, will measure again when we get them)
made of vinyl
designed by Italian artist Simone Legno (tokidoki)
obviously, this is a Hello Kitty / ancient Egypt mashup
produced by tokidoki
5-panel box

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