NYCC 2016
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January 29, 2016

SUCKHOUR Episode 4 - Made Men

EPISODE 4: MADE MEN. The Sucklord Soft-Peddles his associates from the Toy world, BILLIONS McMILLIONS and HEALEYMADE. Meanwhile, Swag officer NASTY NEIL and Computer Girl JCORP zap their brains with Electricity in the name of better mental Health.


NEW Nightriders 3" Mini Series

Nightriders are a particular breed of nocturnal bird spirits that wander between the supernatural world and earth-bound gods, communicating with unseen.

These supra normal beings are the creation of Nathan Jurevicius , a Canadian based Australian artist whose diverse range of work has appeared in numerous publications, advertising campaigns, and galleries around the world. Nathan is also well known for his Scarygirl universe.

Kidrobot is extremely pleased to reveal his unique vision of the Nightriders on our popular 3” platforms. Will you be the one to communicate with the rare chase figure? Dive into realms spectacular and find out with Nightriders!


ICYMI: Rey Custom Fonzo by Patrick Wong for HERoes Show at P!Q

P!Q Products recently opened a show titled HERoes, highlighting female heroes in pop culture. Patrick Wong decided to focus on a more recent blockbuster with his custom Fonzo, creating "Rey" from the latest Star Wars movie. "Rey" comes complete with her staff, as well as a BB-8 accessory which stands at 4". This piece, along with all the other submissions will be on display at P!Q Grand Central Station and will run until February 29th. Pieces are currently available in store and should be available for purchase online soon. Be sure to contact P!Q with any inquiries or questions.

Creative Works by Cute and Creepy Toys

Ricardo "Rik" González of Mexico is the creative mind behind Cute and Creepy Toys. As a biologist (with a Ph.D in Ecology), Rik is focused on using toys found in flea markets. Rik is sees the reuse of materials as a benefit of less energy consumption. Since the materials Rik uses comes from flea markets, there is not a specific theme or design that is the major focus, rather a combining of several toys to create a unique figure. Each creation has it's own identity, all of which can be found on Cute and Creepy Toys' social media pages. Be sure to check out the unique work and we look forward to future creations from Cute and Creepy Toys.

Dia De Los Muertos Custom Be@rbrick 400% by Jon-Paul Kaiser

Jon-Paul Kaiser recently delivered a 400% Be@rbrick custom  with a Dia De Los Muertos theme. Depicting the Catrina character (La Calavera Catrina), the custom comes complete with a distressed wedding dress and heavily tattooed arms. A lot of great detail went into this amazing piece. Photography was taken by the legendary photographer Justin Allfree. For anyone wanting a commissioned piece from Jon-Paul Kaiser, be sure to get in contact with him through his website, here.

The Woodsman by Jon-Paul Kaiser

Jon-Paul Kaiser has a little obsession with The Woodsman character, which made a successful appearance as a print during the New Year. Moving forward with the character, Jon-Paul developed an original sculpt and will be releasing a timed release series of these 4" resin figures. Evan Morgan has been tasked to help cast The Woodsman, while each will be hand-painted by Jon-Paul. Each figure will come boxed, signed and numbered. Pre-order for The Woodsman opens up at 12PM GMT and will be open for only 24 hours. The Woodsman is priced at ­£150 and two payment options will be available: full payment of £150(~$215USD) or a deposit of £50(~$72USD), with the remaining balance due after two weeks. Jon-Paul also mentioned that there will be a second, rarer colorway available during the 24 hour window, The Gingham, which will be limited in number. This is a great chance to get a piece by Jon-Paul Kaiser. Be sure to head on over to Jon-Paul's webstore and pick up The Woodsman.