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January 26, 2016

Patrick Wong's Beats Series Part 7 - Maschine Studio Pre-Order

The final release in the Beats Series follows all of the Japanese production workstations and highlights the German-made Maschine Studio controller holding a silver laptop under one arm. 3" resin figure.

This is limited edition preorder only one-time run of figures available Jan 26th - Feb 9th, 2016. No copies available after.


Delivery of Recent Tenacious Toys Orders Delayed Due to Ridiculous Blizzard

I didn't think I needed to post this update... but it seems that some people in other parts of the country don't quite understand that we just had a lot of snow over the weekend.

SO, for those of you who haven't been watching the news: NY, NJ, CT, NC, VA, DC and many other states and cities on the eastern seaboard just got hit with over 2 feet of snow over the weekend.

THIS WILL SLOW DOWN THE ACTIONS OF THE US POSTAL SERVICE and FEDEX. And all other humans, as well. All human activity in the northeast will take longer than normal.

That means... even if we shipped via 2-day Priority Mail before the snow fell, your delivery will STILL be delayed! Because SNOW!

This is not my fault, it's not even the US Post Office's fault. It's snow. It happens. So please... be patient. Your package will arrive late. It's OK. We all do the best we can. *exasperated sigh*

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