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January 25, 2016

Well that's new! A manatee toy design by Artefacto Inc

Found on the Artefacto Behance page. Some cool stuff there. Artefacto are designers from Colombia - so cool to see our little collectible toy community growing!

See more pics, turnarounds, Zbrush work here.

Sooooo... who's gonna offer to turn this ridiculously cute figure into a 3" keshi? Cuz that would be rad. Tru:tek I'm lookin at you buddy. SEA COW FTW!

New Release by Creo Design - Creology

Creology, created by Chris Alexander A.K.A Creo Design, is the first truly unique creative tool that can help you personally and creatively develop.

CREOLOGY (cre-o-logy) is derived from the Latin word for ‘Create’ CREO and the Greek word for ‘The Study of’ (a certain subject) LOGY. CREOLOGY; the study of creativity.

Creology has been developed from the philosophies of; the Creative Process, Collaboration as Process, Curation of Creativity and Reflection, as a method for Personal and Creative Development. The purpose of Creology is to explore and examine the nature of practitioners creativity through their interaction with an individually unique and creative physical tool/artifact ‘Element’.

Creative practitioners use a variety of design methodologies, creative methods and sometimes actual tools to express their creative process. But within each individual approach, reflection is the common factor or lingua franca and the one true constant embedded within each practitioners core creative and personal development). Reflection in this sense, as the very means of creative and personal growth, differs radically between specialisms and specialists with no specific or consistent tool or platform embodying this expression.

However, Individuality and self-expression is paramount to all successful creative practitioners and the body of work they produce, whilst the creative process itself has been less easily quantified.
Personalisation/customisation is fundamental to social dynamics and filling our environments with our own personal objects and artifacts transforms that space into an extension of our creative individuality and identity – objects with their own biographies.

Backed by extensive research, data sets drawn from over 150+ creative practitioners responses to a subjective psychoanalytical survey, resulted in a series of unique Elements [3D modeled and 3D printed]. These Elements were then used as touch-points in their creative process or as a platform for ideation and creative expression. The resulting Elements were also used to help curate and showcase an individuals or team’s pragmatic or idealistic approach to brainstorming, visual mapping and project development.

The generation and use of a unique and personal platform allows the user/s to; Curate, Reflect, Evaluate and Originate new and existing creative outputs via multiple means of interaction. The Elements in this sense is also a tangible representation of individuals or groups Creative Identity. This holistic and creative method/tool may assist in the creation of a more cohesive creative approach, through the curation of ideas, which may inspire new creativity, foster existing relations whilst also forging new creative collaborations.

You have the option to undertake the survey for yourself and create your own element to personalize/customize. OR you can by any of the pre-made elements. Great artists and creative’s including Jackson Aw (Mighty Jaxx), Benny Kline (Tenacious Toys), Gary Rozanski (The Toy
Chronicle), Lee McSweeney (Collect & Display),Lisa Rae Hansen (I Break Toys), Penny Taylor (Taylored Curiosities), Richard Page (UMEtoys), Aaron Woes (Woes Martin), Gavin Strange (Jam Factory), Radim Malinic (Brand_Nu), Tado, Paul and Becky (Stitches & Glue), Ziqi Wu (QiQi), Mirand O’ Brien (Clutter Magazine) and Evan Morgan – and so many more are all there to buy and collaborate with in a unique and exciting way.

Elements come in 2’’, 3’’,4’’, 5’’ and 6’’ sizes and prices range from £5 - £30. Each 3D printed to order in amazing quality and shipping is a one off fee per order of £4 for the UK and £8 International. So no matter how much you place in your order that is all you pay!

To find out more and place your order please visit





The Atomic Nosferatu Night Gamer x Plaseebo

This is a one of a kind 10 inch high vinyl mash-up of the Plaseebo Night Gamer head and hand cast resin arms on a Guumon Diagomi lower body. He has red glass inset eyes and an internal motion activated color-changing LED unit with replaceable batteries. Signed and dated 2016. 

The "Atomic Nosferatu Night Gamer” will be available on Friday January 29th from the Plaseebo web-shop.

LEGO Mini figs Max bootleg

Right prior to Episode 7 debuting on cinema screens, those of you on Facebook might have noticed the promoted adverts for a Sith Lord named Darth Revan (who many have said Kylo Ren's look is partially inspired from).

I decided to see what was up with it, betting on it being a China made knockoff of some sort, and in no way really officially anything made by LEGO. There was a bit of worry that my bit of postage was just going to disappear into the far east, and I'd never receive this "free" minifig to offer up a review with. 

He came with an extra hand. I don't know why, aside from people losing and gaining hands in Star Wars is pretty normal and I just didn't think about it.

But show up it finally did. About this time, I happened upon another minifig knockoff company, but this one had a big old fancy pants logo on the standee brick that accompanied the two figures I picked up. Deadpool (upper left hand corner in the clear polybag), and what appeared to be Ultron, both of these manufactured by a company called "BlockWorld", which only shows up on the internet on Aliexpress

If LEGO was the Dr. Pepper of bricks, these are the Vess cola Dr. Suckage brand ones...
If you get to looking at the images, yes I was having a bit of  focus issue, but I think I captured enough of the details that you can see these are decent enough in looks, little rough on the hand parts casting. But it's when you are putting any of these three together, there is a definitive lower quality lock together sort of mechanic at play that is so satisfyingly there when you mess with real LEGO bricks and minifigs, which in all three of these felt like, there was just a thin sheen of oil or something on all of them.

The Darth Revan minifig is the most well fitting of the three, but the plastic is lighter, has a less dense feel to it, an almost fragile feel to it. But the art tampo details are clean and clear, you'd honestly think this was a real LEGO fig if you were not holding it.

Deadpool and Ultron both had studs that were ill fitting that connected the upper body to the legs. After a while, the two halves while just STANDING there, would start to almost muffin top up, and then fall off.

Also, the accessories that came with Ultron (his neck brace/armor and his clear bricks), and the swords that came with Deadpool had that, "don't push these too hard into place or they will break and slide up under your fingernails and you will cuss like a sailor" plastic feel to it.

As more and more excellent and well crafted companies like my two favorites BrickWarriors and Brick Forge, keep making top notch original items, it's really not worth my time or money to look to these sub par alternate Brand X type ones.

Speaking of, I've got more great items from BrickWarriors coming up in my next review that I'm sure you all will love to see!

Until next time! -Mario, the Artisan Rogue

Stats Rating/Information
Items Polybags of Darth Revan/Deadpool/Ultron
Made by Epic Gear/BlockWorld
Rarity Common
Classification In Production
Condition New
Procured Facebook advert for Revan / Comic store for Deadpool and Ultron
Worth $5 of shipping / $6 for the store polybags.
Investment $5 and $6
Further Research n/a
Trivia & Fun Facts Bootleg items like these have been around as long as popular culture sort of items have been. I personally find them to be interesting oddities and will on occasion pick them up, but for my money, stick to LEGO originals, or the high quality created brands out there.