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October 31, 2016

For the Masses 17 - Lou Pimentel

Lou Pimentel joins Rob and Chris on the long awaited Episode 17. They discuss NYC in the 80's, the aftermath of NYCC 2016 and where the hell they have been hiding out for the last 3 weeks. So sit back, grab a cold one and listen as Rob and Chris and Lou talk about art.

Available on iTunes under the Blind Box Network or at

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Pre-Orders Galore - from Discordia Culture Shop

Items Ship Dec 2016-1st Quarter 2017.

See all the new goods on the way from Ron English, Alex Pardee, and Tezuka;

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Based on the 8foot version, this new 9 inch tall sculpture comes at you from ToyCube!

"Kenny Scharf has brought back to art the wonder of perpetual imagination with zing and boundless humor. His art is electrically charged with the "grooviest" and "zaniest" innovations at the frontier of creative and playful discovery.” - Tony Shafrazi, Artist


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24 inch Hi-DEF - by KANO

KANO drops this amazing 24 inch tall version of the Hi-DEF with the help of ToyQube.

And Discordia Culture Shop is giving this one up for $100 off the Retail price!


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TOY OF THE DAY: NYCC Exclusive Baby Fatts Tenacious Blue Edition resin figure by Big C

  • in stock
  • resin Baby Fatts figure
  • 3.5" tall
  • designed by Big C
  • NYCC Exclusive color: Tenacious Blue
  • limited to 5 pieces

Just Arrived: Halloween Unicorno, WeGo & Hatsune Miku, Space Ghost POPs Signed by George Lowe

1/35th scale Mechatro WeGo & Hatsune Miku Character Vocal Series 01 by 1000toys: $49.99

After NYCC ended we found our last 6 Space Ghost POPs and sent them down to George Lowe to be signed. $60 ea

Special limited Halloween release: 5" Halloween Unicorno by tokidoki, $29.95

October 30, 2016

Clara Bergel Custom Vinyl Art Show at BuXa Tel Aviv

Happen to be in Tel Aviv this November? Make sure to stop for a drink at the recently renovated BuXa bar and art gallery and check out the awesome custom vinyl art by Clara Bergel.

Bergel's solo show, scheduled intentionally in proximity to Día de Muertos, will feature a collection of works inspired by her travels to Mexico, focused on Mexican card and skeletons. 
About 20 works will be up for sale starting the opening night, set to 7:00pm, November 12, 2016. The art will be displayed for three more weeks, into early early December. During opening night, the artist will also be customizing live at the BuXa, so whether you are a local vinyl collector or a tourist, this is an event you should not miss! 

October 27, 2016


The most famous "Behind the Scenes" Guy in the toy world, Dov Kelemer of DKE toys comes on to talk about "The Business" in the first of THREE whopper episodes. Did you know that not breastfeeding your kids could lead to collector compulsion syndrome later in life? Well now you know...


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UVD Wrap-Up 20 - We Got Mugged

In this episode Travis and Ben talk about their new coffee mugs, Teddy Troops 2.0, Guumon at Designer Con, Lunartik's Spooky Brew, Alien 1000% Bearbricks, a new pin from Nathan Hamill and Rotofugi, Shepard Fairy's new mural, Ian Williams for Flight of the Condors, What Lives in Your Attic?, ComplexCon, and so much more! To keep up with our latest videos make sure to subscribe HERE.


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October 26, 2016

AlohaTron and AlohaPrime Enamel Pins

In Hawaii "Aloha" is more than a word of greeting or farewell.  "Aloha" extends the warmth of caring to those around you with no expectation in return.  "Aloha" transforms people touched by it.  It is this transformative power which inspired these pins. -emDUB

Online Here: LINK

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October 24, 2016

The Artpin Collection: 2nd Pin by Nathan Hamill Teased

The enamel pin trend of the recent months seems to not have skipped any of the established art-toy producers, and we collectors get to enjoy new and affordable shiny designed items by our favorite artists. Our appreciation is even greater for indie productions, by collectors for collectors, such as The Artpin Collection. This project, curated and produced by Tel Aviv-based pin collector and toy artist Avri Rozen-Zvi, aims at releasing unique pins for all you avid art-toy collectors.

The teaser revealed here is for the second pin in the series, the Octopup by Nathan Hamill, to be available soon at Rotofugi and possibly other vendors.  The design already makes us imagine an ocean-green sofubi colorway of the famous toy. Limited to 125 pieces, at a size of 1.25'', these will go for $12 a pop. 

While waiting for the release, a first pin in the project, Swanicorn & Panda, a unique combination of artwork by Daniel Fleres and Podgy Panda dropped earlier this year exclusively via Rotofugi, is already available for purchase here.  

Spooky Brew for Halloween x Lunartik

A highly spirited Tea which emits an eerie glow! (It’s Glow in the Dark!) 100 Signed & Numbered Mini Teas have been released by Matt Jones in October 2015 for the “Year of Tea” Mini-Tea Series

Only 30 Mini-Teas remain. Grab one now.


Celebrate HELLoWEEN with Devils Headquarters with a pair of awesome new releases from on October 31st. Join in the HELLoWEEN fun by picking something up. Both will go on sale in their webshop at a random time on October 31st. HAHAHAHAHA...BOO!

He lives! Joe from Splurrt and Toby from DHP did it again. A spooky, fun and freaky Halloween treat for your eyeballs. Digglers are cast in red vinyl and the Alavaka masks are GID/red marbled vinyl. Half painted by Joe and the other half by Toby. Sold at random so you get what you get and there may be a few chase figs mixed in there too. Made in Japan. Not intended for children under 14 years old. $75 each.
NOTE: Limit one per customer on this release. Any orders of 2 or more will be refunded so don't be greedy. Leave some candy for the other kids!

UNPAINTED WHITE ALAVAKA BODHISATTVA (aka if you can't beat 'em, join 'em)
After much thought we have come to the decision..."if you can't beat 'em...join 'e!m" In an effort to make a customizable version of the Alavaka Bodhisattva sculpt we have created an open edition of blank white pieces. This will hopefully stop the stripping of painted editions and widen the possibilities for those people so inclined to customize toys. This unpainted white version will include both heads (the Bodhisattva head has never been released in white before) and will be priced much cheaper than a standard release. There is no limit on the number you can purchase. Made in Japan. Not intended for children under 14 years old. $30 each.

Boston Tabletop Gamers: Back This Kickstarter and Get Yourself a New Alpha Omega Dedicated Gaming Space
Alpha Omega Hobby intends to fund a new space in the Boston area for tabletop gaming, which is focused on building out a large specially designed, themed gaming space designed by set designers! This promises to be the ULTIMATE gaming destination, and they intend to host national-level gaming events, as well as offer snacks, gaming supplies and community for gamers. Sounds fucking awesome.

Go back the Kickstarter now, it's live.

With pledge levels from $10 to $10,000, you can help out and get some awesome swag like apparel, dice, gaming supplies, collectibles, artwork and more...

October 23, 2016

Bitty Bats Custom Dunny Series - by Tasha Zimich and Tasha Zimich are pleased to announce the release of “Bitty Bats”, a custom 3” Kidrobot Dunny vinyl toy series. Bitty Bats collection is composed of a 6 piece individual character series featuring hand sculpted and painted elements with installation display box. Pieces will be available for individual purchase October 28th retailing at 80£ through

Tasha shares her thoughts on Bitty Bats Series: “I was thrilled to be approached by Collect & Display, after following their releases & artist support efforts the last several years, and my first hope was to secure the October release spot. Halloween is my favourite holiday, so I wanted to celebrate it with festive designs that would continue to charm their adoptive homes year-round. I tailored each Bitty Bat to have its own personality and character, from cheerful to silly, solemn and dramatic. I don’t consider myself a regular sculptor, but I’m very satisfied with the magnet installation that allows them to “hang” from their little boxes if desired.”

Releasing parallel to Bitty Bats is Tasha’s newest original sculpt resin toy “Snog” in a Collect & Display exclusive Tigerseye colorway with chase variant. Sculpted by Tasha, molded and cast by colleague Deth Becomes You and then individually painted by Tasha, Snogs are her 3rd small production run resin toy release. Tigerseye Snogs will be available blind-box style in an edition of 8 pieces only on Collect & Display, releasing October 28th. Each hand-painted piece will retail for 30£.
“Snogs are definitely a passion project inspired by my own pet hedgehog, Tuttles. These tiny Snogs measure under 4.5cm/Less than 2” from nose to tail, but each hand painted shell and face is unique. Usually I use a character’s eyes to convey the most of their emotion. But, hedgehogs have soulful little button-eyes, so my Snogs appear curious, peeking out of their little shells.”

Bitty Bats & Tigerseye Snogs release for sale October 28th. For additional information & images, please contact . For more artwork & upcoming releases, follow @tashazimich . Tasha will return to Designer Con Pasadena convention November 19-20 with new Snogs, original artwork, prints and more.

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