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September 3, 2016

Toy Scene Review - Israel S01E03 - Avri Rosen-Zvi

Toy Scene Reviews starting with a series penned by Yaniv Brick, and covering the Israel Designer Toy Scene. I hope this view into a specific region will help to enlighten and embolden Toy Artists to reach across international lines and further the global toy scene as a whole. This series will post every Sunday/Monday till done.

And the invitation is open to developing more Toy Scene Review series posts, with various guest writers. So if you know your countries toy scene inside and out, drop a line at:

Thanks and enjoy.
Your Ninja Blogger Gavriel Discordia

Among the Israeli designer toy community, Avri Rosen-Zvi is the “toy-junkie” type, our local-scale Scott Tolleson if you will. Growing up admiring the TNMT, Star Wars, and later McFarlane toys, Avri tried very hard to suppress his toy-love as an adult and “man-up” until he stumbled upon Ningyoshi’s “Get Small” mini- series and got hooked. He soon began collecting , first shopping on e-bay and then at (the late) Urbanix gallery in Tel Aviv, before feeling the urge to create his own toys.

With a background in film and media, a job in television, and experience with visual arts that was until then limited mostly to painting, he developed sculpting as a secret hobby and taught himself how to mold and cast in resin. Influenced by years of cartoons, movies, comic books, and his favorite western and Japanese vinyl artists, he self-produced his first resin figure, Puddlehead. Encouraged by a friend to the toy community, Avri posted his piece to and among the few who bought it was veteran toy customizer ZombieMonkey, motivating Avri to further create. Gaining confidence and building his network, his next resin piece, “Cosmos, the lonely Giant”, was already presented and sold at the Toy Tokyo booth at NYCC . His third figure, Caveman SD, is currently in advanced production stages and is expected to be released very soon. This will be a Japanese vinyl toy, wax-sculpted by Negi (Real x Heads) with the production orchestrated by Avri’s friend, Datadub. It will be hand painted and released in multiple colorways. “This is a dream come true, producing in one of my favorite materials in Tokyo, one of my favorite places on earth” he says.  Although seemingly have little to do with each other, Avri’s works follow a thematic line that he promises to explain soon in a new website.

Avri loves being a part of the international designer toy community and constantly surrounds himself by diverse sources of inspiration. He curates and produces the Artpin Collection , a series of enamel pins based on famous toy designs by some of his favorite artist (MCA, Scott Tolleson, Scribe, Sam Fout, Steve Purcell, and more). The first pin in the series, Swanicorn-Panda (combining art by PodgyPanda and Daniel Fleres), was just released last weekend by Rotofugi . We really are looking forward to more releases in this series, and anticipating Avri’s fourth original figure that is currently in the making!