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July 4, 2016

EyeHart Toys - Convention Exclusives

Eyehart Toys says,

"The piece is called Baby Bob and is a custom Micro Munny so it's about 3 inches tall. It's the offspring of my mascot/original character Boney Bob done on a more recognizable platform. It's going to officially debut in these two colorways, OG (Red) and "At Midnight" (Black) at the Indiana Toy and Comic Expo in Bloomington IN on Sunday August 28th. Each one is hand cast in resin and painted by me.

My main reason for wanting a feature on your blog is to promote the show and bring more notoriety and interest to the designer toy movement here in the Midwest. Their site is and can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I've included the poster for this years show that has all the entry information and their social media handles. A big highlight of this show is they do a custom figure contest with multiple categories and this year they've included a vinyl/designer toy category with prizes provided by KidRobot. The show runner Billy Cooper is very involved in the toy community in Indiana and, like me, is trying to remove the social stigma that "toys are for kids". "

Eyehart Toys will be making its very first convention appearances this year at ITCE2016 and also at Cincy ComiCon on September 9-11! You can find them on Instagram @eyehart2113, and web store at

Posted by: Your Ninja Blogger Gavriel Discordia