NYCC 2016
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June 15, 2016

The Collection with Huck Gee - Part 6 Ben Goretsky of Designer Con

Talking Points Why would Huck pass up a free trip to Bejing? The hardships of finding the right assistant. The different mindset of the entrepreneur. The trouble spot of handling everything by yourself. Wabi Sabi. News on the JPK collab with huck. Huck enters the broach game with his IP made by someone else. Creating the custom bear body for the Luke Chueh show. Gold Life update. Leaving a thumbprint of skill versus a thumbprint of laziness. Booth strategies for walking Designer Con. When and where does promotion start for a convention. Planning the growth of an event on your own terms. Figuring out a new space and getting your name on the Jerk Off List (industry term). The return of artist signings to Designer Con. Why crowds kill artist panels. The draw of accessible exclusives. Tapping into your consumer mind to create what you want to buy. The genesis and rise of Promoting your store and filling a hole in the market you already work in. Why you would open a toy store in the middle of its recession. Avoiding rent. Digging in and making your store look incredible. Balancing out the booths at Designer Con. Key points Ben looks for in an application. Using your story telling skills to draw people in and be discovered. The importance of being in the booth to meet your fans and meet your peers. Getting offline and into life. Is Designer Con a year long project? The hidden costs in running Designer Con. Emerging trends from the perspective of a business man and collector. The worldwide expansion of toy production in the US Market. Ben really sweats deciding what toy to save from his house. A real DeLorean deal. What makes Back To The Future an evergreen property? Amber Alerts and Food Trucks.


Posted by: Your Ninja Blogger Gavriel Discordia