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June 15, 2016

Dissected Bear Head Kickstarter - The Ninja Review Is In

Your Ninja Blogger Gavriel Discordia here with a review of the Luke Chueh x Clutter - Dissected Bear Head. A very successful Kickstarter project that was launched last year and is reaching supporters everyday this month.

 I got in my support rewards just recently and was impressed above expectations, which were damn high considering Luke and Clutter don't do anything badly. They are both way too established to put out shoddy work and the good people at Unbox Industries do not disappoint.

The paint job on the OG Version of Dissected Bear Head includes teeth whiter than the skull itself, which is a slight cream color. Includes a nice dusting with a fine black power and clear paint solution giving the deeper recesses of the skulls molded details a 'dirty' look.

 Everything about these items is well done. The sculpts, the paints, the impressed logos on the bottoms of all the items. The 'Kenner' Blue KS Exclusive is rotocast vinyl and has the perfect shade of blue. It really reminds me of the original Kenner test pull Star Wars figures.

Even the Blood Pool add-on is a soft vinyl with logos molded into the middle of the pool surface. Another bit of high-quality I was not expecting. 

Along with the frame-able signed hard stock print and the 3 stickers included as Tier Bonuses, the full experience was total awesome sauce. I will regret not obtaining a Glow version with Glow Blood Pool, but it was a very pricey add-on and I didn't jump on it for that reason. I'm willing to bet the edition size on the glow version was very low and will be very hard to come by after market.

Either way, there is everything to be pleased with if you backed this release. We have no idea what the edition sizes were for these colorways. And I have no clue yet when, the excess production of the OG Dissected Bear Heads will be made available for sale, or on what website they will be available.

Guess we have to wait and see...