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May 31, 2016

the Destroyer, a handmade designer art toy

It means… The Destroyer. Created by the infamous Dr. Mageddon upon the orders of Arc, King of Thorns, these agents of destruction are being sent out to conquer.
Conquer your heart. Look at them, they're so freaking cute!
Any way, backstory aside, these are 4 inch tall, hand-poured resin toys. They have three points of "articulation" and come complete with air-flow action cape (patent pending), as well as a signed and numbered header card.
They'll arrive to you safe and sound in a fortified recycled box.
Made with hours of love in the hope you invite one in, find it a perfect spot on a shelf (and in your heart), and then watch it DESTROY!
After all, they are, der ZerStörer!!!


Post by: Gavriel Discordia

New Feelings x Taylored Curiosities

Taylored Curiosities has added a selection of new Feelings talismans to their online store. Anxiety, Calm, Focus, Fretful Nag and Bad Dream are all available now and during the month of June little baby feelings will be sneaking into random packages. Orders placed in store for £15 or more will also be accompanied by a free goodie bag.

Epic Carnival at Daniel Rolnik Gallery

Daniel Rolnik Gallery in LA (2675 S La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034) presents Epic Carnival featuring local artists, bands, comedians, celebrity dogs, and a new art show June 11 from noon until midnight.  This is  the next step in the war against the whitewallians (cold and unfriendly feeling galleries with sterile white walls), incorporating the community of Los Angeles and enabling people to sell their own art as part of our festival. Featuring galleries from Pasadena, Highland Park, and West L, quarterly local art magazines  and JT Steiny, an artist and professor from OTIS College who is bringing a whole collective of his students to participate. They will be building a photo station and doing live projections over the bands. Plus some more surprises.

amadeus Mag
No Greater Good Mag
The Gremlin Quarterly


Kat Philbin & Big Tasty
Tuesday Bassen
JT Steiny & John Charles Bricker (OTIS College art collective composed of
JT's students)
Mary Delioussina
Tim McCormick

Little Friends of Printmaking

World Famous Original
Hannah Nance Partlow

Steff Bomb
Penny Sparkle Designs

Flower Pepper Gallery (Pasadena, CA)
Giant Robot (West LA)
Co-Lab Gallery (Highland Park)

Chamaco the Griffon

East Los Musubi
Waterfall Sorbet


Victoria - 12:30pm - 1:00pm
Kalisher - 1:15pm - 1:55pm
Twentytwofourteen - 2:10pm - 2:50pm
Brissey - 3:05pm - 3:50pm
Cotton Ships - 4:05pm - 4:50pm
Celebrity Crush - 5:05pm - 5:50pm 
hit me, Harold - 6:05pm - 6:50pm
Paper Days (San Diego) - 7:05pm - 7:50pm
Hollow Ran - 8:05pm - 8:50pm
Pedestrian - 9:05pm - 9:50pm 


"KROSSD KOVERS" - a selection of rock n' roll inspired paintings and prints
by Keith Dugas (@KROSSDart) including the artist's micro version of the ABC's
(A is for Andy Warhol, Z is for Frank Zappa, etc...)

May 29, 2016

The Not So Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Here's your only chance to own an authentic piece of History. This is the only known sample of Stay Puft still in existence. Recovered by one our SSFC scientists back in 1984 at 55 Central Park West. Makes an excellent addition to any paranomal collection. Also goes well with graham crackers and chocolate.

Available Online Here: LINK

Posted by: Gavriel Discorida

Josh Mayhem Presents Limited Edition Blown Away Dunny Pins!

Josh Mayhem presents the Blown Away Dunny Pin! A limited edition of 100 highly detailed Pintrill enamel pins based on Josh's iconic Blown Away Dunny design. Each pin will be signed by the artist and numbered. Made Available Friday 5/27 There are still a few left, exclusively on

May 28, 2016

Zukaty Art Dunnies

Zukaty Art has a new lot of Dunny series entitled CyberZ's, these were originally made for Toycon UK, but only now will see the public drop, some have evolved into sets, 5 to be exact will come with a customised Kaws Bus Stop in a matching theme, these will also include a free painted flesh ZKT micro Brain Spraycan and stickers, the sets will be priced at £75($110) + shipping.

There's also 4 single one off dunnys, again these will also include a free painted flesh ZKT micro Brain Spraycan and stickers, the sets will be priced at £45($66) + shipping.

These are available now at the Zukaty Art store.

Hit the jump for a ton more pics.

May 27, 2016

The Return of the Pointman! Futura's "New Horizons" Solo Exhibition in June in Detroit

Reblogged from | Vinyl Toys, Art, Culture, & Everything Inbetween: The Return of the Pointman! Futura's "New Horizons...:

"Now it is time for Futura, pioneer of abstract street art that had been active since the '70s, to really shine on his own. Opening on June 18th, 2016 at the Library Street Collective in Detroit, Futura's latest solo exhibition is entitled New Horizons and it will feature all the imagery that fans love McGurr's art for: gyroscopes, nebulae, and other abstracted structures as well as some of his Pointman characters."

Click that link above to read the full post. FUTURAAAAAAAA

May 26, 2016

THE SUCKLORD is creating A Compelling Narrative with Merchandise

While Technically a self-serving Supervillain, THE SUCKLORD is an inspirational figure. Transcending category, the Sucklord has succeeded in several disciplines; from independent Toy production, Television, Music, Podcasting, Fine Art, Performance, Film, and personal storytelling. His very existence is a Work of Art; inspiring others not only to consume his works, but to produce on their own. His well articulated philosophy of creativity is a living document, finding expression across a wide array of creative and entertaining endeavors. His self-Driven Transformation from a powerless and Disenfranchised Schmuck into a world Conquering Supervillain has created a template for other such losers to do the same. His non-elitist, non-conforming, don’t-give-a-fuck-do-it-my-way-and-win approach to creativity has spawned a body of fun, engaging, entertaining, questioning, sexually liberating, and highly collectable works, work that must continue, for the sake of ALL Humanity.


Post by: Your Ninja Blogger Gavriel Discordia


Back with another Episode: SUCK-BUSINESS. This time Benny from @tenacioustoys comes in to "Talk Business," help pump the new Sucklord Fundraiser, and marvel at new Suck-Swag from Episode Sponsor IG @psyindustries - Discordia Merchandising


Post by Your Ninja Blogger: Gavriel Discordia


UVD is excited to announce Week 2 of the Urban Vinyl Daily
<> Weekly Wrap-Up! In this episode Ben
and Travis will talk about news from Munky King, Mondo, Skinner and
Mutant Vinyl Hardcore! Plus they even give reviews for the Kidrobot x
Frank Kozik 'General Tso's Nightmare' and Tim Doyle's 'Unreal Estate'

Instagram: @UrbanVinylDaily
Twitter: @UrbanVinylDaily

Blog Post by: Gavriel Discordia

TOY OF THE DAY: Kidrobot x Frank Kozik Baby Huey Pink

in stock & ready to ship
8" tall
made of vinyl
designed by Frank Kozik
developed by Bigshot Toyworks
produced by Kidrobot

Order  Kidrobot x Frank Kozik Baby Huey Pink today!

May 25, 2016

Hold the Door: Laser-Etched Hodor Doorstops by Karvt
Yeah yeah yeah, these aren't toys. I get it. Calm down.

You live in a house with a door, right? You need a doorstop more than you need a plastic toy, trust me. If you're a GoT fan, you need these Hodor doorstops. Yeah, OK, listen, my feed is full of Hodor fucking doorstops too. Most of them are basic blocks of wood. THESE are LASER ETCHED with precision awesomeness.

So ditch your crappy doorstops and grab a pair of these here on the Karvt site.

You'll be trendy ... this week.

Token Nerd Giveaway: Weapon X Funko Prize Pack

Token Nerd is back with a new Token Giveaway! This giveaway’s theme is Weapon X in honor of the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse.

All you have to do to qualify for this giveaway is:
-Have a US mailing address.
-Like Token Nerd on the Token Nerd Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter
-Share the image above
-Use the hashtag #TokenPool
Follow these requirements and you’ll be entered for a chance to win.
-As a bonus for every social media outlet you do the above process on you will receive an additional entry!

The Giveaway will go from Saturday May 21st to Saturday May 28th until 5pm EST. The winner will be announced on Saturday May 28th after the close of the contest! Good luck to all that enter!

TOY OF THE DAY: Kidrobot x Amanda Visell Ferals Blind Box Mystery Figure Series

The Ferals Mini Series by Amanda Visell is precious, adorable, cute and the perfect addition to your Kidrobot collection.  In this collection, Amanda created a cast of characters using a variety Kidrobot's platforms including MUNNY, TRIKKY, RAFFY & DUNNY.

NOTE: Mystery figure means a 3" Figure, assorted. The price of $11.99 is for one blind box.

Order Kidrobot x Amanda Visell Ferals Blind Box Mystery Figure Series  today!

May 23, 2016

The Dark Side - by Burn353 - Signed by The Emporer

This is #3 of 3 in a series of this design by artist Burn353.  #1 and #2 in the series of three have already been sold to private collectors. This is the only one available to the public. The piece is hand made by Burn353 himself. Roughly 24x24 inches. is an original design and art.  Comes signed by the Emperor himself actor Ian McDiarmid. It comes with proof of authenticity of the Actors signature. It has burn353's signature, and stamp of authenticity as well stamped and signed on the back. This is one chance to get a super collectible piece. 

Posted by: Gavriel Discordia


SHOWception - May 22nd LIVE Episode - Copyright Drama

Playful Gorillas LIVE SHOWception Episode for Sunday May 22nd [last night] rocked hard! A plethora of guests dropped through including Renonelab, GM,  Mrs Anonymity, Blazon Brikhaus, BigCArt, and Your Ninja Blogger Gavriel Discordia. I got tapped into the ring half way through and brought the drama to the surface. We got deep into the Intellectual Property and Fair Use issues revolving around the art toy scene that rarely gets discussed, but needs to. Including some Custom Toy politics, Dunny Drama, Fan Art, and much more!

And expect more of this discussion to continue in the future as we totally ran out of time before everything was covered. Hit the link and listen in for yourself, you might learn something.


May 20, 2016


One of many new releases from Suckadelic, 

16 individual Button designs in 4 display packages. Each Button Measures 1.5" across. Designed by Famous Pop Artist THE SUPER SUCKLORD and produced and manufactured by DISCORDIA MERCHANDISING. NOTE: these are very very limited!

Disclaimer: Gavriel Discordia blogged this post and yes, made these buttons for Sucklord.


May 19, 2016

The Blind Box Podcast - S02E53 with Tenacious Toys and many more

Blogged from the Desk of Gavriel Discordia:

Oh man, where to begin... Toy Trivia!! That's right everyone, this is the first ever Toy Trivia edition of The Blind Box. First, the disclaimers: If you're listening with headphones, careful, in this one GM's mic clips due to the chaos. Andy is up at 6am in Hong Kong. Cory thinks he's going to be the co-host, & Rob and Benny are....Rob and Benny. Benny's cooking dinner, Rob is ready to go. This episode is like none other in Blind Box History. If you are a true toy fan of The Blind Box, this one is for you. Make it through the terrible one-liners, cheesy game show music, make & take questions (FrankenToy? 100k Dollar Pyramid? Yup..) and you will feel closer to toys.  Ok, maybe not, but you'll know what a Bearbrick is... This is The Blind Box, Toy Trivia Train Wreck (lol), enjoy and we'll see y'all next week with more great guests!


May 18, 2016

ALAVAKA "pink fan" x Devils Head Productions

A new and very experienced vendor in Japan has taken control of the DHP sofubi and his first pulls are amazing. A hot neon pink punches your eyeballs hard as hell...and has jet black glass eyes to cool is that? A painted version of this vinyl may be done sometime in the future but these unpainted versions will not be offered again.

You will need to prepay for this release and all you need to do is email by May 31st saying "I'm in for a pink unpainted!" along with your paypal email and an invoice will be sent. You will have until June 18th to pay the invoice and any payments received after that date will be refunded and the offer becomes null and void. The price is $70.00 ppd inside the USA and you will get both a standard Alavaka and Bodhisattva head. If you love unpainted vinyl...don't snooze. This release looks amazing! BOOM!

******P.S. If you live outside the USA Please send your shipping address when you reply so I can calculate the exact Priority Shipping fee. I usually do a blanket global fee but this is a special release and it may end up saving you some money with the exact cost.

May 17, 2016

Are You Ready for Nugglife Apparel? Because It's Almost Here...

Keep an eye on Ian Ziobrowski's IG and website for all the news!

'KOLORSTORM: The Art of Louie "KR.ONE" Gasparro' Available on Amazon Now

NYC graffiti art, heavy metal, comic books, and fantasy art intersect here in Louie “KR.ONE” Gasparro’s visual autobiography. This legendary Queens artist-drummer weaves these powerful influences into a medium he calls "Graffantasy," creating tags, wall pieces, paintings and illustrations, model trains, jackets, and more.

Gaze at this modern Renaissance man’s work from 1977 to the present, and trace his evolution from his adolescent days watching bombed subway cars whirring by in a KOLORSTORM, to the underground period tagging trains and evading cops, to his legal works and whole–school buses. Starting with a scrapbook-like photo collection from Louie’s youth and his other career as drummer of several heavy metal bands, the book moves on with elaborate sketches from the artist’s blackbooks, and colorful concert posters and album covers.

Through a stunning array of styles and techniques, witness KR.ONE’s transformation from restless punk to major decorative artist and abstract painter.

We've enjoyed working with Louie on several different projects and shows, including his participation in The Grand Slam All City Style show, painting several commissioned ACS trains for Bigshot Toyworks and Klim, and painting live at the Bigshot booth at two successive NY International Toy Fairs. Louie is both a talented artist, and a great guy. Support Queens artists!

May 16, 2016

TOY OF THE DAY: Kidrobot Uncle Scam figure by Ron English

in stock
8" vinyl figure
designed by Ron English
developed by Bigshot Toyworks
produced by Kidrobot

Order Kidrobot Uncle Scam figure by Ron English today!

Brick Dictator: 1941 Lego World War 2 - Battle of Brody

The cinematic shots, special effects, and music really push this into overdrive.
More and more fan made films are getting made, from Star Wars to Harry Potter and everything in between.

If you are a Lego or just a brick building fan like I am, then you can probably appreciate the very intense and immaculately well created fan film below.

June 23, 1941...

A fierce tank battle erupted between the 1st Panzer Group III Army Corps and XLVIII motorized Army Corps and five corps of the Russian 5th and 6th Army near the town of Brody.

The Soviets would end up losing on a decisive scale having been outmaneuvered, and then systematically cut apart by the surgical strikes of the Luftwaffe. It still is considered one of the largest tank engagements of WW2.
Some people might be against using toys to represent something like this, but I think it's actually brilliant.
Some of the parts were created on 3D printers, which are beginning to change the playing field in ways that no one could have seen just a few years ago. (In some instances especially in the toy industry, it can also be a bad thing, but that's a post for another time.)

So kick back, enjoy the video below, and then maybe check out the YouTube channel for Brick Dictator.

Until next time, I'm Mario, the Artisan Rogue

May 15, 2016

SUCKLORD VS TOKYO - Mini-Documentary

Gavriel Discordia Reports:

Sucklord, the bootleg toy "super villain", made his way into Tokyo during the Spring of 2016 and gave me and my friend, Kurodon, the opportunity to tag along and film his exploits. So it is now my pleasure to present to you the TOKYO TOY BASTARD EXCLUSIVE mini-documentary, SUCKLORD vs TOKYO, following Sucklord's first adventure and gallery show in Japan.

Mizna Wada - Weapon Rock Girl Enamel Pin

Don't you hear sound of the weapon? It's Weapon Rock!

Weapon girl pin is perfect for any bag, jacket, hat or anywhere. She hope always together with you. :)

Weapon girl is printed on shrink plastic and coated with resin.
*Each piece may look slightly different because this product is handmade.


Posted by: Gavriel Discordia

May 14, 2016

The Suckhour Episode 14 - Friendly Fire

Sucklord's show is going strong and making waves. Have a peek!

A friendly conversation about the Toy Game between The Sucklord and Healeymade gets a little heated while Lev Tokyo keeps checking his watch. Jcorp and Nasty Neil try to be interested as these two resin Gods get into the real nitty gritty of Action Figure Bootlegging.

As always NOT NSFW! Post by Gavriel Discordia


Luch Chueh's Dissected Bear Head has arrived

Photo by Cutter Magazine
So a while back Clutter Magazine teamed up with Luke Chueh to produce his Dissected Bear Head artwork in a 3d form. With the help of Unbox Industries and some generous fans through Kickstarter this became a reality. And this photo just popped up on Instagram today! They have arrived and should be reaching the backers very soon.

I picked up one with the Blood Pool accessory and the 'Kenner Blue' prototype KS exclusive version as well, so I will be posting photos when they arrive in my hands.

Honestly I do find it hard to gloat about getting this release because the more joy I get out of having one the more I feel bad for anyone who has to miss out on this thing. Sorry peeps. - Gavriel Discordia


Ok so there is this Podcast called Blind Box out there. Honestly most of the time they seem to cover DJs and other things not everyone may have an interest in and the second half of their show seems to be all music. So the show may be more hip hop than some people are into, but if that's your thing all the better.

Anyway, very often they bring in Designer Toy Artists. So here is a round up of some of the Toy Artist interviews for your enjoyment. Posted by Gavriel Discordia

BRANDT PETERS of Stranger Factory/Circus Posterus









Episode 92 with FRANK KOZIK

Episode 100 with FRANK KOZIK

Virginia Beach Arts and Humanities Commission Member Throws Hissy Fit Over Mark Ryden Paintings; Tries to Ban Art from Show

Virginia Beach Arts and Humanities Commission member Ben Loyola (pictured above and featured in clip below) literally shat his pants when he saw a couple Mark Ryden paintings that were slated to be shown at the Virginia Beach Contemporary Art Show on May 21.

"Loyola is concerned that Ryden, in his work, pokes fun of religion."

“I am really not poking fun at religion. I am just looking at it in different ways,” Ryden said. “Someone ought to poke fun at those Christians, though.”

Read the post here.

Wonder what Ben Loyola thinks about the Mel Gibson film Passion of the Christ? That shit was fucking brutal and makes Mark Ryden paintings look like fluffy bunnies in comparison. But that's a movie, and we're comparing apples to oranges there... let's take a look at Caravaggio, an Italian painter from the 1600s who could rightly be described as a master:

Judith Beheading Holofernes by Caravaggio
The scene above is from the book of Judith, in the Old Testament. Notice the blood spewing from Holofernes' neck... pretty fucked up.

But that's nothing compared to ANOTHER widely recognized master: Hieronymous Bosch, who was a Dutch painter born in 1450. Bosch painted one of my all-time favorite paintings, a triptych, called the Garden of Earthly Delights:

The Garden of Earthly Delights is a giant painting in 3 parts, and it's hard to see the details here (just Google it). I'll show you a close-up:

The Garden of Earthly Delights is full of sex, people being eaten alive, sodomy and violence. And much more. It's a goddamned mess. It's been widely discussed, interpreted in various ways, studied, loved and hated. The point here is... how can we accept the Caravaggio piece or the Bosch piece as valid and important artwork, and then consider the Mark Ryden paintings as blasphemous? 

Hypocrisy of the highest order!

Hi-Fructose has pointed out to me on Twitter that the show will not be censored and will run as planned, including the Ryden works. This guy Ben Loyola is sticking his uneducated foot in his own big mouth. He should thank the deity of his choice that such an all-star group of artists will be showing in his town. It's an impressive roster, by any measure. Ryden fits right in.

Support your local artist!

Here's the page for the actual event which takes place on May 21 (note that Mark Ryden is still in the flyer). 

If you feel like expressing your disapproval or support to Ben Loyola, here's his contact info. We don't judge. But know that if you support censoring artwork based on your personal preferences, once you go down that rabbit hole, there's literally no form of self expression that's safe. Art, words, music... censor one for Puritanical reasons, and they all fall like dominoes.

May 12, 2016

TOY OF THE DAY: Mimoco Star Trek Mr Sulu 32GB Mimobot USB Drive

32GB Mr.Sulu MIMOBOT®, a limited edition of just 1,000 hand-numbered pieces, joins Spock, Kirk, Picard and Data in MIMOBOT flash drive form and function. Sulu, the suave helmsman on the Enterprise as portrayed by actor George Takei in Star Trek: The Original Series, is brought to digital life in Mimoco's stylized MIMOBOT appearance, suited in Sulu's gold Enterprise command uniform. Sulu is a jack-of-all-trades who climbed the Starfleet ranks from lieutenant to captain, dabbled in botany and astrophysics, and now adds storing your data to his lengthy resume.

Order  Mimoco Star Trek Mr Sulu 32GB Mimobot USB Drive today!

May 11, 2016


EPISODE 13: TOY STORIES. We talk to @levtokyo founder of @toy_tokyo about his long-spanning adventures in the Toy Game. @healeymade @jcorptm @wstdtlnt add color commentary. Available on #stitcher and youtube or

Post by: Gavriel Discordia


Fight Club Figures by K.A.KIM x Blitzway

In the current day of 3D scanning and rapid output by companies like Hot Toys, it's always great to see amazing skills of a figure sculptor. Korean figure sculptor K.A.Kim (Kyung-ah Kim) has been doing some amazing work. One of her latest creations soon to be produced is Brad Pitt's character in Fight Club, Tyler Durden. Working with a 1/6 scale figure, there are currently 2 versions of the Fight Club character available for purchase. K.A. Kim hand sculpts the immense details for the masters, capturing every nook and cranny which will later be produced by Blitzway, a fairly young Korean manufacturing company. Currently, the Fight Club figures are up for pre-order on Blitzways website, priced at $249 each plus shipping(which is $20). Also available is a set option for both versions of the figures, but an additional costume will be included. Expected release is July 2016. For those interested in the sculpting process, K.A. Kim posted a few videos on her Social Media pages. Check out more pictures on the Fight Club figure product page, here.

TOY OF THE DAY: PREORDER 3AGO Dead Easy Corp 3-PIECE SET of 8-inch Adventure Kartel action figures

***PREORDER scheduled to ship to us in Q3/Q4 2016**

3 x Fully Articulated 8" FIGURES in each set:

Private Cornowski, Corporal Veal Edwards, Sergeant Sweetbread Jones

Each comes with:

Machine gun x 1pcs
Bullets x 3pcs
Pistol x 1pc
2 sets of Hands.
(Helmets non-removable)


- Materials Used - ABS, PVC & Fabric

Preorder  PREORDER 3AGO Dead Easy Corp 3-PIECE SET of 8-inch Adventure Kartel action figures today!