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February 29, 2016

LEGO breaking update - Disney and Lego join forces to take your wallet.

Still looking into whether or not this new series release is legit! But it certainly seems so. Disney has had a large presence with it's IP in LEGO's hands.

To quote the toy collector from Toy Story 2 "this is just like printing my own money (insert devious laughter)"

Expect a review of these suckers if this is going down, as I plan on buying a box of them when they hit.

- Mario, the Artisan Rogue

FunKo POP Rides: TMNT - Turtle Van Toy Figure

POP Rides: TMNT - Turtle Van

Pop! We're not talking about soda here folks!

Your favorite Characters the Funko Way!

Order FunKo POP Rides: TMNT - Turtle Van Toy Figure today!

BrickForge - A bag of fun

I know I had said in my last update that I would be covering new BrickWarriors sets, but I'm still working on that particular update. So in lieu of that, I pulled out an order from BrickForge (the only other LEGO compatible system I like besides BrickWarriors), and decided to review it.
(Top Left) BrickForge custom shipping envelope. (Top Right) Assorted bonus bag of random sci-fi elements. (Bottom) The contents of the shipment: Bonus Polybag, Main parts order, and the "Centaur Guardian" minifigure accessory set.
I like when I company puts in extra stuff, even if it's a call to action sort of flyer that mentions a KickStarter event (that I did end up participating in, and will be reviewing on here). When you run independent businesses, these kinds of things are what keep you going, and keep consumer/collector interest like mine, piqued.

But I can cover the results of that KickStarter at a later date. Let's jump into the great variety of accessories and components that I picked out from the website...
From more accurate Ghostbuster inspired replacement parts, to unusual and unique weapons and transparent "glass" bricks, this assortment did not disappoint.
If you have the official LEGO Ghostbusters set (which I reviewed on here a while back), you can see that the proton pack and neutrona wand are very accurate to the screen representations. Hell, BrickForge even went and made a PKE meter! If they had made a nice ghost trap as well, that would have been amazing! The soft rubber goggles (worn mainly by Ray Stanz in the movie) stretch to fit over helmets and hairpieces and make for a nice touch. Aside from the bright colors, they are very superior replacements (and if you are really into customizing, hey a little paint goes a long way...).

Next down in the image above, the violin is a nice and well crafted instrument that fits well a couple of different ways on a minifig. One bizarre and fun accessory is the transparent yellow stun gun, clearly modeled after a higher end real world Taser (the x2 I believe).

The rest of the ancient history/fantasy weapons, like all the rest of the parts, are made out of very durable, highly compatible plastic, that is hard to distinguish from the type LEGO uses.There is a wonderful crisp "snap" when you put these in the claw hands of the minifigs in your collection. This isn't the crazy plastic that encumbered those bootleg minifigs I last reviewed.

Most all of the parts above could be had for just a few cents each, and they have a HUGE lot of accessories to choose from, many which LEGO would never ever release, like for instance the great minifig accessory packs based on WW2 historical aspects. 

The creators at BrickForge may not have the wild sort of design aesthetics that you'd find with BrickWarriors, but BrickForge makes solid and well made accessories. And when they decide to do custom minifig upgrade accessories like the Centaur below, they really shine.
The tampo decal detail is sharp, well designed with clean lines. The helm and battle axe have additional paint applications to them which rounds this upgrade set out quite nicely.
BrickForge has a few of these sets on their site, so I picked on based on my astrological sign (Sagittarius), and was pleasantly surprised.

The set retails for just about $6, and it's worth it. Each part is well made, the set as a whole looks great when assembled onto the top half of most any minifig you have laying around.

So if you want to add some additional spice and variety into your LEGO setups, these guys at BrickForge can give you a lot of great parts for your dollars. Take my word for it, you will be impressed.

Personally, I'm glad both they and BrickWarriors are out there. Two topnotch competitors making unique things to round out the official ones.

Until next time! -Mario, the Artisan Rogue

Stats Rating/Information
Items BrickForge Polybag sets
Made by BrickForge
Rarity Common
Classification In Production
Condition New
Worth $15
Investment $15
Further Research n/a
Trivia & Fun Facts For over a decade the souls at BrickForge have been transforming otherwise boring minifigs into legendary heroes by supplying the most exquisite & versatile of small-scale equipment & accessories. Their range of accouterments spans many themes: History, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Modern Combat; and encompasses popular gear such as helmets, body armor, bladed weaponry, firearms & even animals & scooters. Their innovative RiGGED system allows parts to couple together using a series of micro-connection points, creating colorful assemblies & expanding customizing possibilities.

February 26, 2016

NEW Kidrobot preorders for products arriving March / April

We are SUPER stoked to have a metric assload of Kidrobot awesomeness on the way to us right now! Visit our PREORDER page to preorder all of these items:

February 25, 2016

tokidoki Kittypatra Full-Sized Vinyl Figure Up for Preorder

Big ole figure! I think it's like 10" tall, will measure again when we get them next week. $100 each, preorder available now here. JUST spotted (and ordered) at Toy Fair! Obviously this is a Hello Kitty x Cleopatra mashup. If you don't know who Cleopatra was.... click here.

World's End drops 'My Neighbor KILAS' Art Toy on 25th Feb

Illustration design and concept by KILAS. 
Hand sculpted and painting by Bagoy of Yeah-Limited (Indonesia). 

The appeal of Miyazaki’s films is that they can be enjoyed equally by adults and children. While children enjoy the innocence and naivety of the films, adults can interpret their meanings in an ominous sense. My Neighbor Totoro is such a film where the lines of life and death are blurred, giving us the ability to transcend perceptions of what is real and unreal, good and evil. 

It is granted that Totoro is a mystical creature that only Mei and Satsuki can see. His presence is linked to the trauma of their sick mother who is on death’s door. Some can go as far to say that Totoro is death itself, alleviating the girls to the fact that they will lose their mother and maybe even themselves in this unforgiving world. 

KILAS gives Totoro a skull and scythe in response to this theory, Totoro is now able to embody his true self, the grim reaper. 

World's End has two colour variants; natural and white. It also acts as an incense holder for offerings to the lords of fire and brimstone. 
This toy is part of a print series World's End has launched as their homage to anime and manga. 

About World’s End
We are a purveyor of fine art and design products that will destroy your 
mind and corrupt your soul with desire. Each collection is curated with the agenda of showcasing new exquisite talent from East and West. From rare commissioned original artworks to highly exclusive one-off comic series, we intend to impose unique product 
offerings that are both highly desirable to have as well as highly engaging to create. 
World’s End is built by artists, for artists and their fans. World’s End is based in Singapore. 

February 24, 2016

Miznotic Fantasy Chika - by Junko Mizuno

Miznotic Fantasy Chika by Junko Mizuno

A rare warehouse find recently acquired by Discordia Culture Shop

Manufactured by Fewture [LONG OUT OF BUSINESS]
8inches / 20.32cm

Available in 3 styles
-Mint Night Chika  -Peach Night Chika  -Grape Night Chika


UVD Toys & The Bots Announce Luna Kickstarter Project!

UVD Toys and The Bots are proud to present 'Luna'; a new art toy that they would love to see made a reality! They have have been developing  the perfect figure for the past 8 months and they are finally ready to share it with the world. With your help they can turn this dream into a perfect art toy to display alongside your collection. 

There are many great backer rewards including an exclusive Green colorway of Luna in this project. To learn more about the project and see all the reward levels please check out the Kickstarter

February 23, 2016

ThreeZero / 3A GIVEAWAY and Review at Go Figure News

We've teamed up with our friends at GO Figure News for a 3A giveaway! We sent them some ThreeZero-produced 1:6-scale figures to review. Check out their sweet review of Pascha Bi Lingual Droid, Pascha Kunstler and the Playge Rat figures here.

1. Watch the review video and give it a thumbs-up.
2. While you are there, Subscribe to the GOFN YouTube channel.
3. Like the GOFN Facebook page.
4. Email GOFN here and tell them the story of your personal favorite collectible of all time, and include a pic of it or just a link to Google Images.

You have till March 25th to get your entry email in.

After that, we (myself included) will select the top 3 best responses and they will be posted on GOFN to be voted on. Top entry with most votes by April 15th will win!

FULL BLOG POST with more explanation, pics, etc available here on GOFN.

February 21, 2016

"Stash Spot" Commission x Nugglife

Here's Stash, rarely seen in town and just likes to hang around. Always farming on cliffs and hard to reach spots. Nuggs claims to have seen this chill fellow while out on his deliveries in the most secluded of places. 

Based off a Kidrobot 3 inch dunny hanging freely off a hand sculpted cliff stash spot. Put whatever you want inside money, lucky coins or some green ;). 

Commission for collector measuring about 4x8x4 hangs by nail and locks in. Interested in one? email Nugglife or check out his website.

February 20, 2016

Transformers Combiner Wars G2 Superion Aerialbots Boxed Set

Coming soon to our Amazon shop: the new Transformers Combiner Wars G2 Superion Aerialbots Boxed Set! I'm not gonna lie... selling mass-market items like this doesn't make us much money, after fees and shipping are taken out. But HOLY FUCK IS THIS COOL!!! I might further damage my bottom line by keeping one of them for myself. If you want one, I'll have the rest up for sale here as soon as they arrive.

February 19, 2016

The Suckhour - Episode 7 - Critical @$$

Meet two new guests Sarah Wang and Lamour Supreme. A bunch of pretentious
Art Talk ensues, with an emphasis on MONEY! Jcorp reads some Sucklord
Hate Mail and the SUCK-MOM returns! Episode sponsored by L'Asso Pizza

Disclaimer: This episode also contains some art hustle drama involving the author of this blog post Tenacious Ninja Gavriel Discordia
who had Sucklords back on the Clutter Facebook Group. Check it out if you want to see the full debate over creative freedom. 


February 18, 2016

Kaiju 'Pre-Order' x RAMPAGE

Rampage Toys is now taking pre-orders for three limited figures. You can get your hands on Aboras, Jamira and Pigumon during this release. 

They also found some tiny Pigumon Omake (the ones that usually go with Red King).  They are going to include this guy as an omake with all orders placed during the current pre-order. He will come bagged with tiny header, and 1 out of 3 figures will be painted!

Pre-orders will be through tomorrow only in the Rampage toys shop so grab them while you can.

Super 7 Masters of the Universe Action Figure Pre-Order

Now you can relive all the exciting action of Masters of the Universe! Skeletor, the Evil Lord of Destruction and his henchmen face off against He-Man, the Most Powerful Man in the Universe, now reimagined as 1970's era 3.75" Action Figures, as a 'what if?' alternate history of the series. The retro-inspired Masters of the Universe action figure line is authentically crafted to the finest detail. Each character is hand-sculpted by the head of the Kenner sculpting department from the 1970s-1980s to match the feel of action figures from the golden age, and packaged on a traditional blister card with peg-holes in the bottom of the feet and accessory taped to the inside of the bubble.

The brand new fully painted on blister card release features gorgeous all-new artwork by fan-favorite painter Jason Edmiston, channeling the painted cardback artwork of the 1970s. The first wave of Masters of the Universe action figures includes He-Man, the Most Powerful Man in the Universe, Skeletor, the Evil Lord of Destruction, Beastman, Skeletor's Savage Henchman, and Mer-Man, the Evil Ocean Warlord.

The colored edition Masters of the Universe Action Figures are now available for pre-order! Product ships in April 2016.

TOY OF THE DAY: Funko POP! Movies: Ghostbusters - Winston Zeddmore and Ecto 1 Action Figure

The primary driver of the Ecto-1 and the Ecto-1 itself from Ghostbusters are now Pop! Vinyl! The Ghostbusters Winston Zeddemore and Ecto-1 Pop! Vinyl Vehicle are packaged as a set, with the Ghostbusters Winston Zeddemore Pop! Vinyl Figure being able to fit inside the Ecto-1 at 3 3/4-Inch tall. A cool recreation of driver and vehicle, this set makes a great collectible for Ghostbusters and Ernie Hudson fans.

Includes Ecto-1 and Winston Zeddemore POP!

Buy Funko POP! Movies: Ghostbusters - Winston Zeddmore and Ecto 1 Action Figure today!

And check out the rest of our great selection of vinyl, action figures and blind boxed toys in our Amazon Store!

February 16, 2016

Astrolapin - Full Circle - by Mr Clement

Astrolapin: Full Circle

Mr Clement bids adieu to the vinyl toy game. He was able to create vinyl creations for collectors all around the world, that’s why he says farewell with the release of the astrolapin: full circle edition. This final release features a steel-looking statue of mr clement’s latest vinyl figure, astrolapin.

Limited to 100 - 16 inches tall


TOY OF THE DAY: PREORDER 3A World of Isobelle Pascha Agent Isobelle T.C.O.M.

**PREORDER scheduled to arrive Q2/Q3 2016**
  • Pony Tail Isobelle as TCOM Agent
  • With Orange Poppin Apple
  • And a Additional 2” Apple
  • 1:6-scale fully articulated action figure with accessories
  • produced by 3A

February 13, 2016

Call for Sticker Artists - Underground Blend V06

Hey kids, Gavriel Discordia here, founder of the Underground Blend project.

As Psychological Industries, I have taken part in the Designer Sticker scene since 2005, trading with sticker artists around the globe and participating in over 30 sticker art shows so far. I began the Underground Blend project in order to bring the community together in a new way, and for the artists involved, help them reach a wider audience.

Underground Blend sticker packs go to the Disburst [formerly DKEtoys] for global wholesale to independent retailers. So if you have Silk-Screened Vinyl stickers already or wish to get some made and join in Volume 06, feel free to hit the link below for details or send an email to:


February 12, 2016

PREORDER 3A World of Isobelle Pascha Liz Bam Bam

**PREORDER scheduled to arrive Q2/Q3 2016**

The second series of ThreeA's ISOBELLE PASCHA figures!

A new set of three figures in 'The World of Isobelle Pascha' series, created by TP Louise with designs by Ashley Wood. Each figure also comes with a Poppin Apple figure that sits approximately 12cm in height as well!


Dressed in black leather dress and stockings. Includes a pistol and a turquoise Poppin Apple.

Preorder 3A World of Isobelle Pascha Liz Bam Bam today!

February 10, 2016

SNEAK PEEK: Munny / Labbit Death Dealer - Frank Frazetta x Frank Kozik x Kidrobot

Frank Frazetta's "Death Dealer" is possibly the most iconic and badass painting in the fantasy genre. Dating way back to 1973, it has achieved legendary status in the fantasy nerdling sphere... and now the Master of Labbits has endeavored to bring the iconic imagery to his Labbity world. Here you see a SNEAK PEEK of the Death Dealer Munny riding his Labbit steed. Soon to be revealed at the Kidrobot booth at Toy Fair in New York, this will ACTUALLY be a production piece from Kidrobot!

Follow their blog for more info on that release, I don't have details yet.

Labbit x Death Dealer crossover concept by Frank Kozik, brought to life in the capable digital hands of Klim Kozinevich and Bigshot Toyworks....  we have here a production piece so badass, even my wife wants one!

If you needed more convincing that Kidrobot is BACK in a big way, here it is. Mic drop....

Here's the original Frazetta painting:

Nugglife "Chill Life" Resin Drop

Nugglife presents the second Resin Character "Chill Life" based off of everyone's favorite hippy Smoky. This series is limited to only 5 sets. Each packed with 4 accessories, 2 of which (Smoke and Joint) are attached by Magnet and can be interchangeable depending on what he prefers for the day. Each order also includes stickers and a mini print. $105 each in the Nugglife Ny store.