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November 30, 2015

Krang's Android LEGO Body - Custom TMNT LEGO Figures!

These figures are limited to 10 pieces, and will not be produced again. Each figure is a unique hand-made art toy. Recommended for adult collectors ONLY, not meant for play.
Created for the Boss Krang art & toy show at Acme Superstore in Florida earlier this year, This minifigure revisits the classic cartoon styling for Krang & his Android Body.
Each figure contains original lego parts, each sourced for its unique color (my goodness flesh colored parts are in short supply!), as well as two resin cast parts. The cast parts include the head antenna (cast from an original lego part in a color not available), and the hand-held communicator (custom sculpted & cast).
Each communicator has a different image of shredder taken directly from the animated series, and each is cast in a slightly different color to accurately mimic the communicator's color changes throughout the series (and often within each episode/scene).
All graphics were created & printed onto water-slide decal paper, then applied to each figure. Each figure also has hand-painted accents (the lines on the legs, etc.).
Each figure comes in a bubble case, punched for hanging, with hand cut & folded inserts (which depicts the interior of the Technodrome).

Don't Cuddle the Krampus by Warpo - Final Week on Kickstarter

It's no secret, I love anything Krampus. I've sold a few different Krampus toys on our website, and I donated some of our toy inventory to the company that does set dressing for the upcoming Krampus flick. So, with this hilarious iteration of Krampus so close to the end, and so close to being funded, it's time for me to spring into action! Look at this fucking thing, it's hideous and awesome and it needs to be made.

Check the video below:

That's great Benny, what the shit is a Krampus?
Good question. From the Kickstarter: "Krampus is an ancient European legend and wicked counterpart to Saint Nicholas. His job is to punish naughty children by swatting them with rusty chains and switches and then stuffing them into his sack to be carried away to his evil lair."

See? Awesome. Go spend your money. And while you're at it, back Dream Big Friends too because you need something non-creepy and constructive to give to some kids in your family. You know you do. I'm managing the Dream Big Friends Kickstarter for Bigshot Toyworks and David Horvath. Kickstarter is the bomb, get with it or get left behind.


Now in stock!

Juan Muniz's signature character Felipe, brought to life as an adorable collectible art toy.

Stands 9.5 inches tall (from top of balloons)
Limited to 200 pieces worldwide
Window Box


Brick Warriors - Warrior pack polybag "Demon"

LEGO may be synonymous with the concept of interlocking bricks, but there are a fair few companies filling in the niches and edges that Lego hasn't always catered to.

I was in line just a few month back picking up some new additions to my collections at my local Toys R Us when I happened to see a small little display box filled with what I thought were LEGO polybags of some series I'd not seen before. At first glance, I thought it was the upcoming Monster themed Series, but then I realized this was a polybag add on set produced by Brick Warriors.

If you're not familiar with Brick Warriors, and you love Lego and customizing the minifigs up, you should be heading over there after you finish reading my review. Or do it now, I can wait until you come back.

You back? Well then, you saw the awesome accessories on there? Those are now what are available in these new retail sold polybags. The display box showed a lot of awesome sets, and I was at first worried, because I was hoping to get the one I really wanted, the one that had the demon wings in it. As I turned the polybag over, I was SUPREMELY surprised to find that the back was transparent. I could see the contents!? Holy cow! What a freaking concept! Of COURSE Brick Warriors doesn't want you to have to be all creepy and feel up every blind polybag out there for the right accessories. Not if these are meant to be like on the website where you can order the exact accessories you want and go all crazy custom! (Which by the way, the custom full on Brick Warrior figs they offer in low limited editions are all pretty legit as well.)
(Top) The front and clear backing to the pack. (Lower Left) All the content in the bag. (Lower Right) Cool coupon code, unfortunately expired, as it's 2015.
So let's look at this polybag and see how the quality and all holds up...

I think they got it really right by providing a clear viewing section on the back. Maximizing the branding space on the front with great clear graphics.

Opening it up, the first item out I looked over was the Demon Helm. As you can see below, the overall look and design of this is far more aggressive and wild than 90% of the official LEGO releases, including even Chima.
(Top) The Demon Helm front and back. (Bottom) Demon Shield front and back.
The parts had sort of an over the top kind of old school Warhammer Fantasy vibe that I really liked. The plastic is an ABS, it's tough, and the detail sharpness is very nice. The injection molding process is probably different though, and I'm willing to wager it is, as LEGO has what I believe a proprietary way of injection molding it's parts that leaves the cleanest and best engineered way of creating them.

(Top) Front and back views of Demon Armor. (Middle) The wings included are easy enough to attach, but as you'll note from the bottom image, the wings come still attached by a sprue connection.
The chest piece is really nice, no tampo details on it, but it more than makes up for that in some nice plate and scale mail armor design on it. The wings included in the set do come still molded together, and I recommend getting appropriate model snips to cut them apart. Here, as a test of the ABS integrity, I did what most younger kids and parents might do, I just moved the wings up and down until the plastic gave. The result was a bit of plastic damage, but I also went at it slowly. The wings are the most delicate items in this bag, but they are still well made and I love the look and how they work with the armor.
The Demon Tail and Demon Sword.
The two final parts were the ones above, and they were nice finishing touches to the assortment in the polybag. I didn't get pics of the parts on any of my minifigs, but when I tried them out, I was impressed. They look great, and "snap" into place like official parts do.

My final thoughts? If you want some fun and outlandish varied designs, get these while you can now, before some of these aren't made anymore. I know that customizers love to add additional paint details to some of these, pushing the minifig look into custom vinyl toy directions. I might try and do that in the very near future myself. Also, you can't beat the price, as it comes out cheaper to buy it this way in a bag set than to part it out and get the set online. BUT, when you start ordering in bulk on parts... then yeah the website for BrickWarriors is the way to go.

Until next time! - Mario, the Rogue Hobbyist.
Stats Rating/Information
Item Warrior pack polybag "Demon"
Made by Brick Warriors
Rarity Common
Classification In Production
Condition New
Procured Toys R Us - Kansas City, Missouri
Worth $7 (if bought online separately)
Investment $3 in polybag
Further Research
Trivia & Fun Facts BrickWarriors is a small business located in Wilmington, Delaware that designs and produces LEGO® compatible accessories and minifigures.