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November 20, 2015

DCON: Blown Away Dunnys by Josh Mayhem at Kidrobot's Booth #518

Designer Con 2015 has a long list of available pieces, many of which will likely sell out before the weekend is over. Recently featured by Kidrobot, Josh Mayhem will have a good number of his Blown Away styled Dunnys at the Kidrobot Booth #518. Several 8" and 3" Dunnys were given Josh's colorful application of paint drips over sculpted features. The end results are colorful Dunnys that look like the wind is blowing the paint right off the surface. With the 8" Dunnys priced at $500 each, the 3" Dunnys fit into more people's budget with a price of $100 a piece. Josh's process was recently featured on Kidrobot's Blog, with some great pics and explanation from Josh, what it takes to create these amazing pieces. 
Blown Away Dunny progress shots, photo pulled from, taken by Josh Mayhem,
For those who won't be able to attend Designer Con 2015, Josh Mayhem is always open for commissions, so just get in contact with him and something can always be worked out. 

DCON: New Urban Vinyl Daily T-Shirts Avaialble at Booth #707

Designer Con 2015 will not only debut some sweet art toys and customs, clothes will also be on hand. Urban Vinyl Daily will be releasing a few shirts, featuring their OG Hands Logo, created by JC Rivera. Available in two colors, there will be a limited quantity on hand at the Urban Vinyl Daily Booth #707. Priced at $15 each, be sure to pick up a shirt early, just in case your size is super limited.

Introducing Yuna and the Dream Big Friends Kickstarter by David Horvath, Sun Min and Bigshot Toyworks

What happens when veterans of the toy industry come together to pour their vision into a concept whose time has come? Something BIG! 

After watching their own kids play, David Horvath and Sun Min (Award Winning Designers of Uglydoll) began a discussion with Klim Kozinevich (Creative Director of Bigshot Toyworks) and wondered; what if there was more? The worlds of princesses and pixies, fashion models and super heroes are all fantastic, but something was missing. The trio set out to create a unique personality in a small plastic body, focusing on aspirational, inspirational and imaginative play. Something that would encourage kids around the world to embrace what makes them who and what they are, inside and out. With all that in mind, Yuna was born!

Yuna is the very first doll in an all new line called Dream Big Friends. She's also the first Asian American girl to be the center of a doll line! She loves science, travel, rockets, art, design, and Korean food. Her big dream is to run a company designing rockets that will one day take her to Mars. She'll be the first one to stand on the planet's surface, naturally. With your help, she’s sure to get there.

November 20th  (that's TODAY!) heralds the launch of a Kickstarter campaign for Dream Big Friends, where you can invite Yuna and her cat Kamata into your home. 

The 10" Yuna doll is fully articulated and comes dressed in sneakers, socks, a skirt, a Giant Robot t-shirt, a red jacket and a shoulder bag, packaged with her kitty Kamata as an accessory... all for just $40 + shipping. A killer price for a high quality 10" figure!

There have been many discussions about body types and unrealistic proportions and attitudes imposed through children's toys these days. David, Sun Min and Klim wanted their first doll, and all of her friends, to feel like very real characters, complete with rich backgrounds and boundless potential...  Avatars for your imagination. Made with high quality materials and built to last, our BIG Dream is that one day far from now, your kids will share Yuna with their kids. 

Yuna will be making her first appearance at DesignerCon November 21 and 22 in Pasadena, CA at the Bigshot Toyworks Booth #901. Where, conveniently, you will find Benny.

Spread the word... and Dream BIG with Us!

About David and Sun Min:
David Horvath and Sun Min are best known for creating and managing the Uglydoll plush toys and brand. David is also the creator of the Bossy Bear children's book series, as well as the daily animated program "Littlebony " on NHK in Japan. Over the past decade, David has created and produced thousands of toys, books, and consumer products which have been available everywhere from the MOMA Museum in New York City and the Louvre in Paris to your local comic book shop.

About Klim:
Klim Kozinevich is the Bigshot at Bigshot Toyworks, with nearly 20 years of experience in character-based product design for the toy and entertainment industries, with clients including Hasbro, Kidrobot, MTV, Sideshow Collectibles, Mondo, Fisher Price, CAA, Weta, and many more. From developing characters for award-winning toy lines and advertising campaigns, to overseeing the production of best-selling toys for mass market, Klim has worked and innovated in every area of the industry. At Bigshot, Klim is the creative lead and oversees all character design and development, earning the company a reputation for quality, reliability, and innovation. Bigshot's work can be seen in national print, and TV advertising campaigns, toy stores, and art galleries around the world.

DCON: GooDon Customs by KearJun for UVD

Chinese Artist KearJun is releasing  a figure called GooDon at Designer Con 2015, through Urban Vinyl Daily Booth #707.  Each hand painted figure features a unique colorway that highlights the details of the sculpt, while making each separate figure unique. Priced at $250 each, these pieces will come bagged with a header card and will be available on a first come, first serve basis. There is definitely going to be a lot of things available from Urban Vinyl Daily at Designer Con 2015, Booth #707.

Golden Eye Perry by The Space Wanderer

The Space Wanderer (Eric Wirjanata) brings back Perry The Sea Wanderer as "Golden Eye Perry", the fourth colorway from the series. Golden Eye Perry is a 6 inch resin figure that was designed by Eric Wirjanata (The Space Wanderer), sculpted by Win Satrya and originally produced by Plastic Culture. Painted by The Space Wanderer and Little Giant, Golden Eye Perry is limited to just 6 pieces. Priced at $66.80 plus shipping, these are available now through The Space Wanderer's online store.

DCON: WuzOne Custom Dunnys at Urban Vinyl Daily Booth #707

Urban Vinyl Daily is really going to have a lot of different customs at Designer Con 2015. Spanish customizer, WuzOne, painted up a couple of Dunnys that will be available through the Urban Vinyl Daily Booth #707. Featuring WuzOne's unique application of colors and lines, these customs will likely go fast. Priced at $80 a piece, these will make a great addition to any collection.

ICYMI: Ofuda Oozeballs from Tru:Tek (Sold Out)

The Disarticulators' Tru:Tek released a special "Ofuda" Oozeball on Friday the 13th. Limited to just 5 pieces, priced at $65 each, these squishy white sofubi Ooze-It/Madballs were designed by Tru:Tek and sculpted by Zectron. Featuring a black rub and hand sprayed ooze, several colors were created, included a metallic rainbow colored Ooze Ball. Each "Ofuda" Oozeball comes packed in a linen drawstring bag with a special paper talisman for summoning the ooze god. Unfortunately, these are already sold out, so be sure to follow Tru:Tek and Man-e-toys to stay up to date with upcoming releases.

DCON: Angry Koala Gear x Obscure Bootlegs release

More Designer Con 2015 releases, this time from Angry Koala Gear and Obscure. Going with the mash-up bootleg offerings, Obscure created a few cool characters: Blackula Calrissean, Darth Feratu, and Lil Fett. Each figure was molded, cast and painted by Obscure, while the backer card designs were created by the Angry Koala team and produced by Dead Greedy. Here is the backstory behind Blackula Calrissean:
"He comes from the deepest parts of the ghetto.  He was visited by a space vampire, that was known as Darth Feratu.  After bitten, Darth Feratu locked him away in a coffin.  He eventually woke up on an alien planet in the clouds.  He is now on a mission to find that jive blood sucka that turned him."
Fully painted versions of Blackula Calrissean will be available from the DKE Booth #812 for $40 a piece. Fully GID versions are also going to be available, through Angry Koala Gear and Obscure's Booth #200, for $20 a piece. In addition to the Blackula Calrissean bootlegs, Obscure will have a few painted Darth Feratus and Lil Fetts for $30 a piece. Be sure to stop by Booth #200 and say hello.
Angry Koala Gear
IG: @obscureakg

Dead Greedy
IG: @deadgreedy

DCON: Custom Dunnys by Cat Atomic at Broke Piggy Booth #723

Designer Con 2015 is going to be packed full of exclusives, customs and people. This year, artist Cat Atomic is going to have a few custom Dunnys at the Broke Piggy Booth, #723. Cat Atomic painted up three separate Dunnys, which are going to be priced at $75 each. Be sure to stop by Broke Piggy's Booth during Designer Con 2015 and check out these Dunnys, as well as all everything else at Designer Con 2015.


Melancholic beauty and death cloaked in feathers. A headdress with shiny black eyes and sharp beak is mounted over petite downcast features. Massive hands hold the delicate chest. Bright, shining red escapes through the pointed digits – a sign of life in a sea of black.

In the aftermath of an unknown event stands a 12-inch vinyl statuette. A lost life in a small metal cage lies at her feet with no explanation given.

Limited edition of 200 pieces, each is hand numbered with the artist’s engraved signature on the bottom.

About Craww:

Self taught artist and habitual doodler, Craww plies his trade from the fair city of Sheffield, drawing inspiration from daydreams, music, comics, nature, gin and an overactive imagination, Often starting in one place and ending up in another, his work poses questions but seldom answers them. It’s direction influenced as much by accident and a short attention span as design, Craww enjoys seeing his creations taking on a life of their own as he paints.

Craww likes ambiguity and his work explores his fascination with things that aren’t quite what they seem. Pretty things in dark places, nasty surprises masquerading in beauty, hidden stories and happy accidents, brought to life with a mix of elegance, balance and disciplined chaos. His work is a story without an end – a stream of consciousness ramble through the woods, populated with skulls, crows and melancholic girls with big hands.

12" tall
designed by Craww
produced by Kidrobot
Limited to 200 pieces
scheduled to ship to us in June 2015
*NOTE* International orders may incur additional ship costs, we will work with you to achieve best pricing that makes sense for your order.