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November 13, 2015

Cousin Typhoon and Tarth Brienne Resin Figures by Quiccs

Quiccs recently made available online, some resin figures originally created for SGTCC. Pirated Empire figures features similar characters from a popular series. Cousin Typhoon and Tarth Brienne are 3" resin figures that come bagged, with a header card. The heads are still articulated on these figures and the rifles are also removable. These resin figures are priced at $28 each plus shipping, while a combo pack that includes both figures is priced at $50 plus shipping. Shipping is expected to happen in the 3rd or 4th week of November. Head on over to the Hidden Fortress Manila webstore to pick up a figure, or even a set.

The Crow Custom Muttpop Dr. Destruction by Jon-Paul Kaiser

Jon-Paul Kaiser has been pretty busy lately, prepping for his trip to California to attend Designer Con 2015. All this show prep doesn't stop him from continuing to deliver on completed commissions. Jon-Paul's latest delivered commission is a custom Dr. Destruction figure, by Muttpop. The Crow, Eric Draven, emerges from the Dr. Destruction figure, after a weekend of sculpting and endless sanding. This custom required a bit more sculpting work, due to the shape of the original head and intended completed result. Sticking to a simple color palette, JPK was able to create movement in the long coat and pants, as well as the added crow sitting on the shoulder. A nice completed commission, that should make the private collector happy. Photos were taken by Justin Allfree. For those attending Designer Con 2015, be sure to stop by Jon-Paul Kaiser's Booth, #112.

Bow to the Squeaky Adorable Overlord Dthulhu

I think it's safe to say every bathtub in every home in R'leyh should come equipped with a Dthulhu squeaky bath toy, so that come bath time, every Old One might feel young once again.
Dthulhu is an adorable bathtime-safe vinyl friend (because let's face it, our inner child may not be above putting our toys in our mouths; mine certainly isn't) currently up for funding on Indiegogo here.

Dthulhu's packaging looks like something out of a dreamscape, and supporters may pledge at a variety of levels for a plethora of Lovecraftian-inspired 2D artworks, digital rewards and goodies.

Definitely give Dthulhu a look on Indiegogo here and make your pledge so "that [which] is not dead... can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may..." take a bath and get ready for bed.

Big C Baby Fatts at DCon Booth 228

Breaking News!  On the heels of the discovery of the Baby Fatts Stone Idols in the former Mesopotamia, archaeologists found more Baby Fatts Stone Idols in the recently discovered "Lost City" in the rainforests of Honduras.  Archaeologists claim that this most recent discovery proves that worship of the World's First Dragon, was a worldwide practice. 

The Stone Idol (distressed jungle) edition of Baby Fatts will be limited to 8 pieces, available at Designercon (dCon) at the Hitsquad booth #228.  This version is similar to the Stone Idol version, but features the typical deterioration that one would expect to find with ancient jungle excavations, chipped surfaces, dirt stains and moss.   Baby Fatts is roughly 3.5” high, 3” wide, 3” thick, and will sell for $60 each. And remember that the final 6 pieces of the original 10 piece Stone Idol edition will be available as well.  Make sure you put this “toy of the year” at the top of your convention shopping list.  With only 8 total pieces available, they won’t last long. 

Big C will be offering bundles for those who want multiple items.

About Big C:

Big C is a visual artist, from the San Francisco Bay Area, who produces work as a painter, sculptor and illustrator.  His work has been displayed all over the world, including the de Young fine arts museum, and San Diego Comic Con.  He is influenced by his life’s struggles and triumphs.  Big C loves to design toys, paint canvases and create original sculptures, but he also likes to create art out of many non-traditional objects that he sees canvases and armatures.  He has many huge projects in the works.  His work can be seen online at and on instagram at big_c_art As always, he would like to thank you for supporting the arts.

Superpowers: binge watching Netflix, while sculpting and painting.

Dthulhu: Bath-Sculpture x Douglas Prince - Indiegogo


Dthulu is a hybrid Cthulu, rubber ducky vinyl sculpture perfect for your bathroom or tub. Dthulhu will be medical and food grade, PVC, Phthalate, and BPA free recycled vinyl. Just like a regular rubber duck, (many quality rubber ducks are vinyl) Dthulhu can play in the tub and will also squeak when squeezed! What could be more fun than your very own Old One in the tub! 

Dthulhu will come in a full color box which will have the theme of the poster as well as a window so you can see The Old One sleeping behind the great doors in front of the palace in R'lyeh.  Across the front of the box is the chant of the cult members and on the right hand side is the translation:
"Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Dthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn"
"In his house at R'lyeh dead Dthulhu waits dreaming

On the opposite side is an original poem dedicated to Dthulhu and written by Douglas' wife Sasha Prince,
From the deep crawl eyes that creep with green and hidden terror.
They beckon those who crave its throes of sadness and despair.
They spread their slime and turn to grime the believers who in error
lose their hope and for proof grope after a deathly prayer.

The project is now live on Indiegogo and includes a regular edition, gid edition, poster and papertoy as some of the rewards. The regular edition will run you $20 and the GID $30 or both for $40.

Hikari x My Little Pony Glitter Noir Rainbow Dash by Funko in Stock Now in Our Amazon Shop

The Glitter Noir Rainbow Dash is limited to 1500 pieces and we have them available at $49.95 in our Amazon shop here.