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November 9, 2015

Introducing Gemr - the New Social Community for collectors!

There’s a new social community for collectors and it’s called Gemr

What makes Gemr so unique is that it allows like-minded individuals to come together as a community to not only buy, sell and/or trade their collectibles, but also discuss and learn more about the history or value of their items. 

Gemr offers a wide range of clubs including Toys, Funko, Lego, Disney, and more. Users can join these various clubs in order to showcase their collections for others to favorite and admire.

One cool aspect of the site is that users have the ability to
"CrowdScore" items in order to give people real-time market valuations of the particular product.

In addition, Gemr has an app for iOS and Android to make it easier for people to access and upload items on the go.

Best of all, it’s free to join!

You can sign up for Gemr by clicking this link:

SNEAK PEEK: New Pieces from Kidrobot, Developed by Bigshot Toyworks

 I guess since Frank Kozik is sharing these images on his own social media, it's cool for us to do a blog post. Here you see several pieces developed by Bigshot Toyworks for production by Kidrobot- two Jeremyville pieces (above) and several variants of the Colonel. Just a ton of awesome shit coming down the pipe and Bigshot is right in the thick of it. 
Looks like KR has an exciting 2016 for us all!