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October 25, 2015

Live Free Podcast Group Show at The Daniel Rolnik Gallery

5 years ago, Mike Maxwell started a podcast, to fill a void he saw existed in the art world. Mike wanted to interview visual artists and have them tell their story. Starting out interviewing friends and contemporaries, 171 episodes later, Mike can celebrate the 5 year anniversary of his endeavor. To Celebrate, Mike contacted the worlds most adorable art critic Daniel Rolnik, about having a group art show. Of course, Daniel jumped on the opportunity to host such a huge event and on November 7th, "Live Free Podcast Group Show" will have it's opening reception at the Daniel Rolnik Gallery. Featuring a long list of artists, the show is sure to be a wonderful event. Anyone within decent driving distance of Santa Monica, should make a plan to head on down to the opening reception and take in some art.


Adam Cardwell, Adam Feilbelman, Anthony Lister, Beau Roulette, Ben Horton, Ben Venom, Brian Barnacle, Bwana Spoons, Celeste Byers, Chris Haueter, Chris Rini, Daniel Gibson, Dave MacDowell, Defer, Don Pendleton, Erin M. Riley, Gabe Leonard, Jaclyn Rose, Jason Jagel, John Casey, Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez, Judith Supine, Kevin Christy, Konecki, Kyle Ranson, Lauren Napolitano, Lucien Shapiro, Marcelo Macedo, Martin Machado, Mike Egan, Mike Giant, Mike Maxwell, Paul Urich, Porous Walker, Ray Taylor, Rich Jacobs, Ricky Watts, Ryan De La Hoz, Steve Caballero [Bones Brigade], Tim McCormick, Travis Louie, Christian Rex Van Minnen, and Max Kaufman.


The opening reception will take place on NOVEMBER 7th from 7pm - 11pm at Daniel Rolnik Gallery - 1431 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90401.

Free parking is available in the public Santa Monica city lots on 2nd Street at Santa Monica Blvd, Broadway, or Colorado. Street Parking is also available. 


Recent Works from Nerviswr3k

Nerviswr3k always finds time to keep busy creating new sculpted pieces. Here are some of his latest works, some for sale, others are sold out, while the rest can be purchased by contacting Nerviswr3k directly. The first piece, Downloadable Nightmares, measures around 3.5"x7.5"x8.5" and is heavy in details and sculpted pieces. Inspired by Nerviswr3k's fascination with alien abduction and how technology is controlling the masses. Pricing and purchase inquiries can be handled by directly contacting Nerviswr3k.

Next up are the Extractor Drones, created in a few different colors: green, purple, blue and brown. Priced at $200 each, these 5"x3.5" original creations are standard issue drone extractors, sent to gather intel and do daily extractions for observation. Each were created using Epoxy resin, polymer clay, wire, acrylic paints and found computer parts. These are typically available through Nerviswr3k's Storenvy shop.
The custom munny is titled Sadsap. It features a sculpted munny head with Nerviswr3k's monster used as a cap. This character is part of Nerviswr3k's ongoing study. A few of the sadsap headsculpts are available for $50 through Nerviswr3k's online store, each featuring a different style cap.
Mechilla Tequila is a custom Muttpop Tequila figure, which features a heavy mechanized design. One of Nerviswr3k's proudest designs, he tried to create a mechanical looking figure, while also having an organic feel. Trying to stay true to the original aesthetic of the figure, the finished product is undeniably a custom Muttpop Tequila figure, which just so happens to have a ton of awesome work applied. This piece is not for sale.
The Mexican Water Dragon is a custom 8" Kidrobot Dunny that was completed as a commissioned piece. Just like all of Nerviswr3k's pieces, this custom was created using Epoxy Resin, wire, found objects and acrylic paints. Anyone wanting a commission from Nerviswr3k should get in contact with him and set one up.
The last piece is a Niberian Peace Pipe (water pipe...), which was created for a client in Arizona. Why not partake in the greens, using an awesome custom piece. 

ICYMI: The Longest Night Willo by Kyle Kirwan

In case you missed it, because it's likely you did, Kyle Kirwan released a Halloween colored custom Willo, called The Longest Night Willo. Priced at $150 plus shipping, this 11" figure is already sold out. This could be one of many "holiday" themed customs, featuring the Willo rotocast piece. Be sure to keep an eye out and follow Kyle on social media sites.

@kylekirwan on Instagram

ICYMI: Latest Work by Nugglife from NYCC 2015

With NYCC 2015 now in the past, there are a lot of great pieces that didn't sell out during the convention. Nugglife brought a lot of resin pieces with him to NYCC 2015 and there are still a good number of pieces left to purchase. First up is a part of the Nugglife Resin series which includes a number of pieces. The Blue Hustle Series features 3 different variations of Mr. White. A sold out Full Color version is priced at $100, while the Blue Faced is priced at $80 and the Mr. White Rocks version (all blue) is only $60. Each piece stands around 2.5" and comes with some nice accessories. Also Sold out is a Nuggs Smoking piece, while the Nuggs Trimming Station is still available and priced at $100.
In addition to the Resin series offered by Nugglife, are a number of great custom pieces. 3 Vomiting Dunnyeaters titled Overload, are priced at $140 each and feature different colored 3" custom Dunnys with a resin accessory. "Approaching the Prey" features 2 Nuggyeaters about to feast on some greenery. Also sized at 3", these Nuggyeaters are also priced at $140 each. Nugglife also created some custom MADL growrooms called "Nature Growrooms:, each made out of a 5" MADL. With all the intricate work and details put into the Growrooms, these are priced a little higher at $325 each. If all the pieces weren't enough to tickle the fancy of the art community, Nugglife also brought along some new t-shirts which are also for sale, priced at $25 a piece. Be sure to head on over to the NUGGLIFE online store to check out all the available pieces.

The Skullhead Blank by Huck Gee

For over 4 years now, Huck Gee has been working on what he considers a better canvas for customizers. Huck also wanted the final product to not be produced overseas. With a lot of work and time, Huck has finally developed a product that he considers good to be released to the public. The Skullhead Blank is the first released figure in the Blank line of figures and is up for sale on Huck Gee's webstore right now. With a few smaller releases prior, the figure seems to have been well received. Priced at $75 a figure, The Skullhead Blank stands around 7-8", with a wider range of articulation than a typical DIY figure. There is no word on how many Huck has for sale in this current batch, but it's definitely a nice figure to pick up. It will be nice to see more customizers take a crack at The Skullhead Blank. For up to date info, be sure to subscribe to Huck Gee's newsletter and follow him on all the various social media sites.