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October 16, 2015

FunkoPOP Back to the Future Doc Emmet Brown figure in stock in our Amazon shop

GREAT SCOTT! Funko POP! Movies figure 62: Back to the Future Dr. Emmet Brown is in stock now in our Amazon shop and shipping FREE for Amazon Prime members!

FunkoPOP Lord of the Rings Sauron in stock in our Amazon shop

Funko POP! Movies figure 122: Lord of the Rings Sauron is in stock now in our Amazon shop and shipping FREE for Amazon Prime members!

I think the Gimp's sleeping. Well, I guess you better go wake him up now and make him strap on the DongSaber!

Only a handful left to sell after NYCC! This ball-gag-wearing droid comes with chain and blind-bagged DongSaber! Don't try to pretend you haven't thought about leatherclad droid sex. Because you're thinking about it now. Wake up your Gimp here.

Grab the last of the NYCC Exclusive Oops by Matt Perez!

Only a handful of Matt Perez's ridiculously cute Oops left in stock after NYCC. Grab yours this week!

SUCKLE Series 2 by Suckadelic: you're an asshole for NOT buying this.

Sucklord descended upon our NYCC booth to hawk his wares and show some face in support of his newest mini figure release: SUCKLE Series 2. Word is, there will be a follow-up set as well featuring more figures, or variations of these characters. This is a 10pc set, bagged with header card, limited to 40 sets. We have about 20 left. Grab yours now before I stick these on eBay and drive the prices up! AAAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!

Sexy mama! Get your home ready for a HOT Halloween with Tricky Treater!

Beautiful sculpture by Matt Anderson, with skull-filled pumpkin basket, and light-up jack-o-lanterns at her feet. Delicate and lovely paint work by MaloApril. one-of-a-kind piece and a steal at only $300. Take her home by clicking here.

Last chance to grab Sekure D's Totem Fatcap NYCC Exclusive

Beautiful, brightly painted custom Kidrobot Fatcap. Grab it here.

A couple NYCC Exclusive Blue Nurikabes left!

Jacob JAMS made us these SWEET and HUGE rotocasted resin Nurikabe figures. Only a few left. Best bang for your buck in terms of cost vs size. The damn thing is huge, like a monolith. Which makes sense considering this creature forms a wall and blocks your path! Grab yours here.

A couple NYCC Exclusive Coralites by Taylored Curiosities left

Super ridiculously cute set of figures. Comes in fancy box too! Grab your Coralites here!

A COUPLE Trial by Stone Exclusives by Pickman's Vinyls left!

Only a couple left! A must have item for Dark Crystal fans, this our NYCC Exclusive color. Grab yours here!

Arqspin Goes to New York Comic Con - Arqspin

Read ArqSpin's full blog post about their NYCC experience here:

Grab Big C's Baby Fatts NYCC Exclusive now!

Only $60, these were limited to 4 pieces! Grab your Baby Fatts here.

TWO NYCC Exclusive Patrick Wong BEATS figures left

Only $45 each! Grab your BEATS figure here.


In stock now!

Unpainted blank black vinyl Ugly Unicorn by Rampage Toys. Perfect for customizing!
UU is about 5 inches tall
made by Rampage Toys
this black color, and as with all UUs, is very limited