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September 24, 2015

Apalala x Toby Dutkiewicz

New vinyl in the works from Toby Dutkiewicz.

The 'Ta fang hsi-yu chi' by Hsuan-tsang (a Chinese scholar who wrote about India) tells the story of Apalala. Kasyapa Buddha was a man with the power to control the weather. He did so by controlling the evil dragons that possessed the power to bring storms. In return for his good will in controlling these storms, the local people offered him grain. Eventually, the people started to forget to offer the grain and Kasyapa grew angry. He prayed that he would become a dragon, so that he could punish them for their selfish behavior.

This prayer was eventually granted and after his death he became the dragon Apalala. He made his home in a pond in Udhyana (an old name for the area of the Swat valley). He destroyed the area with powerful storms and rain. This continued every crop season until Sakyamuni Buddha visited the area. He persuaded Apalala that what he was doing was wrong. They came to an agreement where Apalala would stop his destruction in return for one crop every twelve years. Rather than relying on the people to provide the offering, he would take it himself by flooding the land.

TEASER VIDEO: Kidrobot The 13 Dunny Series by Brandt Peters & Kathie Olivas

Check the video preview below for the upcoming Kidrobot 3" Dunny Series by Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas - this one is called "The 13" and honestly it's looking pretty sweet.

We will be picking these up and offering them via our Amazon shop, so you can get free shipping via your Amazon Prime account.

Also available right now (on Wuz One No Strings on Me 8" Dunny, and preorders for both the 8" JRYU It's a FAD Dunny and the 8" Scott Tolleson Imperial Lotus Dragon Dunny.

Suburban Vinyl NYCC Tequila Custom Show

Once again SubUrban Vinyl will be heading out to New York Comic Con October 8-11. This time they will be showcasing their MuttPop Tequila custom show. They have gathered a great group of artists to contribute some amazing work for this show. The show will take place in their booth in the Block within the Tenacious Collective  booth 208. Pieces will be available for purchasing beginning on Thursday October 8th as soon as the doors open. Be sure to check out their Social media feeds as well as sign up for their newsletter to check out the latest information on what they will have to offer during NYCC. 

NYCC Booth 208 - Tenacious Collective: Bigshot Toyworks

Joining us in Booth 208 again this year are our friends from Bigshot Toyworks, of course! Bigshot has hooked up a sweet exclusive 4-inch Lil Maddie in a never-before-seen translucent red color variant they are calling "Hellfire." The exclusive Little Maddie Hellfire Edition is limited to 500 pieces at $30 each. She has articulation at the wings and neck and comes packed in a full color window box. Follow Bigshot Toyworks on Instagram here, and don't forget to check out their website to see more examples of their finely crafted design work.

You can also peruse the Bigshot Toyshop to see all the currently available Bigshot merchandise: several color variations of the FUnicorn (Zero Fucks Hero), two color variants of Mike Mignola's Monkey with a Gun, several different All City Style trains, and the original, larger 6" Maddie figures. All of those items will be available in limited quantities for purchase at the Bigshot NYCC booth #208.

Joining Bigshot Toyworks in their space in booth 208 will be two very special guests: Jon Schnepp and Holly Payne. Jon and Holly will be chatting, signing and selling Blueray/DVD copies of their documentary film The Death of "Superman Lives": What Happened?

Jon Schnepp is the director of hit cult programs like "Metalocalypse" "Upright Citizens Brigade" "The ABCs of Death" and "The Venture Bros." as well as the writer/producer/director of the documentary feature film "The Death of 'Superman Lives'; what Happened?". Host of the popular web series "Collider Movie Talk" and "Collider Heroes".

Holly Payne is an Artist, Filmmaker, Actor & Improvisor, as well as the "lips" of MTV's Liquid Television, and Producer of 'The Death of "Superman Lives"; What Happened?'.


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