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September 23, 2015

Custom Geek Wok Show by Ume Toys at DCon 2015

For sometime now, people have been seeing some WIP pieces featuring Geekwoks, a cute resin creation from Ume Toys. Well, there is going to be a show hosted by DKE Toys, held at Designer Con 2015(November 21-22). Featuring 21 different artist takes on the Ume Toys Geek Wok, the list of artist will definitely have a wide range of final pieces. Already using the Hashtag #customgeekwok, artists have been hard at work putting his/her spin on the cute creature. As the show gets closer more completed images will start to popup. In the meantime, be sure to follow the Hashtag #customgeekwok, as well as all of the artists listed in the image below.

True and the Rainbow King by FriendsWithYou coming to NETFLIX in early 2017

Art Collective FriendsWithYou will have their imaginative world created into an animated series, that is expected to debut on NETFLIX in early 2017. Created with i am OTHER(Pharrell Williams' creative venture, Home Plate Entertainment, and GURU Studios, True and The Rainbow King has been picked up for two seasons by NETFLIX. This show is one of three original content shows that was picked up by NETFLIX,which will target Pre-Schoolers. From FriendsWithYou:
From the beginning of our practice, we wanted to affect as many people as possible with the idea of an idealistic future - a vision of a future that's good for the future of our world. We show a world where the planet itself is a character and exemplifies a compassionate world, and make that into something that reaches as many people as possible, especially kids, so we are thrilled to be able to do this through a platform that briges television & the internet. This show is based on our past works Rainbow City and Wish Come True, and incorporates many of our Wish Come True characters. Thank you for all the support and love.
With online streaming becoming more and more of a viable option for ventures to take a chance, there is a good chance for True and Rainbow King to become a success and open the door for other artists' worlds to get transformed into a show. Be sure to check out more info in the FriendsWithYou website.

About FriendsWithYou, from the FriendsWithYou Webpage:
FriendsWithYou is the fine art collaborative of Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III, working collectively since 2002 with the sole purpose of spreading the positive message of Magic, Luck, and Friendship™

Sunobite Vinyl Mini and T-shirt release from Tru:Tek x Sexual Youkai x Unbox Industries

Tru:Tek will be releasing their very own figure in the Strange Monsters mini-figure line created by Unbox Industries, the Sunobite. Representing the fourth release in the line created by Unbox Industries, Sunobite is a nightmarish mash-up of rikishi(sumo) and the Chatterer, Hellraiser's most fearsome cenobite. Measuring at 2.5" all the way around, Unbox produced the Sunobite in a unique deep green, rubber-like soft vinyl, for the first release. Priced at $15 each plus shipping, each Sunobite comes bagged with a header card and sticker. In addition to the cool mini-figure, Tru:Tek will be offering a companion T-shirt for pre-order, designed by Sexual Youkai. Priced at $22 by itself, a package deal will also be available which will include the shirt, matching mini print and the Sunobite figure for $35. The mini-print is limited to just 20 prints, so that will likely be the limit on the available set packages. The T-Shirt and figure will be hitting the Man-E-Toys online store on Thursday September 24th, at 7pm EST. Keep in mind, that the T-Shirt is available for pre-order only until October 8th. Be sure to keep an eye out for info on the first painted fun of Sunobites in the future.

Tree Huggers by Ume Toys x Tommy Human

Ume Toys, Rich Page, has been working with Tommy Human to create an adorable prototype called Tree Huggers. 
From Tommy Human:
Tree huggers. The release of this epically cute toy is to highlight the upcoming release of a range of actually huggable 'tree huggers'. These will be great gifts for all that enjoy a hug and it's a great addition to the new range of positive products from Tommy human. Stay tuned for the release of tree huggers…
Still no word on size, availability or anything other than the fantastic looking prototype created by Ume Toys. Be sure to follow Tommy Human on social media for more info regarding Tree Huggers.

ICYMI: Superhero Nap Time artist Cole Brenner Live Painting at Longmont Artwalk

Unfortunately this post is a bit late to get people informed about the Longmont Artwalk in Longmont, CO. Cole Brenner, artist behind Superhero Nap Time, had a live painting session during the artwalk, where Cole painted a 48" x 36" canvas in roughly 4 hours. With the help of Cole's 2 year old , the end result is a Calvin and Hobbes inspired piece, with a "Schlopp of Dr. Suess' Oh The Places You'll Go, ' titled "On The Catwalk". Cole Brenner is the same artist who created the My Bomb to Bear 3.5" Resin figure, available through Tenacious Toys. This exact piece, as well as many other art prints, are available through Cole's online Etsy shop, Superhero Nap Time. Priced at $700 plus shipping, this colorful piece is a great deal, especially considering the overall size of the painting. Be sure to check out Superhero Nap Time and follow Cole through FB and Instagram.

Custom Tequila by Cat Atomic

Vinyl Toy Artist Cat Atomic created a custom Muttpop Tequila for Suburban Vinyl's custom Tequila show, being held during NYCC 2015. Cat Atomic spent quite a bit of time sculpting some additional features on the Tequila figure, many of the WIP shots can be seen on Cat Atomic's Instagram Page. The skull face is a bit of a signature feature used by Cat Atomic on most of his customs. Usually sticking to a 3D looking painted feature, Cat Atomic took it one step further and decided to sculpt out some of the facial features he usually paints, such as the nasal area and eyebrows. Doing this actually allowed Cat Atomic to create even more depth and shading, but it doesn't look like he knew exactly how to approach the sculpted features which are normally painted, opting to essentially overlay the paint right onto the clean sculpt. Hopefully, Cat Atomic continues with sculpting the facial features of his pieces and begins to see where he can add more depth and pop, now that some features already exist. It may even be great to see if Cat Atomic cut more features into the facial sculpt, instead of having to paint the lines around the eyes. Also, adding a bit more contrast in color should go a long way in making certain parts of the figure pop and standout. Overall, the piece is a wonderful representation of Cat Atomic's work. Priced at $220, this custom Tequila will be available at the Suburban Vinyl booth #208 during NYCC 2015, Oct 8-11th.

Gutwitz Custom Tequila by Rocketboy

During NYCC 2015, Suburban Vinyl is holding a custom Tequila show, featuring a good number of artists customizing the Muttpop Tequila figure. Rocketboy created what he is calling Gutwitz, a beefed up version of his Nohwitz character. Standing over 8" tall, Gutwitz is priced at $250 and will be on display and for sale at the Suburban Vinyl booth #208 in the Block. Any left over customs will be available for sale after NYCC, through Suburban Vinyl.

NYCC 2015 Satyrs by Seulgie x MyPlasticHeart

With NYCC 2015 right around the corner, many pieces are beginning to pop up. Art toy sculptor Seulgie Lee will be releasing an exclusive colorway of her popular Satyrs at NYCC for the first time. Seulgie is a Brooklyn based artist who first imagined the Satyrs, when she first drew them, in sugary pastel colors with delicate sparkles and glitters around them. To that effect, this release of the NYCC Satyrs are what Seulgie first envisioned. Each of these NYCC Exclusive Satyrs stands at 4.5" tall and is resin cast in pink and blue. The attached ribbon and Swarovski are specific for NYCC. Each one of these Satyrs has been created by Seulgie herself and she has teamed up with MyPlasticHeart to have these for sale at NYCC 2015. Each Satyr will be priced at $95 and is limited to just 30 handmade pieces. Pick one up at MPH at booth #113, during NYCC 2015.

PAW! Custom by Jon-Paul Kaiser

Jon-Paul Kaiser recently delivered a private commission, to a well known UK Toy Vendor. Left to his own devices, Jon-Paul was only given one request, that if he were to create tattoos, that the tattoos would tell a story of some kind. Jon-Paul took that request and let the story unfold on one of the most iconic art toys, the Coarse PAW! figure. The excellent photography was taken by Justin Allfree and more images can be found through Jon-Paul Kaiser's Facebook or Instagram pages. Awesome work as always.

NYCC Booth 208 - Tenacious Collective: Tenacious Toys Wuz One Custom Dunny Exclusives

 We are honored that this year we will be selling a duo of Wuz One's beautiful and colorful Dunny customs. After the recent release of his production 8" No Strings on Me Dunny, I am sure he's getting hit up left and right to work with a bunch of companies and participate in a bunch of shows. Even so,  he executed these two 3" customs for us with the quickness, and they will be available immediately upon the opening of the doors on Thursday. Batty (above) is selling for $95 and Turk (below) is $85. Find us at Booth 208!
For more info on the Tenacious Collective Booth 208, click through to our website here, or just click here to see all of our blog posts about all of the exclusives, signings and releases. And don't forget to add us to your Show Planner!

NYCC Booth 208 - Tenacious Collective: Tenacious Toys ETC Toys Mini Grayskull Exclusive

Our first NYCC Exclusive is by Extratruckestrial (or ETC Toys for short). This is a 1" resin Mini Grayskull in Tenacious Blue. Limited to just 8 pieces, these are our most affordable exclusive at $5 each! Find them in the Tenacious Toys glass cases at NYCC Booth 208 in The Block.

For more info on the Tenacious Collective Booth 208, click through to our website here, or just click here to see all of our blog posts about all of the exclusives, signings and releases. And don't forget to add us to your Show Planner!

NYCC Booth 208 - Tenacious Collective: Manly Art*

 Jason Chalker (Manly Art) has just released the flyers for his two NYCC Exclusives: the Pimp Speeder set (above) which comes with vehicle and chauffeur (because you already own a Pimp2-D2, right?) and the R5-D420 figure (below).

The Pimp Speeder comes with a sweet sticker sheet with 3 different hood sticker designs so you can pimp put your speeder according to your own tastes. Xhibit would approve!

15 Pimp Speeders will be available at $200 each. Definitely DO NOT sleep on this, last year we had mainstream media coverage of the Manly Art exclusives, and some celebrities stopping by to pick them up early...

R5-D420 doesn't have a bad motivator. He's just not motivated to do anything except hang out with his friends, enjoy some bantha buds and maybe order some pizza. Seth Rogen would approve! 25 R5-D420s will be available at $60 each.

To drool over more of Jason Chalker's artwork, visit his blog, his website, his shop... or better yet, stop by Booth 208 in The Block at NYCC. He's taking sketch commissions and he will also be selling a few custom Stormtrooper helmets.

*NOTE: Due to a last minute family situation, Jason will not be exhibiting at NYCC this year. Jason will provide release info for his toys at a later date. Click through to his website for all the different methods of keeping up with and communicating with him.


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Born into this world as a human clone baby, Nerviswr3k went thru life enjoying and admiring the left side of life, colors, taste, emotions and creativity. At the age of 12, Nerviswr3k managed to disconnect himself from the machine known as the American dream and began the long journey to creative freedom. That long journey takes us to now.......focusing on odd creatures and odd fellows, creating what in his mind is a master race that pulls the strings on modern society, controlling the media, governments, agriculture and monetary institutes. This world is a dystopian rat lab where we wait to find out who wins this rat race called life. The end.

- 4" tall
- vinyl
- 125 pieces made in this colorway (red is retailer colorway, available to all retail shops)
- articulated arms
- full color art box featuring illustration by Brown Whale
- designed by Gabe "Nerviswr3k" Rivas
- produced by Suburban Vinyl


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