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August 26, 2015

Discordia's Glow in the Dark SSUR Rebel Ape Bust

Stemming from a concept and apparel line in the '90s, Russ Karablin of SSUR's Rebel Ape character has been brought to life via a collaboration with 3DRetro. Presenting the Rebel Ape in a series of limited edition 12" bust sculptures in rotocast vinyl, the Rebel Ape sculpture is inspired by a blend of motifs from Che Guevara and Planet of the Apes - instantly recognizable symbols synonymous with upheaval and anarchy.  SSUR Rebel Ape Bust is vinyl and twelve inches tall. Get yours today at Discordia Culture Shop

CHEAP RESIN: The Angry Beast is Rasin' The Dead!

1987 and the Raisins are on top of the world. It was all glitz, glam and...greed! The former grapes soured fast and descended into a deep pit of despair and addiction. Cut to 2015 - they've managed to quit the crack and are comin' back! Raisin' the dead baby!

A Hefty 3" Resin Art Toy.
Glow in the Dark.
Comes bagged and tagged.
Handmade in Toronto Ontario.

At only $12 these figures are INCREDIBLY well made, plus how can you turn down dem gold teef???

BUY HERE: The Angry Beast
Instagram: @theangrybeast

The Splendiferous Snuffing Apparatus - Custom 3" Android Commission x Josh Mayhem

Josh Mayhem presents "The Splendiferous Snuffing Apparatus". Commissioned by a private collector this custom 3" Android figure features an opening chest piece that reveals detailed inner workings including a functional light with replaceable battery.