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July 27, 2015

CHEAP RESIN: Hello Everybody!

Hey guys, Alex here from @CheapResin on Instagram! I was thrilled when I was asked to join the Tenacious Team.

I'll be posting the best of the best from our Instagram feed as well as some cool Tenacious exclusives, but for now please enjoy this shot of my current OBSESSION - The Bog Dwellers from my boys in Bog Squad.

POP! Games: Bioshock figures by Funko

6-inch Bioshock Big Daddy POP! Games figure by Funko
OK so this is one of those posts where I'l like "Hey guys, I found some hella cool shit and I'm not getting it for the store!" Sorta stupid but I just couldn't NOT post about these, I mean check out that 6" tall Big Daddy POP! So damn cool. Below are the rest of the POP! Bioshock figures, and their write-up:
Characters from the critically acclaimed and widely
popular BioShock series are the latest addition to Pop! Games!

 Booker DeWitt, former member of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency,
comes with either his signature firearm or Sky-Hook for a quick escape!

He’ll need both to take on villains like the alluring
Little Sisters and super-sized 6” Big Daddy Pop!

Nothing will keep Booker from the
task at hand: rescuing Elizabeth!

Bioshock Little Sister POP! Games figure by Funko

Bioshock Elizabeth POP! Games figure by Funko

Bioshock Booker DeWitt (with Skyhook) POP! Games figure by Funko

Bioshock Booker DeWitt POP! Games figure by Funko